Ada agrees with the position of of the prestigious World Federation of Diamond Bourses that there are no problems with lab-grown diamonds as long as they are clearly disclosed, documented, and differentiated. Every Ada customer acknowledges as follows during the purchasing process:

I acknowledge that I am purchasing laboratory-grown diamonds that are proudly createdby scientists above the Earth, not extracted or mined out of the Earth.

    Ada Diamonds only sells human-created diamonds that are grown in laboratories around the world. We publicly (and proudly) disclose that all of our gemstones are not of natural origin or extracted from the Earth, but are instead created and cultured by scientists in sophisticated laboratories.


    Every Ada Diamond larger than 1/2 carat is graded by an independent gemological laboratory that specializes in testing and grading diamonds, both mined and grown. These laboratories are located in Antwerp, Hong Kong, or the United States. Every larger diamond that Ada sells is permanently laser inscribed on the girdle with a unique identifier and the words 'lab created'. When your Ada Diamond(s) are delivered to you, you will also receive the grading certificate(s) of your diamond(s). These unique identifiers can be referenced on the independent laboratory's website at any time.


    The mined diamond industry is quite worried about undisclosed lab diamonds being mixed into parcels of mined diamonds by unethical actors. Ada Diamonds shares their concerns and publicly commits to support efforts to avoid mixing mined and made diamonds.

    Ada Diamonds has the opposite concern of the mining industry. While we are certain that our larger diamonds are of laboratory origin, we worry that smaller mined diamonds could end up in parcels of grown diamonds that we purchase from our suppliers, but we make every effort to ensure that even our smallest diamonds of 0.005 carats are lab-grown.


    Because a laboratory-grown diamond is structurally and chemically identical to a mined diamond (a crystal made up of carbon atoms in a cubic structure), a gemologist or jeweler cannot tell the difference between a diamond that is grown in a lab and a mined diamond with natural light, traditional tools, or magnification. 

    The easiest way to identify a laboratory-grown diamond from a mined diamond is that it is too uniform and too pure to be of subterranean origin. There are scientific tools that can detect when a diamond was not created in the chaos below the Earth: high end laboratory microscopes with specialized ultraviolet light, polar filters, and trace element detectors. 

    At Ada Diamonds, we use the exact same detection tools that the mined diamond industry is using to ensure that no unethical actors mix mined diamonds into any of our supply chains.