Viva Las Vegas: Ada Diamonds at JCK 2017

Las Vegas sign at JCK 

It's that time of year again!

The sun beats down on the dusty streets, reaching upwards of 100-degrees, and as thousands seek solace inside a shaded marketplace, filled with rows of vendors touting luxuries from around the world, the crowds unite with a single purpose: to find something new, exclusive, and beautiful.  Down every row your eyes are treated to everything from the exotic to the luxurious.  Vendors bombard you with offers, you get lost among the sea of people and the maze of booths, and it is simply your perseverance for purpose and knowledge that keeps you going!

No, we are not talking about touring a market thousands of miles away.  This, is JCK.  The international jewelry showcase in Las Vegas, NV, that brings together retailers, manufacturers, designers, and influential industry leaders to host a 'state of the Union' for the jewelry and watch industry. Ada Diamonds was proud to be attendees for the second year in a row, and we were honored to be welcomed by so many of our trusted colleagues from the industry.

Diamond Size Comparison JCK Jewelry Showcase

Moods throughout the show were positively aggressive, increasingly innovative, and cautiously optimistic.  As the worldwide economy ever evolves, jewelry remains to be a constant that truly brightens the market, and brings unrivaled joy to consumers.  We were thankful to see so much innovation and excitement throughout the show, and were grateful to see great attention given to the necessary best practices of suppliers and retailers around the world; authenticity, positive sourcing, and socially and economically sustainable practices were all hot topics.

Ada Diamonds proudly stood as a unique and powerful purveyor of extraordinary bespoke, conflict-free lab-grown diamonds!  Vendors and retailers alike engaged us in conversation, actively sought us out for thoughtful conversations, and complimented our model and our unique and wonderful concierge process.

Our founder, Jason Payne, was even selected to be on a panel of industry influencers, where he discussed the beauty of making a choice in supporting sustainably sourced products, and love and partnerships in our modern age.  He was also given a chance to educate the audience on what the lab-diamond industry is doing to better the world at large, and improve and innovate in areas of industry including medicine, science, computers, and energy.

Ada's concierge team was hard at work finding the very best the market has to offer for our clients, pursuing our guarantee that we will always seek the best there is to offer that fits our clients wishes and goals.  We were treated to previews of new groundbreaking technology that will ensure our diamonds are all conflict-free lab-grown certified, and not earth-extracted imposters.  

Here you see Founders Jason Payne and Lindsay Reinsmith testing the GIA's (Gemological Institute of America) new device used for detecting the source of diamonds - a necessary and groundbreaking procedure for maintaining transparency in the market.

Ada Diamonds founders Lindsay Reinsmith and Jason Payne at JCK Las Vegas 

JCK was a whirlwind, and one that will continue to inspire greatness and the creation of beautiful jewelry at Ada Diamonds!  We want to send our sincere thanks to all those who made our trip memorable, to all those who took time to meet and discuss our company's values, and to all those who welcomed and applauded the strides we are taking to better the diamond market as a whole.

Until next year, best to you all, JCK friends - and to our beloved clients and followers, now is the perfect time to inquire about bespoke jewelry creations, as we have an international scope for everything new there is to offer!