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Restore, Replace, Replicate: Recommit to forever with your diamond jewelry

Whether you're celebrating a milestone anniversary, an important life change or just want to tell the world you'd say "I do" again in a heartbeat, Ada Diamond's restore replace or replicate service is ready to bring new life to your bridal jewelry.

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Ada Diamonds: The Sustainable Choice to Celebrate Earth Day

As the human toll of conflict diamonds and the environmental devastation of diamond mining has entered the mainstream consciousness, the demand for an ethical choice in fine jewelry has skyrocketed.

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Handheld Diamond Testers Explained

Can you tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a mined diamond? There are plenty of readily available inexpensive tools on the market to test between cubic zirconia, moissanite, and diamonds.  Here we explain how these testers work, and how they can save you from misinformation

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