Undisclosed Mined Diamonds Infiltrate Supply Chain of Luxury Lab Diamond Jeweler

mined diamonds glow blue in a parcel of lab grown diamonds

Ada Diamonds, the world's leading luxury purveyor of laboratory-grown diamonds, recently discovered a number of undisclosed mined diamonds mixed into multiple parcels of laboratory-grown melee diamonds, ranging from 0.01 carats to 0.06 carats. The discovery, in two separate batches, was subsequently confirmed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Ada Diamonds exclusively works with laboratory grown diamonds and has removed the mined diamonds from their supply. "At Ada Diamonds, we pride ourselves on delivering superlative quality jewelry made with the best diamonds on Earth, laboratory grown diamonds," says Jason Payne, Founder and CEO of Ada Diamonds. "As such, it's an extremely high priority for us to ensure our supply of lab created diamonds remains untainted to ensure our customers can purchase conflict free diamonds with confidence."

As a result of the discovery of illicit mined diamonds, Ada Diamonds has implemented enhanced screening procedures to further inspect all parcels of melee diamonds as well as all finished jewelry to ensure that all diamonds sold by Ada Diamonds are in fact grown, not mined diamonds. "We look forward to collaborating with GIA, the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), and the International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) to ensure that our supply chains continue to exclude unsustainably mined diamonds," says Payne.

Concerns of such fraudulent activity are on the rise as consumer demand for laboratory grown diamonds increases and demand for traditional Earth-extracted diamond jewelry stagnates. Standard setting organization UL, formerly Underwriters Laboratories, is in the process of establishing criteria for specialized screening equipment to differentiate between Earth-extracted and lab-grown diamonds. "We applaud the efforts of UL, GIA, and the DPA to deliver reliable, cost effective equipment to differentiate diamonds grown in the chaos beneath the Earth from diamonds grown in advanced laboratories above the Earth," says Payne.

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with an Ada Diamonds executive, please contact media@adadiamonds.com.

About Ada Diamonds:

Established in 2015, Silicon Valley based Ada Diamonds provides an ecologically and socially superior alternative to mined diamond jewelry. Ada's core focus is creating bespoke jewelry pieces made in America to the client's exact specifications. Ada meets each client's vision with masterful skill, ethical luxury materials and spectacular artistry. Because Ada works with all major diamond growers in the world, Ada can offer clients curated options of the very best diamonds of the widest array of sizes, shapes, and fancy colors.