Gray and Black Lab Grown Diamonds

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Gray and Black Lab Grown Diamonds

Choosing fancy colored gray or black diamonds in your engagement ring or fine jewelry ensures a piece of jewelry that’s both unique and remarkable. If you're searching for the best gray or black lab created diamonds in your budget, our Diamond Concierge team will curate a list of hand selected diamonds to your specifications from every diamond grower on earth. Our Concierge Team will help you select the best diamonds to make your bespoke jewelry a true work of art. 


Learn About Gray Diamonds

Gray diamonds are rare, and make a sophisticated and elegant choice for your engagement ring or fine jewelry. Gray diamonds range in color saturation from smokier shades of Fancy Light Gray to deeper Fancy Dark Bluish Gray. Fancy colored diamonds in colors such as pink or blue, are often cut into shapes other than round to optimize the unique color. Gray diamonds, however, are most often cut into the coveted round brilliant shape.

Just like colorless diamonds, gray diamonds are graded on the 4 c's of cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Each diamond sold at Ada is inspected by our experts before being shown to our clients. Ada's Diamond Concierge Team will provide you with high-resolution images and videos of each diamond we curate for your consideration in a variety of lighting and settings so you can be confident that your diamond is the exact shade of gray you desire. 

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