Radiant Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings of Various Sizes

A radiant cut engagement ring is a brilliant style cut created the 1970’s that combines the best attributes of a round brilliant and the emerald cut. The beautiful symmetry and beveled edges of this shape looks stunning in a variety of setting styles. You may be wondering,  “What is the size difference between a 1ct and 2ct radiant cut diamond?” We’ve got you covered. See below for examples of radiant cut lab diamond engagement rings in 1ct, 1.5ct, 2ct, 2.5ct, 3.0ct and 3.5 ct sizes.

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5 Ways to Rock a Lab Grown Diamond Band Engagement Ring

Adding a diamond band to your engagement ring is a beautiful way to accent your center stone, adding delightful sparkle for a look that’s eye-catching and sophisticated. All of our diamond band engagement ring styles are custom made to order to fit your unique style (and lifestyle!), and to maximize the sparkle and beauty of your lab grown diamond. Looking for inspiration on which diamond band style is right for you? See below for our most popular styles.

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