Make your own art from our brilliant diamonds

Our Diamond Concierges are delighted to help you select and purchase lab grown diamonds in sizes ranging from 0.01 to 10 carats, in an array of shapes, and in virtually every color in the rainbow. Our Concierges are advocates for our clients, filtering through our inventory of over ten thousand of diamonds grown around the world to find the best of the best to offer our clients.

After you submit an inquiry, a member of our Diamonds Concierge Team will provide you with a curated list of 4-6 options within your size, quality, or price range. Ada can commission the growth, cutting, and polishing of diamonds to your exact specifications if the perfect stone for you is not in our inventory.


We often get asked "are lab grown diamonds less expensive than mined?" For the most part, the answer is yes! Similar quality white lab grown diamonds tend to be offered at about a 20-40% discount off of mined diamond pricing.  Lab grown diamonds are not priced like cubic zirconia, moissanite, diamond simulants, or any other inferior material. 

Much like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are priced based on their quality characteristics and can vary dramatically in price. For simplicity, Ada has broken down these quality levels into four categories: Premium, Recommended, Satisfactory, and Unexceptional (beneath Ada's standards). All of Ada's white lab diamonds are optimized for cut and brightness, will be eye clean (no visible inclusions to the naked eye), absent fluorescence, and of exceptional quality. If we wouldn't wear it, we won't recommend it. Your Diamond Concierge will try their best to show you a wide range of quality levels and prices within your specified size range if no price range is communicated.

Consider this guide a general range for prices within our three quality levels. This chart is for round brilliant, white lab diamonds only. Fancy shapes and fancy colored lab diamonds are priced differently. For 5+ct, please inquire. All prices shown are in USD.

1.0ct round brilliants of Ada's Quality Levels