On behalf of the entire Ada Diamonds team, it is my pleasure to offer a 10% discount to all former and current soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen as a way to say thank you for your service, sacrifice and dedication to our country.  Both my cofounder and myself proudly hail from military families and are honored to extend discounts on fine jewelry to veterans and active duty members of our armed forces.

Our Diamond Concierge Process is ideally suited for military members stationed around the world, as the process is entirely virtual. We are able to deliver the highest quality custom jewelry to our clients via email, phone calls, and VTCs. We offer free shipping to any address in the US, or to any APO around the world.

We would be honored to build a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry for you or your loved one to celebrate an engagement, marriage, birthday, anniversary, or holiday. Simply indicate that you're a military member when you inquire and we'll extend the discount to you (upon verification).


Jason Payne
Founder & CEO
Air Force Brat


Introducing Cultured Diamonds

Pure Science 

Diamonds are proudly grown in a laboratory as pure graphite is subjected to extreme pressure and temperature in a diamond press.

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Pure Origin 

Ada Diamonds believes that there is actually a 5th 'C' that should be considered when shopping for diamonds: Conscience.

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Pure Art

Our team of jewelry designers see our lab grown diamonds as a blank canvas with which to create beautiful works of art.

Explore the custom design process

Proposing with an Ada Diamond Engagement Ring

Proposal Settings Ada Diamonds

Proposal Settings 

At no additional cost, Ada offers temporary proposal settings that allow you keep the element of surprise by proposing with a solitaire, then you get to design your dream ring together as a team.

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Bespoke Custom Design Process

Bespoke Design Process

If you or your partner have a very specific design in mind — or would like to discover the perfect setting together, our design team looks forward working with to bring the perfect engagement ring to life.

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Commissioned Lavoisier Diamonds

Commissioned Diamonds

The ultimate in custom, Ada’s commissioned diamonds are a one-of-a-kind opportunity to grow your own diamond from meaningful carbon, such as mementos, flowers, photos, paper, or anything else carbon-containing. 

Grow a priceless diamond

Wedding Jewelry and Anniversary Gifts

Beyond the Proposal

This is just the beginning: Ada Diamonds prides itself in making a lifelong relationship and commitment to our clients, especially when they start with a proposal.  From wedding bands, to anniversary presents, we're delighted to celebrate life's greatest moments with you.

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