Deliver Truly Brilliant Bespoke Jewelry

Ada Diamonds' innovative Diamond Concierge experience delivers custom made to order jewelry using the best diamonds on Earth, which are created by scientists in state-of-the-art laboratories around the world.

Support the Dawn of the Diamond Era

In the decades ahead, man made diamonds will power your global connectivity, purify your water, fight cancer, and push the boundaries of scientific research. An investment in jewelry from Ada Diamonds is an investment in humanity's future.

Accelerate Cessation of Diamond Mining

Ada's ultimate mission is to create global acceptance of lab diamonds as superior product to dirt diamonds, which will save the burning of billions of gallons of diesel fuel when diamond mining becomes an un-necessary evil.

Produce Pure Brilliance and Pure Poetry Worthy of Your Pure Love

Ada's socially and environmentally responsible design and production process delivers superlative quality diamond jewelry to sophisticated clients around the world via cutting-edge technology, brilliant artistry, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Ada Diamonds represents a paragon of human achievement.

Founded by a Silicon Valley Husband-Wife Team

When we decided to get married in 2011, we were fundamentally against including mined diamonds in the engagement ring that would symbolize our love forever. We instead created a custom ring that utilized laboratory-grown diamonds. The process was confusing and access to the stones was limited.  We decided to change that, and Ada Diamonds was born. You can read about our personal journey to build our engagement ring on Ada's blog.

We founded Ada as a luxury jeweler that helps others build beautiful, meaningful diamond jewelry that represents our clients' love in a kind and compassionate way. We have four core principles at Ada:

  • A passion for outstanding quality
  • An enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology
  • A pledge to give philanthropically with every sale
  • Most of all, the belief that fine jewelry must brighten the world, not merely the recipient's world

We believe that our diamonds represent the pinnacle of human achievement: producing a beautiful symbol of pure love from pure chemistry, as opposed to the stone age process of digging diamonds out of a massive hole in the ground.  We believe our diamonds are poetic science, a term coined by our namesake, Lady Ada Lovelace. We refuse to sell cubic zirconia, moissanite or any other inferior material. We only sell diamonds and ethically sourced precious metals.

Today, Ada Diamonds offers made-to-order jewelry with only the best human-created diamonds in the world. We invite you to read more about our values, explore our collection of designs, learn about our custom design process, and schedule a consultation with a member of our friendly Diamond Concierge Team.

-Jason & Lindsay


Ada Diamonds is named in honor of Lady Ada Lovelace

We are named in honor of August Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, an audacious and brilliant 19th century mathematician, mother, musician, socialite, and computer scientist who was affectionately known as the Enchantress of Numbers. Lady Lovelace was a preeminent scholar in London, who regularly collaborated with and challenged other luminaries such at Charles Babbage, Michael Faraday, Charles Dickens, and Charles Darwin.

She is widely credited as the world's first computer programmer for her work to calculate Fibonacci Numbers on Babbage's Analytical Engine.  In Babbage's computer, Ada saw the future. She saw the potential to not only improve mathematics and manufacturing, but to also create art, music, and advanced symbolic logic with the revolutionary technology. 

Ada Diamonds is honored to have such a powerful scholar, mother, and visionary as our namesake. Her vision of "poetic science" inspires us to create pure science, pure diamonds, and pure poetry every day. We are proud to support initiatives in her honor to advance computing and women in STEM such as the Lovelace Medal and Ada Lovelace Day as part of our Sixth Element Program.

Ada Diamonds is Honored to Collaborate with Iconic Brands

Ada has been commissioned by luxury brands to set diamonds in the interiors of supercars, design high jewelry and brilliant accessories, and support exclusive events for the most discerning customers in the world. 


Affinity Partnership

Ada Diamonds is honored to support iconic global brands, including Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as a partner at exclusive events. Some examples of Ada's past support include:

  • Commissioning bespoke diamond jewelry at the request of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars clients
  • Supporting the launch of Black Badge, a permanent series of motor cars that are the ultimate in pure luxury style and engineering substance
  • Hosting a jewelry boutique at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars villa during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.


Diamond Bespoking

Ada Diamonds proudly offers interior and exterior diamond bespoking for automotive vehicles, yachts, business jets, and luxury home decor.

For example, Ada's diamonds spell the name of a beautiful Agera RS, made by Koenigsegg Automotive, which was awarded Most Sensational Supercar at Salon Privé 2016.

Christian von Koenigsegg, Founder and CEO of Koenigsegg Automotive, is well known for pushing the boundaries of technology, design, and sustainability. We are honored that he has chosen to include our diamonds in his breathtaking vehicles.


Couture Styling

Ada Diamonds offers styling of women and men in extraordinary pieces of fine diamond jewelry for photo shoots, special events, media opportunities, and trade shows.

Ada can fabricate custom pieces for your event, including thematically aligned pieces of jewelry that feature colorless and fancy colored diamonds of up to 10 carats.

For example, Ada provided diamond jewelry of appropriate stature for a photoshoot of the Rolls-Royce 103EX Autonomous Concept Car for Nobleman Magazine.


Future Partnerships

Ada Diamonds continues to work with iconic brands to forge innovative partnerships that push the boundaries of science and art.

Follow @AdaDiamonds on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive details of our current partnerships, media from collaborative events, and future launches of additional partnerships.

Could you partner with Ada to create breathtaking art with the world's best diamonds? Could we brighten your next project, event, or photo shoot? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

Rest Assured with Ada Diamonds

For decades, consumers have used the 4'C's to evaluate diamonds. Ada Diamonds believes that there is actually a 5th 'C' that should be considered when shopping for diamonds: Conscience. If you choose to purchase our jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you can rest assured by the following guarantees from Ada Diamonds. Click to expand the guarantee.

  • No Dubious Diamonds +

    Ada Diamonds proudly works exclusively with lab grown diamonds, eliminating the possibility of mined diamonds of questionable origin entering our supply. Unlike mined diamonds, which are purchased in mixed parcels of unknown provenance, we purchase directly from modern companies staffed by scientists, physicists, and skilled technicians. All of Ada's larger stones are verified by gemological laboratories and laser etched with an identifier that forever marks the origin of the diamond.

  • No Exploited Labor +

    Mining, cutting, and polishing diamonds are extremely labor intensive and low margin operations that often take place in countries that have a high risk of exploitative labor practices according to the United Nations. Ada Diamonds requires all of our suppliers to certify that their labor forces are made up of adults of legal working age who work on their own free will.

  • No Dirty Gold +

    While we can turn graphite into diamond, we cannot turn lead into gold. We are working toward using 100% recycled materials in all of our jewelry, and guarantee that all of our earth-extracted gold and platinum has been mined sustainably and responsibly. We are proud signatories of No Dirty Gold's Golden Rules.

  • No Unxceptional Diamonds +

    There are over a billion carats of diamond gemstones in circulation today. The quality of those diamonds vary widely. Our jewelry designs are meant to showcase only the world's best diamonds — with superior brightness, color, flash, fire, and scintillation. Ada Diamonds buys gemstones directly from the manufacturers and closely checks every diamond before it is set in jewelry to ensure that it meets our exacting standards.

  • Giving Back to Brighten the World +

    We donate six percent of our profits to philanthropic causes through our Sixth Element Program. The nonprofits that we support provide health services, natural disaster response, and educational opportunities to people around the world. Put another way, your purchase from Ada Diamonds will brighten not just your world, but also the world of others around you.

  • Small Environmental Footprint +

    Mining diamonds from the earth is energy intensive and ecologically invasive process. Some open-pit diamond mines are more than 3 miles wide. For the prototypical 1 carat diamond, over 5 tonnes of earth must be blasted and extracted by heavy diesel equipment. Every year, millions of tons of greenhouse gasses are emitted to mine diamonds in fragile ecosystems around the world including the Canadian and Siberian arctic tundra, the desert of Western Australia, and rivers of Africa.

    Ada's diamond growth processes are more energy efficient and sustainable. Many of our suppliers are already using renewable energy for their diamond production. Virtually no water is used to grow diamonds, and it only takes about a gram of raw carbon (graphite) to produce every carat of diamond that we sell. All by-products and chemicals used during the diamond growth and jewelry manufacturing processes are either recycled or properly disposed of via chemical processing companies.

Ada is working to build a better and a brighter future for all

Ada Diamonds was founded on the belief that beautiful diamond jewelry can brighten the entire world, not merely the recipient's world. We believe that powerful technology and new ideas can polish the diamond industry and create a more brilliant future for all of humankind. 

Our efforts to brighten the future include our pledge to donate six percent of our profits to philanthropic endeavors that contribute to a better and brighter future around the world.  We call this effort the Sixth Element Program as carbon is the sixth element of the periodic table of elements.

Here are the six causes supported by Ada Diamonds. Click on the cause to see more details.

  • Women's Health and Rights

    Ada Diamonds is inspired by the strength, beauty, and intelligence of women. We believe that every woman deserves equal opportunities for health, education and the pursuit of happiness. We proudly support non-profit organizations that provide access to healthcare, support women's rights, and promote opportunities for learning and professional development to women around the world.


    Supported Program: Midwife Safe Delivery Kits, containing essential items a midwife needs to perform 50 facility-based deliveries. Proper training and equipping of skilled birth attendants offer the single most consequential intervention for reducing the 289,000 maternal deaths that occur globally each year. The kits include surgical instruments, sutures, I.V. sets, neonatal resuscitation bags, cord clamps, and pharmaceuticals to manage post-partum hemorrhage and eclampsia.

  • Stem Education

    Ada Diamonds is certain that if our namesake Lady Ada Lovelace were alive today, she would be a fierce advocate for universal access to robust Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) educational opportunities. Furthermore, Ada Diamonds exists because of decades of tireless work from talented engineers, physicists, and material scientists who painstakingly perfected the technology to grow diamonds.

    We honor the legacies of Lady Lovelace as well as these engineers by supporting non-profits that expand access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education around the world, especially to underserved populations.


    Supported Program: Ada Lovelace Day, a global celebration of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The annual event seeks to raise the profile of women in STEM, and to promote both modern and historic female inventors, pioneers, technologists, scientists, engineers and mathematicians as inspirational role models for the next generation.

  • Supporting Mining Communities

    Ada Diamonds, nor modern society, could not function without mining operations around the world. Metals, minerals, and other materials must be extracted to support the lives of billions of people. Millions of men, women, and children around the world toil in difficult, dangerous, and frequently toxic conditions to mine these materials.

    Ada Diamonds seeks to help mining communities around the world and proudly supports non-profit organizations that serve these communities with education, healthcare, vaccines, and other life saving services. Furthermore, Ada supports organizations that fight exploited, forced, slave, and child labor.


    Supported Program: Health System Strengthening in the mining communities of the Kono Region of Sierra Leone. The recent Ebola crisis decimated the health infrastructure in Sierra Leone, including rural areas in Kono where many are employed as diamond miners. Partners in Health is working with the government to improve rural treatment for patients suffering from conditions such as malaria, malnutrition, and complicated pregnancies.

  • Ecological Recovery from Mining

    Mining operations have scarred nearly every continent on Earth. In particular, mining Kimberlite Pipes for diamonds creates massive holes in the ground, while alluvial (waterway) diamond mining leaves watersheds polluted and ecosystems disrupted.

    Ada believes that brilliant diamond jewelry need not come from a giant hole in the ground or a polluted river. We believe that a brighter future includes a thriving, biodiverse planet, and thus we proudly donate to environmental non-profit organizations that are working to restore ecospheres around the world that have been disrupted by mining operations.


    Supported Program: Ecological conservation efforts in Namibia, one of the largest producers of diamonds in Africa. WWF works closely with the Namibian government and other partners to protect wildlife including Elephants, Rhinos, and Cheetahs.

  • Overcoming Opiate Addiction

    For centuries, men, and women around the world have struggled with addiction to opiates such as heroin, morphine, codeine and more recently prescription medication such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Percocet. The UN estimates that around the world between 26 and 36 million people abuse opiates, with over 2.5 million in the US alone.

    Ada Diamonds proudly supports organizations that tirelessly work to help people end opioid dependence, reduce deaths from opiate overdoses, and promote better treatment options for those with chronic pain.


    Supported Program: Located near Ada's headquarters in California, Pathway House is a 65-bed residential treatment center for adults who are chemically dependent. This live-in program provides individualized treatment to clients addicted to drugs and alcohol a chance to rehabilitate their lives and embrace the principles of independent, responsible, and productive living, free of the need for drugs.

  • Natural Disaster Response Efforts

    Ada Diamonds proudly supports international non-profit organizations that tirelessly work to promote resilience efforts before disasters, provide relief immediately after disasters, and support long-term recovery in the wake of disasters.


    Supported Program: Global disaster response efforts by volunteer military veterans to help people recover after hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, flooding, and other natural disasters. Past and current operations can be viewed on the Team Rubicon Website.