• Small Environmental Footprint

    Mining diamonds from the earth is energy intensive and ecologically invasive process. Some open-pit diamond mines are more than 3 miles wide. For the prototypical 1 carat diamond, over 5 tonnes of earth must be blasted and extracted by heavy diesel equipment. Every year, millions of tons of greenhouse gasses are emitted to mine diamonds in fragile ecosystems around the world including the Canadian and Siberian arctic tundra, the desert of Western Australia, and rivers of Africa.

    Ada's diamond growth processes are more energy efficient and sustainable. Many of our suppliers are already using renewable energy for their diamond production. Virtually no water is used to grow diamonds, and it only takes about a gram of raw carbon (graphite) to produce every carat of diamond that we sell. All by-products and chemicals used during the diamond growth and jewelry manufacturing processes are either recycled or properly disposed of via chemical processing companies.

  • No Exploited Labor

    Mining, cutting, and polishing diamonds are extremely labor intensive and low margin operations that often take place in countries that have a high risk of exploitative labor practices according to the United Nations. Ada Diamonds requires all of our suppliers to certify that their labor forces are made up of adults of legal working age who work on their own free will.

  • No Dubious Diamonds

    Ada Diamonds proudly works exclusively with lab grown diamonds, eliminating the possibility of mined diamonds of questionable origin entering our supply. Unlike mined diamonds, which are purchased in mixed parcels of unknown provenance, we purchase directly from modern companies staffed by scientists, physicists, and skilled technicians. All of Ada's larger stones are verified by gemological laboratories and laser etched with an identifier that forever marks the origin of the diamond.

  • No Dirty Gold

    While we can turn graphite into diamond, we cannot turn lead into gold. We are working toward using 100% recycled materials in all of our jewelry, and guarantee that all of our earth-extracted gold and platinum has been mined sustainably and responsibly. We are proud signatories of No Dirty Gold's Golden Rules.

  • No Unxceptional Diamonds

    There are over a billion carats of diamond gemstones in circulation today. The quality of those diamonds vary widely. Our jewelry designs are meant to showcase only the world's best diamonds — with superior brightness, color, flash, fire, and scintillation. Ada Diamonds buys gemstones directly from the manufacturers and closely checks every diamond before it is set in jewelry to ensure that it meets our exacting standards.

  • Philanthropic Contribution with Every Sale

    We donate one percent of our profits to philanthropic causes through our Sixth Element Program. The nonprofits that we support provide health services, natural disaster response, and educational opportunities to people around the world. Put another way, your purchase from Ada Diamonds will brighten not just your world, but also the world of others around you.