Ada Diamonds commits to four core values: Respect, Integrity, Innovation, and Diversity


Respect for our employees: Ada believes that every human on our team or involved in our supply chains should be treated with respect. We believe in adult labor, fair wages, safe working conditions, and equal pay for equal work.

Respect for the environment: Ada believes sustainability and luxury are not mutually exclusive. We seek to use recycled metal in our settings and we require all of our suppliers to certify that they properly recycle or properly dispose of all chemicals used in all facets of our production: growing diamonds, cutting/polishing diamonds, and casting jewelry.  


No bad diamonds: We take pride in only working with the highest quality diamonds. All of our diamonds are grown in precise machines, instead of grown in the chaos of an earthen volcanic pipe.  As a result, all of our diamonds are purer, better cut, and whiter than all but the very best mined diamonds. We do not have bad diamonds—poorly cut, yellowish, or included—that we have to unload on uneducated customers.

Lifetime Guarantee:  We select diamonds that can be guaranteed for life — those of the best quality and purity. 


Cutting edge technology: Ada believes in constant pursuit to further the advancement of lab grown diamond technology. Ada is optimistic about the societal value of lab diamonds and we believe that there will be many technical, medical, and computational advancements made possible by lab diamonds in the decades ahead.

Innovative Designs: We are proud to support artistry and craftsmanship within the jewelry industry and beyond — and believe that our diamonds are merely the canvas with which artists create beautiful works.

Lifetime upgrades: Ada also believes in growth.  We will gladly apply 100% of your purchase price of Ada diamond(s) to bigger, brighter diamonds in the future.


A Stronger Team: Diversity is a first principle at Ada Diamonds—not a metric, report, or HR goal. We believe that a diverse team is a strong team, and thus a deep commitment to diversity is at the core of how we’re building our company. We believe that the best ideas are surfaced when a diverse set of perspectives, backgrounds, and genders have both a seat and a voice at the table. Those ideas are best turned into realities when pressure tested and argued over by a diverse workforce. It’s been a requirement since day one to create a community that not only welcomes those from diverse backgrounds—but celebrates them as well. 

A Stronger Community: We strive to employ and be inspired by women and men across the world, and provide opportunities for growth and employment to those even in the most unique of circumstances. Our remote workforce are mothers, fathers, students, educators, people who have passions and pursuits outside of Ada Diamonds, but a shared goal of making the world a brighter place with Ada Diamonds. Every day, we try to build a model for how to attract and retain the most brilliant—and diverse—minds, setting new standards for what equality means in the workplace, while also supporting causes through our Sixth Element program that help underserved groups so that they can be better equipped to achieve great things no matter where their interests lead them.