Lab Grown Diamonds: The Kinder Alternative

Concerned about the environment and the ethical implications of diamond jewelry? We are too. Stunning diamonds that are easy on the environment are a core part of Ada's philosophy and we're proud to introduce our lab grown vegan diamonds. 

Our laboratory grown stones are not only chemically identical to mined diamonds, the supply chain transparency that results from growing stones in a controlled environment allow Ada to ensure we’re doing no harm to animals, the environment, ecosystems, indigenous communities in the creation of our diamonds.

Cultured By Scientists: A Paragon of Human Achievement 

 Mir Diamond Mine

Mir Diamond Mine

If you haven’t yet pondered the implications of diamond mining on the environment, consider this: For the prototypical 1 carat diamond, over 5 tonnes of earth must be blasted and extracted by heavy diesel equipment.

 Diamond Press

Diamond Press

Unfortunately, the mined diamond industry has been particularly careless about protecting sensitive marine habitats from seabed mining. Ocean mining destroys large swaths of ocean floor, with disastrous effects on fish and marine life. Marine habitats which are being explored for prospective mining include hydrothermal vents (deep sea geysers) which host a unique biodiversity; seamounts (underwater mountains) which support an abundant and rich biodiversity; and manganese nodules which take millions of years to form and support sponges andother marine life. There are conservation concerns regarding the destruction of these habitats by mining, the resulting loss of biodiversity and the uncertainty that habitats and biodiversity may not recover once mining has ceased.

By contrast, Ada’s vegan diamond production does not contribute to water or air pollution. Our growth processes are sustainable, efficient and do no harm to animals, habitats or eco systems. Ada is working toward using 100% recycled materials in all of our jewelry, and guarantee that all of our earth-extracted gold and platinum has been mined sustainably and responsibly

Ada’s Vegan Diamonds are envisioned and grown with the utmost care toward nature, animals, and ecosystems. Inquire with an Ada concierge today to create your own piece of exceptional, sustainable diamond jewelry, and make your own contribution to a brighter future. 

Grown From Love

Ada Diamonds cultures diamonds from donor carbon, provided by you. We can process and purify any carbon-containing items — flowers from your wedding, graduation keepsakes, excess materials from a house remodel — into pure diamond, making for the ultimate in meaningful, custom jewelry. We would love to celebrate your finest moments and memories with a commissioned diamond.