Brilliant, Bespoke

Ada Diamonds is proud to use laboratory-grown diamonds in all of our fine jewelry. Our cultured diamonds are chemically and structurally identical to mined diamonds, but socially and environmentally superior to Earth-extracted diamonds. Select a diamond from our inventory, or commission your own diamond from meaningful donor carbon for a truly bespoke piece of jewelry.


Of the highest quality

Ada Diamonds works with incredibly talented designers from around the world, the highest quality lab diamonds, and ethically sourced metals of the highest purity. Every piece we fabricate is cast and set in the United States by award-winning fabricators.


Built for you

In addition to our collection pieces, Ada also offers bespoke jewelry designed for the sophisticated, discerning customer. Ada's talented designers and friendly Diamond Concierge Team are available to work with you to build a breathtaking one-of-a-kind creation. Design from scratch or tailor an existing design to perfectly suit you or your loved one.

Rest Assured

Ada Diamonds are the strongest, brightest, and clearest diamonds on the market. Our diamonds are the best when it comes to the traditional 4Cs, and we strongly support a 5th C—conscience. You can rest easy knowing your Ada Diamond was produced in a cruelty-free lab and comes with a lifetime guarantee. We believe in building a better future and donate 6% of pre-tax profits to causes that can ensure a brighter world.  


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