A vintage cut with modern appeal

A beautiful blend of old mine cuts and the modern round brilliant, classic feeling cushion cut diamonds are worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara and Bar Refaeli and are quickly becoming one of today's most popular diamond shapes. 

The Ada Diamonds Concierge Team can curate a list of the best lab created cushion cut diamonds that are not available anywhere else and help you design a ring worthy of your romance. 

Customize your cushion

 Five Stone Custom Cushion Cut Lab Diamond Ring with Sapphire Side stones 

Side Stones

Elevate your custom ring with side stones such as lab created sapphires, fancy colored diamonds or fancy shapes to accent your center stone.

 Cushion Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum 


Showcase your conflict free cushion cut diamond with a glittering halo. 

 Cushion Cut Lab Diamond Ring with diamond band in yellow gold

Diamond Bands

Add a spectacular ring of diamonds to your band set in a metal of your choosing. 

AD-134 Pave Solitaire Cushion YG2.jpg

Classic Cushions 

Easily recognizable by their gently rounded edges, the cushion cut, sometimes known as a "pillow cut" or "candlelight cut", lends a timeless and feminine feel to any engagement ring. 

In eras predating our modern ability to cut diamonds, these beautiful diamonds were cut to maximize the brilliance they displayed in the candlelight of the day. 

Today, the most common cushion cut diamonds are known as "modified cushion cuts" referring to the additional faceting that has been made possible by modern cutting techniques, while still maintaining the graceful pillow shape that makes cushion cuts so noticeable. 

Ada's Diamond Concierge team can help you design a setting for your lab created cushion cut diamond with a unique vintage feel, or something spectacularly modern. Ada receives the first right of refusal from diamond growers the world over, meaning your Concierge will curate a list of stones for you not available anywhere else. Inquire today to get started! 

AD-072 Trillion Setting Featuring Blue Cushion Diamond.jpg

Cushion Cut Fashion Jewelry 

From right hand rings to breathtaking pendants, your Ada Diamonds Concierge can help you create a stunning piece of daily wear jewelry utilizing our carefully curated selection of lab grown cushion cut diamonds. 

Get creative with fancy colored diamonds and fancy shapes to create a look that's truly all your own. Shop our fashion collections to get inspired now.