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Learn about a wide range of topics, ranging from the basics of diamond jewelry fabrication, to the physics of light traveling through diamonds, to misconceptions about lab diamonds promoted by the diamond mining industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A New Paradigm

Ada Diamonds brightens the world with compelling, sustainable, and conflict free diamonds. Learn about our unique diamond concierge experience, founding story, and innovative partnerships.

Why it matters where it comes from

It Matters Where it Comes From

Discover why diamonds cultured in a laboratory are more pure, sustainable, and meaningful than Earth-extracted diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Lab Grown Diamonds

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Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

All of Ada's bridal jewelry is fully bespoke and custom made-to-order in the United States. Your love is one-of-a-kind and your ring should be too. 

Lab Diamond Fashion Jewelry

Exceptional jewelry for extraordinary women, designed by award-winning artists and custom fabricated from recycled precious metals.

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Why Choose Lab Diamonds

According to Fortune, man-made diamonds are now better than mined, as cultured diamonds have objectively superior purity, strength, and sparkle compared to dirt diamonds.


Why Choose Ada Diamonds

Ada's core values are Quality, Artistry, & Integrity. As such, we deliver white-glove client service, worldwide, and refuse to sell mass produced jewelry or unexceptional diamonds.

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See Our Favorite Creations

We take pride in delivering the perfect piece of art to celebrate life's biggest moments. Watch videos of our favorite jewelry we've recently delivered.



Ada Diamonds was Founded by Life Partners Seeking True Brilliance


When we got engaged in 2011, we were fundamentally against including mined diamonds in the ring that would symbolize our love forever. Instead, we became early adopters of lab diamonds by creating a custom engagement ring

We subsequently founded Ada Diamonds in 2015 as a luxury jeweler to help others build beautiful, meaningful diamond jewelry. We proudly deliver stunning, sustainable diamonds set by award winning artists to our clients' exacting specifications. We would be honored to earn your business and would be delighted to fabricate a custom piece of jewelry for you or your beloved.

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