Brilliant, Bespoke

Ada Diamonds is proud to use laboratory-grown diamonds in all of our fine jewelry. Our cultured diamonds are chemically and structurally identical to mined diamonds, but socially and environmentally superior to Earth-extracted diamonds. Ada Diamonds curates the highest quality diamonds for our inventory and cultivates commissioned diamonds from donor carbon for the ultimate in bespoke jewelry.



Of the highest quality

Ada Diamonds designs our jewelry collections with artists worldwide, with the highest quality lab diamonds and ethically sourced metals of the highest purity. Every piece fabricated is cast and set in the United States by award-winning fabricators.

"Man-made diamonds are now better than mined.
Here's why:" —Fortune, 2016

Crafted for you

In addition to our collection pieces, Ada offers bespoke jewelry inspired by and designed for you. Our design team and friendly Diamond Concierge are available to concept and bring to life a piece to suit you or your loved one.


Brilliant Partnerships

Ada Diamonds is honored to collaborate with international luxury brands, including Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Koenigsegg Automotive. Ada has been commissioned to design interior details of supercars with diamonds, to create high jewelry for owners, and to support exclusive events as a partner.

New: Ready to Wear

In addition to Ada's bespoke fine jewelry, we now offer the Delicate Collection: dainty, light pieces set in 14kt white, yellow, or rose gold featuring up to 0.25ctw of conflict free, lab grown diamonds. Ready to ship in 10 business days or less.


Our Commitment

Ada Diamonds are the strongest, brightest, and clearest diamonds on the market. Our diamonds are the best when graded by the 4 Cs — color, clarity, cut, and carat weight — and introduce a fifth grading facet: conscience. Your Ada Diamond was produced in a conflict-free, environmentally conscience lab and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

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