Ada Diamonds Reviews from Real Clients on Yelp, Google, and Reddit

Ada Diamonds Reviews from Real Clients on Yelp, Google, and Reddit

Bespoke Classic Four Prong Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring

Concierge Experience

The process was nothing short of amazing and I'm not one to give praise lightly.  My Diamond Concierge and her team were responsive, kind, informative, patient, understanding, and really made the whole experience feel personal.”  Read the full review on Yelp

Buying my fiancé's engagement ring from Ada Diamonds was hands down the best jewelry shopping experience I've ever had. From the first contact with my Diamond Concierge to the time I picked it up, I received the most consultative experienceRead the full review on Yelp

"Loved my experience with Ada! My Diamond Concierge was fantastically helpful, and made the entire process really great. She were super responsive and informative, and consistently went the extra mile to make sure I got exactly wanted." Read the full review on Yelp

"During our first Skype call, I knew instantly these were the guys I wanted to buy a diamond from. What blew me out of the water was my concierge's pure intent to educate me beyond the 4 C's. She was transparent with me on the process, diamond selection, grading institutions and even a bit of insight of how the diamond industry operates. Anyone can appreciate the honesty and their attempt to understand you a customer." Read the full review on Yelp.

"My Diamond Concerige was extremely knowledgeable, super responsive to all my e-mail questions, and patiently explained all the relevant details to diamond-shopping. Communication through the whole process took place through e-mail and video chat, which was actually very convenient." Read the full review on Yelp

"I knew basically nothing when I began the process. My concierge was extremely patient and accommodating. Very personable and friendly. At no point did they ever apply any pressure for me to buy anything nor ever try to upsell me." Read the full review on Google


Diamond Selection

"Buying diamonds can be tough. Ada Diamonds pretty much made the process as comfortable and easy as I could've ever imagined. From the initial education about design factors and diamonds 101, to looking at diamonds in the shop and understanding the pros and cons of all the diamonds that fit my initial criteria, the process was seamless." Read the full review on Yelp

After struggling and failing to find a good selection of lab diamonds that fit my criteria I started working with Ada Diamonds. I found that their selection of the lesser common cuts were unmatched by the other companies I tried.” Read the full review on Yelp

"We were able to find the exact diamond I had been imagining, all for the lower end of our budget, so much less than the lower quality smaller mined diamonds we had been shown before! The whole experience was above and beyond anything that we had encountered before." Read the full review on Google.

"If you want your hand to be held all the way through the process with kindness, respect and expertise, come here. Ada will never sell you up and really only give you exactly what is best for you." Read the full review on Yelp

"I was absolutely floored by the quality of the diamonds they provided compared to mined diamonds, all within our budget." Read the full review on Yelp

Jewelry Production

"They really take bespoke to the next level" Read the full review on Google.

"[Ada] turned an initially overwhelming situation into something that was actually pretty enjoyable!  Getting to see and be a part of the ring creation process was pretty exciting, and I really had no idea it would be like that for the guy" Read the full review on Yelp

"All of Ada's jewelry is custom, so you get to actually see the design (AutoCAD designs, life-like renderings, and even renderings on hands). The team was very responsive and patient in the design process and our ring came out absolutely stunning. We get compliments on it every day." Read the full review on Google.

My Concierge sent me all kinds of media and details pertaining to each stone and also provided me with 3D mock ups and renderings as we designed the setting together.Read the full review on Yelp


Known Origin

"I am so happy with my ring and the peace of knowing that my lab diamond is TRULY conflict free." Read the full review on Yelp

"Ada's stones are fantastic, slightly less expensive than natural diamonds of comparable quality, and we can know for certain that they were sourced in a responsible way (no "blood" diamonds!)." Read the full review on Google.

"I have gotten so many compliments on the ring already, and best of all, I know for a fact I have a conflict free diamond that I am proud to own. If you're contemplating getting a lab diamond, or don't know much about them, but want to learn more, I would HIGHLY recommend Ada Diamonds." Read the full review on Yelp

Feedback & Compliments

"The final ring exceeded every imaginable expectation. My fiance gets compliments on her ring daily. Her friends, family and co-workers are jealous of her ring - which is the ultimate compliment!" Read the full review on Google.

"Where do I even begin? My fiance designed my engagement ring through Ada Diamonds. The ring exceeded my every expectation and I get compliments on it every single time I wear it. After he proposed to he let me in on the e-mail conversations that took place between him and the team, such knowledge, and passion for the industry. Could not be happier with the entire process, start to finish." Read the full review on Yelp

"The most important part: my now-fiancee LOVES the ring!  5 stars all day every day" Read the full review on Yelp.

"Me and my husband were considering a simple ring from Cartier until we got referred to Ada diamonds by one of our close friends! Let me tell you that this is one of the best decisions that we have made about our engagement!" Read the full review on Yelp.

I don't believe I ever would have found the perfect diamond, nor been completely satisfied with my purchase if I had gone with another company.  I am extremely pleased that in addition to being ethically and environmentally friendly, I spent a lot less than I would have on a custom ring anywhere else.Read the full review on Yelp

My experience with Ada DIamonds was wonderful.  My husband ordered  an eternity ring for me which had 18 emerald cut diamonds… It is simply the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.  I'll be ordering all my diamonds from Ada from now on.Read the full review on Yelp

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