Platinum Four Prong Tennis Bracelet in Platinum 4ctw 18k White Gold 2ctw 14k Yellow Gold 2ctw 14k Rose Gold 4ctw featuring Round Brilliant Lab Diamonds (Profile View)

Custom Made-to-Order Lab Diamond Jewelry

Theresa Five Stone$$1,550
U Pavé Eternity Band$From $2,500
French Pavé Eternity Band$From $2,500
Shared Prong Eternity Band$From $2,850
Prong Set Eternity Band$From $3,650
Channel Set Eternity Band$From $2,250
Bezel Eternity Band$From $2,800
French U Round Eternity Band$From $2,950
Princess Eternity Band$From $4,550
Cushion Eternity Band$From $5,900
Emerald Eternity Band$From $6,550
French U Oval Eternity Band$From $4,100
Emerald and Oval Eternity Band$From $5,600
Pear Alternating Eternity Band$From $4,850
East-West Oval Eternity Band$From $3,450
Marquise East-West Eternity Band$From $3,300
Infinity Twist Full Eternity Band$From $2,200
Emerald and Round East-West Eternity Band$From $3,900
Five Row Pavé Eternity Band$From $3,500
Two Row Bezel Eternity Band$From $3,550
Petite Rounded Ring$From $350
Spacer Band$From $250
Custom Eternity Band$From $2,500
U Pavé Three Quarter Band$From $2,000
French Pavé Three Quarter Band$From $2,000
Shared Prong Three Quarter Band$From $2,300
French U Three Quarter Band$From $2,350
Three Sided Pavé Three Quarter Band$From $2,600
Emerald and Round Three Quarter Band$From $3,850
Leaf Three Quarter Band$From $1,750
Custom Three Quarter Band$From $2,500
U Pavé Half Band$From $1,900
French Pavé Half Band$From $1,900
Channel Set Half Band$From $1,750
French U Round Half Band$From $2,250
Shared Prong Half Band$From $2,150
X Wedding Band$From $1,800
Cassidy Half Band$From $2,800
Nesting Half Band$From $1,850
Emerald Half Band$From $3,900
Emerald Five Stone$From $3,100
Oval French U Five Stone$From $3,200
Prong Set Seven Stone$From $2,700
French U Five Stone$From $2,300
Cassie Half Band$From $2,650
Custom Half Band$From $2,500
Classic Rounded Ring$From $450
Matte Rounded Ring$From $550
Classic Flat Ring$From $600
Matte Flat Ring$From $700
Classic Flat Beveled Ring$From $650
Matte Flat Beveled Ring$From $550
Matte Rounded Beveled Ring$From $1,100
Classic Milgrain Ring$From $550
Men's Bezel Ring$From $1,700
Custom Masculine$From $2,500
Round Stud Earrings$From $750
Martini Stud Earrings$From $750
Princess Cut Stud Earrings$From $1,250
Emerald Cut Stud Earrings$From $1,850
Oval Stud Earrings$From $750
Asscher Stud Earrings$From $1,250
Radiant Stud Earrings$From $1,250
Cushion Stud Earrings$From $1,250
Pear Stud Earrings$From $1,250
Heavenly Single Halo Studs$From $1,050
Cupcake Studs$From $1,700
Heavenly Halo Oval Studs$From $1,050
Heavenly Halo Emerald Studs$From $1,050
Marquise Eye Studs$From $3,250
Floating Karma Studs$From $2,450
Pear Cluster Earrings$From $4,850
Classic J Hoop Earrings$From $750
J Huggie Hoop Earrings$$650
Inside Out Hoop Earrings$From $1,500
Prong-Set Inside Out Hoop Earrings$From $1,750
Prong-Set Huggie Hoop Earrings$From $1,250
French U Hoop Earrings$From $2,500
Heavenly Hoops$From $4,900
Four Prong Drop Earrings$From $1,350
Bezel Set Drop Earrings$From $1,400
Heavenly Single Halo Drop Earrings$From $1,250
Heavenly Single Halo Fancy Earrings$From $1,650
Emerald and Asscher Duet Drop Earrings$From $3,850
Round and Pear Duet Drop Earrings$From $3,850
Round and Pear Cluster Duet Earrings$From $4,800
Round and Pear Two Strand Duet Earrings$From $9,350
Round and Pear Three Strand Duet Earrings$From $13,350
Royal Round Drop Earrings$From $2,150
Royal Oval Earrings$From $2,450
Cosmopolitan Three Drop Earrings$From $3,200
Marquise Three Drop Earrings$From $1,550
Heavenly Halo Earring Jackets$From $1,350
Heavenly Double Halo Earring Jackets$From $1,850
Pear Earring Jackets$From $2,100
Emerald Earring Jackets$From $3,600
Open Pear Earring Jackets$From $2,100
Double Open Pear Earring Jackets$From $4,900
Marquise Flower Earring Jackets$From $1,550
Drop Earring Jackets$From $3,500
Graduated Earring Jackets$From $4,100
Feather Earring Jackets$From $5,350
Bar Drop Earrings$$500
Three Stone Earrings$$350
Floating Round Pendant$From $650
Classic Round Pendant$From $650
Classic Oval Pendant$From $650
East-West Oval Pendant$From $650
Classic Emerald Pendant$From $1,050
East-West Emerald Cut Pendant$From $1,050
Classic Pear Pendant$From $850
Floating Princess Pendant$From $850
Classic Princess Pendant$From $850
Floating Asscher Pendant$From $850
Classic Asscher Pendant$From $850
Classic Radiant Pendant$From $850
V Necklace$$500
Bar Pendant$$500
Carbon Necklace$$500
Single Bezel Floating Cosmopolitan Necklace$From $750
Triple Bezel Floating Cosmopolitan Necklace$From $800
Five Bezel Floating Cosmopolitan Necklace$From $800
Seven Diamond Floating Cosmopolitan Necklace$From $1,100
Single Bezel Cosmopolitan Necklace$From $1,500
Triple Bezel Cosmopolitan Necklace$From $1,750
Single Halo Pendant$From $950
Karma Open Circle Necklace$From $1,250
Double Karma Necklace$From $1,950
Floating Karma Necklace$From $1,950
Inner Karma Necklace$From $1,650
Open 6th Element Necklace$From $1,250
Royal Round Pendant$From $2,150
Royal Oval Pendant$From $3,250
Royal Princess Pendant$From $1,900
Pearfectly Open Necklace$From $2,250
Compass Pendant$From $3,250
Mini Riviera Choker$From $1,400
Riviera Choker$From $5,400
Tennis Necklace$From $7,400
Round and Pear Duet Choker$From $28,500
Three Prong Tennis Bracelet$From $2,800
Four Prong Tennis Bracelet$From $2,800
Three Row Tennis Bracelet$From $5,850
Pavé Bangle$From $4,750
Emerald and Round Bracelet$From $6,750
V Bracelet$$500
Bar Bracelet$$500
Carbon Bracelet$$500
Infinity Twist Bangle$From $4,200
Waterfall Cuff$From $12,500
Lovelock Cuff$From $8,000
Open 6th Element Bracelet$From $1,250
Karma Ring$From $1,750
Open 6th Element Ring$From $1,250
Lovelock Ring$From $3,150
Bar Ring$$500
Carbon Ring$$500

A Few of Our Favorites

One-of-a-Kind, Made for You

One-of-a-Kind, Made for You

Ada Diamonds made-to-order jewelry is inspired by and tailored to our clients' exacting standards and taste. Begin your one-of-a-kind custom piece of fine jewelry with an Ada concierge today.

Classic Round Solitaire Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Looking to Upgrade?

Ada’s clients are able to achieve a bigger, better lab diamond over a mined diamond of the same cost. Are you ready to join the future of fine jewelry? Your journey begins with a Diamond concierge.

Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

New to Lab Grown Diamonds?

According to Fortune, man-made diamonds are now better than mined. Cultured diamonds have objectively superior purity, strength, and sparkle compared to natural diamonds. Browse frequently asked questions about lab grown diamonds, or shop loose diamonds.