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Make your own art from a canvas of spectacular diamonds


Ada Diamonds refuses to sell mediocre diamonds. If we wouldn't wear it, we won't recommend it to you. Ada's trained gemologists carefully inspect every diamond we offer to ensure the diamond meets our exacting standards. 

After you submit an inquiry, a Diamond Concierge will provide you with a curated list of 3-5 options that match your criteria as a first step in a client engagement with Ada Diamonds.



Ada's Pricing

We often get asked "Are lab grown diamonds less expensive than mined?" For the most part, the answer is yes! Ada Diamonds offers lab created diamonds at about a 20-40% discount compared to mined diamonds of the same quality.

Much like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are priced based on their quality characteristics and can vary dramatically in price. For simplicity, Ada has broken down these quality levels into four categories: Premium, Recommended, Satisfactory & Unexceptional (beneath Ada's standards). All of Ada's diamonds are optimized for cut and brightness, will be eye clean (no visible inclusions to the naked eye), absent fluorescence, and of exceptional quality.

purchase loose lab diamonds.png

Consider this general pricing ranges of Ada's three quality levels. This chart is for round brilliant, white diamonds. Fancy shaped diamonds and fancy colored diamonds of the same quality and carat weight can vary in price slightly.

All prices shown are in USD. If the perfect stone for you is not in our inventory, Ada can commission the growth, cutting, and polishing of diamonds to your desired specification. For 5+ct, please inquire.


Examples of Ada's Four Quality Levels



Why We Don't Publicly List All of Our Diamonds

Ada chooses to not publish a list of our available inventory for a few reasons:

  1. We are diamond snobs. We refuse to offer our clients mediocre diamonds, even if that costs us a sale when someone purchases an unexceptional diamond from another retailer.
  2. There are criteria beyond the 4 Cs that define the quality of a diamond, and our expert gemologists use that information to curate lists of beautiful diamonds for each client.
  3. Navigating through thousands of diamonds is a difficult, intimidating experience for someone without gemological training.
  4. We take pride in delivering superlative service to our clients. In our opinion, it's a sterile, suboptimal experience to choose a diamond from a spreadsheet and then purchase a mass produced setting for that diamond.