DIAMOND CONCIERGE PROCESS Six Steps to Create Stunning Custom Jewelry


Six Steps to Create Stunning Custom Jewelry

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1. Private Consultation

Your friendly and accommodating concierge will respond within 24 hours to your inquiry. Our virtual clients are just as comfortable purchasing a piece of Ada jewelry over the Internet as they would be in person. You may also schedule a private appointment in one of our private salons.


2. Hand-Selected Diamonds

Ada curates from growers around the world, allowing us to hand- select the best of the best lab diamonds, always chosen for maximum light performance. We do not publicly list and would never sell a diamond sight unseen.

3. Custom Design

3. Custom Design

Once your diamond has been chosen, our design team will make your vision come to life. The bespoke nature of our process is transparent and immersive. Iterate off of one of our existing designs or design from a photograph. Due to the custom nature of our work, we ask clients to respect our bridal minimum of $5,000 USD for bespoke rings. Non-customized solitaire settings carry a $3,500 USD minimum. Pre-set engagement rings are also available through our Ready to Ship collection.


4. Jewelry Production

4. Jewelry Production

All of Ada's jewelry is cast and hand-set in the United States by the same fabrication houses that manufacture some of the most superlative and recognizable fine jewelry brands. Our jewelry is made to last a lifetime and is never mass-produced.


5. Quality Control & Media

5. Quality Control & Media

At Ada, we focus on quality, not quantity. As such, our quality control standards are the highest in the lab diamond industry. Prior to the shipment of your ring, we will capture HD videos and include an insurance appraisal. The final product should be exactly as you’d imagined!


6. Happiness Delivered

6. Happiness Delivered

We fully expect you to be 100% satisfied with your Ada jewelry. If you’re not, we offer a 30-day return policy. We ship to 70 countries, fully insured. Our clients also enjoy the benefits of a robust jewelry warranty, lifetime trade-in, and invite-only special programs and events.

How Does Ada Diamonds Compare?

Ada Diamonds Co-Founders Lindsay Reinsmith &amp; Jason Payne (a wife-husband team)

Ada Diamonds Co-Founders Lindsay Reinsmith & Jason Payne (a wife-husband team)

“We created Ada Diamonds as the company we wish had existed when we designed an engagement ring years ago. From the start we wanted to focus on quality client experiences rooted in a commitment to excellence. As the leader in luxury lab diamond bridal, we know that a purchase this important deserves an impeccable buying experience. That’s why at Ada we follow the golden rule: if we wouldn’t wear it, then neither should you.”    

-Ada Diamonds Director of Sales Lindsay Reinsmith

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