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V Necklace

  • 0.24 Carat Round Diamonds set in Platinum Diamond V Necklace (Main View)
  • Hand Selected 0.24 Carat Round Man Made Diamonds set in 14k Yellow Gold Diamond V Necklace (Main View)
  • 0.24 Carat Round Created Diamonds set in 14 Karat Rose Gold V Necklace ()
  • 14k yellow gold v necklace made with lab diamonds ada diamonds design ad 120
  • 14k white gold man made diamond v fashion necklace ada diamonds design ad 120 macro
  • Hand Selected 0.24 ct Round Diamonds set in 14k Rose Gold 0.24ctw Diamond V Necklace in 14k Rose Gold (Main View)
  • Round Created Diamonds set in Diamond V Necklace (Main View)
  • white gold lab grown diamond v necklace ada diamonds design ad 120 on model
  • 0.24 Carat Round Lab Diamonds V Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold (Main View)
  • 14k rose gold lab diamond fashion necklace
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    V Necklace - Ada Diamonds
    A daily wear lab diamond pendant necklace so versatile you'll never want to take it off!

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