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Learn about a wide range of topics, ranging from how diamonds are grown, how custom diamond jewelry is produced, to misconceptions about lab diamonds promoted by the diamond mining industry.

A New Paradigm

Ada Diamonds brightens the world with compelling, sustainable, and conflict free diamonds. Learn about our unique diamond concierge experience, founding story, and innovative partnerships.

Why it matters where it comes from

It Matters Where it Comes From

Discover why diamonds cultured in a laboratory are more pure, sustainable, and meaningful than Earth-extracted diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Proudly Made with Lab Grown Diamonds


Ada’s specialty is custom, made-to-order fine jewelry featuring diamonds proudly grown in a laboratory. Our virtual design experience allows our clients to receive the private jeweler experience anywhere in the world with the convenience and flexibility of online communication. In fact, most of our clients engage with us almost entirely over email! Whether you’d like a solitaire engagement ring, an intricate wedding band, or a custom pendant, Ada Diamonds is here to make your dream piece of fine jewelry come to life.


Bespoke Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Made with Lab Created Diamonds


Custom design follows two basic steps: computer aided design (CAD) and photorealistic renderings.


CAD will show overly thick metal and extra long prongs (the prongs do not stay that long; they are eventually cut and hand-bent over the diamond). This 3D print file is used to create a mold and casting for your ring and must start heavy to ensure a smooth finish on your ring during hand polish. You may make as many modifications to the design as you’d like. Most clients are in and out of CAD in 3-7 days; however some clients choose to make several iterations.


Once we begin to finalize the design, the next step is photorealistic renderings. Photorealistic renderings are 2D representations of your ring, like the kind you see all over our web site. These renderings take several hours or even days to produce, so are utilized at the end of the process. Your renderings are of your diamond in your ring in your size. They are not “sample” images.


Lab Diamond Fashion Jewelry

Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Fashion Rings


Your Diamond Concierge would be happy to assist you in creating a unique, custom piece featuring lab diamonds. Iterate off of one of our existing collection pieces, design from your imagination and descriptions, or emulate a photograph. Your Concierge will be happy to provide you with a custom quote for your piece prior to entering custom design.

Many of our clients also choose to utilize fancy colored diamonds in their custom fashion jewelry. Your Concierge will be happy to walk through availability of fancy colored diamonds in shades of pink, blue, yellow, and gray, as well as fancy-shaped diamonds.

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

While bespoke is our specialty, we do offer a wide range of ready to ship bridal pieces and gifts starting at $350.

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