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Emerald Earring Jackets

  • 2-carat-emerald-cut-drop-jackets_1670392393347-4TUA3UD134MYQBE4GZX6
  • lab diamond emerald cut earring jackets 2ct platinum
  • Hand Selected Diamonds set in Emerald Cut Diamond Earring Jackets ()
  • 3-carat-emerald-cut-earring-jackets_1670392399882-B3KVQ2THKUU6Z1YRIZMP
  • 3-carat-lab-diamond-emerald-cut-jackets_1670434742200-PGYCG6F7XC1KGWI0XQRJ
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    From $3,600

    Our friendly Diamond Concierge Team is available to answer any questions, help you choose the perfect pair of earrings, or customize this design to your exact specifications.

    Emerald Cut Diamond Earring Jackets featuring Lab Grown Diamonds (Main View)
    These lovely jackets drop behind the earlobe. Best paired with 1.4-2ctw step cut studs.

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