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Rounded Spacer Band

  • 1-5mm-white-gold-spacer-band_1583539722983-8UWWVJ81QATK3MR3IJB2
  • white-gold-spacer-band_1583539727394-G70PD0HOKC6OY1O8MNNU
  • thin-wedding-band_1583539729146-BOIYIIQNSRCJLO63FU1F
  • yellow-gold-wedding-band_1583539732260-S34XTGA19GBR8KIZ78UE
  • very-thin-wedding-band_1583539737500-ZVAXKMN4DRRPGGWQEWP9
  • 1-5mm-wedding-band_1583539742357-B1KOMBNP001D8R6OQEWU
  • yellow-gold-thin-wedding-band_1647840659306-RGX5D81Z10PFK0AEOPMZ
  • yellow-gold-spacer-band_1647840658032-S9WZMNLFFMJW7PCQDAWO
  • white-gold-wedding-bands_1647840656675-EIM46HPX53WKZ1FHN6D4
  • lab-created-wedding-set-platinum-white-gold_1647840660202-6V37NJQGPXNYUB4X1LPL
  • lab-created-wedding-set-platinum_1647840660497-LSMLWUX36M2D1YC9P1N0
  • spacer-band-with-engagement-ring_1647840660460-A7F1RJLB8AE7OWAPV0WV
  • lab-created-wedding-set-yellow-gold_1647840658372-980BOAAG0VD8SGS3IWZW
  • spacer-band-platinum_1647840660157-BH3PN6UQ5XGCCRJ2LC9V
  • white-gold-spacer-band-for-wedding-set_1647840660623-0O68QXVWYVGEMZI0UGRY
  • platinum custom 2.5ct oval and pear five stone lab diamond engagement ring with marquise wedding band and spacer band ada diamonds design ad 180 ad270 and ad295
    Shown with 2.5ctw in Platinum
  • 14k yellow gold lab diamond spacer bands with three stone engagement ring ada diamonds design ad 456 and ad195 on model
    Shown with 1.5ctw in 14k Yellow Gold
    Ships in 1-2 Weeks

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    Rounded Spacer Band - Ada Diamonds
    A timeless, high shine comfort fit, 1.5mm wedding band. Perfect for stacking with other bands. Available options: platinum, 14k or 18k gold: white, yellow, rose.

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