Founders Lindsay & Jason appearing in an interview

Press Coverage of Ada Diamonds

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Natural Mined Diamonds Can't Deliver This: 
Personalized Diamonds Made From Memories

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Diamonds Made in a Lab:
A Girl's Best Friend?

Man-made Diamonds Are Now Better
Than Mined. Here's Why.

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For This Entrepreneur Couple,
Some Days Are Diamonds...


This start-up is selling lab-grown diamond 
rings at a 30% discount

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How ‘seeds’ and super-hot gas could
take down an $80 billion industry

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Will man-made diamonds sparkle
as brightly for consumers?

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Founders want lab-grown gems to go mainstream

Netflix Explained: Diamonds (S2:E10)

CEO Jason Payne featured in Netflix’s 
Explained Season 2 finale “Diamonds”

Loose Lab Grown Diamonds on a black background

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