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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Process and Policies

The following are frequently asked questions regarding working with Ada Diamonds. Please use these additional resources: 
Frequently Asked Questions about Lab diamonds | Terms & Conditions


  • How Does Ordering Work?

There are two ways to order a piece of fine jewelry with Ada Diamonds: by placing an order on our web site, or by placing a 20% non refundable deposit on an engagement ring's center stone, wedding band, or fashion piece on our web site or with a Concierge. All orders placed on are confirmed via email by a member of our Diamond Concierge team. If you are not responsive, your order may be canceled. Once a Concierge has confirmed your order, either by email or phone, then the order is considered Accepted by Ada Diamonds. 

  • Can I cancel my order prior to shipment? 

Within 48 hours of placing a deposit or placing an order on, you may cancel your order and receive a full refund. After 48 hours, non-refundable deposits are no longer eligible for refund. After 48 hours, online orders that have been started but not finished may be canceled and subject to a 20% re-stocking or cancellation fee. 

  • When is the final payment due?

If you have placed a 20% non refundable deposit to start your bespoke piece, the final invoice payment is due once the piece is finished. If you elect to purchase a bespoke piece from our web site, final payment is due at the time of order placement. You will receive HD media as well as an insurance appraisal for pieces of $3,500 or more in value at the time your piece is completed. We may capture additional media of your jewelry, time permitting. You are welcome to share this media with friends and family. Your Concierge will reach out to you confirm your shipping or pick up preferences. If you have a narrow window of time between when your ring is set to be finished and your desired proposal or gifting date, we recommend paying your final invoice in advance.

  • What are your minimum spending requirements?

Due to the bespoke nature of our pieces, Ada Diamonds kindly asks our clients to respect the following jewelry order minimums:

·       Bespoke engagement rings, including re-set proposal settings and any engagement ring featuring accent diamonds: $5,000 USD (refers to the center stone and setting cost combined)

·       Non-customized solitaire and proposal settings: $3,500 USD (refers to the center stone and setting cost combined)

·       Made to order fashion jewelry from our collections: $1,250 USD

·       Fully custom fashion jewelry: $2,000 USD

·       Collections' wedding bands: $1,500 USD

·       Fully custom wedding band: $2,500 USD

·       Loose lab diamonds: A minimum of 1.0ct each

Our all metal wedding bands, Ready to Ship items, items purchased from our web site, and items from The Classics Collection carry no order minimum.

  • How do you calculate the minimum for an engagement ring?

The minimum is comprised of the center stone + setting. Fees that do not count toward the minimum are: sales tax, shipping fees, engraving fees, grading fees, repair fees, and additional jewelry pieces like wedding bands,

  • I am looking for an engagement ring and would like something under $5,000 USD. What are my options?

A non-customized version of our solitaire settings, including Proposal Settings, carry a $3,500 USD minimum. Your Concierge will ask for your preferred band width (most styles are available in 1.8-2.5mm). You will receive a rendering for approval prior to production. Should you want to make any changes to your design, see multiple designs, see the design next to a wedding band, modify one of our settings, or add any accent diamonds (such as a hidden halo), that will carry a $5,000 USD minimum.

You are also welcome to purchase a loose diamond or shop a Ready to Ship engagement ring.


  • How do I reserve a lab diamond for an engagement ring?

We require a 20% non-refundable, transferable deposit on the cost of the diamond to reserve it and move into our custom design process.

  • Can you hold a diamond for me without a deposit?

No. We do not allow any reservations without a deposit. Our diamonds are available on a first come, first serve basis. Once a diamond has a deposit on it, it is no longer available.

  • Can I place a deposit on multiple diamonds for an engagement ring?

No. We only allow clients to reserve one diamond for an engagement ring. The only exception to this are diamonds for a Toi et Moi setting.

  • What if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?

Should you decide within 48 hours of placing your deposit that you want to cancel your order, you can receive a full refund of your deposit. After 48 hours, you cannot receive a full refund.

Should you decide to cancel your order after 48 hours, your deposit is never refundable, even if you decide to cancel your order mid-way through production.

  • What if I find a cheaper diamond somewhere else after I place a deposit? Will you price match?

No. Ada Diamonds does not price match other retailers. 

  • What if I want to change diamonds?

Prior to production, you can transfer your deposit to another lab diamond. If the new lab diamond is more expensive, you will be required to pay the difference on the diamond cost prior to production. If the new lab diamond is less expensive, you will receive a partial refund prior to production. Ada Diamonds will only hold 20% of the cost of the diamond as we enter production.

  • How long can I hold a diamond with a deposit?

We require that clients either be paid in full on the diamond or have entered production on their ring within 60 days of placing their deposit. After 60 days, your diamond will be released back into inventory, and you will carry a credit with Ada Diamonds equal to the cost of the deposit which may be applied toward another lab diamond for an engagement ring. Once your diamond re-enters inventory, it may sell immediately, without notice. 

  • I’ve had a deposit on my diamond for 60 days but I’m not ready for production. What are my options?

If after 60 days your order still has not entered production, you can either pay for the remaining balance on your diamond or release it into inventory and carry a credit with us towards another lab diamond engagement ring. 

  • Can I apply my deposit to another piece of jewelry like stud earrings or a wedding band?

No. Deposits on engagement ring center stones may only be transferred to another lab diamond for an engagement ring.

Loose Diamond Purchases

  • Do you sell loose lab diamonds?

Yes! We sell independently certified loose lab diamonds of 1.0ct or greater in size. We do not sell lab diamonds smaller than 1ct each and we do not sell uncertified lab diamonds of any size.

  • How do I order a loose diamond?

Your Concierge will send you an invoice to purchase your loose diamond in full. Loose diamonds must be paid for in full in order to qualify for a 30-day return and refund. Should you place a 20% non-refundable deposit on the diamond in order to reserve it, then decide to inspect it at home, the 20% deposit is non-refundable in the event of a return.

Once we receive full payment, your loose diamond will be shipped to you in as little as 1 business day. Your loose diamond will come with all relevant paperwork, which must be preserved in the event of a return.

  • What is the return policy for loose diamonds?

Clients have 30 days from receipt to return a loose diamond for a refund. The diamond must be in original condition with all paperwork. Clients are responsible for a $50 USD domestic return shipping fee if they are not able to drop off in person. International clients may receive a quote for return shipping.

Once the diamond is received and verified, we will process a full refund less a 20% re-stocking fee.

  • What if I want you to set the diamond after inspection?

We will provide you with a complimentary shipping label to send your diamond back to us for setting. There is no timeline requirement to submit your diamond back to us for setting. Once your ring is finished, you will have a new 30-day return window. Should you elect to return your ring within those 30 days, you will receive a full refund, less 20% of the cost of the diamond.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, bank wire, cash payments in person, financing with Affirm, and crypto payments of BTC and ETH. Credit cards may be processed by Intuit, Square, or Stripe.

  • What currency is your web site shown in?

We only show prices in USD. Due to fluctuations in foreign exchange, we are unable to provide any estimates in any currency other than USD.

  • How do I pay by bank wire?

Your Concierge will be happy to send you wire instructions for your purchase. Bank wires are same-day wire transfers. Ada Diamonds does not accept ACH payments. There may be a fee for a same-day bank wire, which is your responsibility.

  • Can I pay in cash?

Yes. We accept cash in person at our showrooms, and at any Ada Diamonds trunk show. Cash should never be mailed to us. To avoid any delays with your pick up, please notify your Concierge 24 hours prior to intending to purchase with cash as we do require two managers be present for the intake and counting of your cash.

  • Do you offer a bank wire or cash discount?

Yes. Our discount is 1.5% for bank wire or cash. Should you elect to cancel your order or return your merchandise, you will be refunded by ACH, less any non-refundable portion of your order.

  • Can I put this on multiple credit cards?

Purchases made directly through our web site require payment to be made on one card. However, if you would like to pay with multiple cards, simply submit an inquiry and a Concierge will be happy to send you a secure link. When you receive the secure link to make a payment via Intuit, simply edit the amount for the payment and enter your credit card information. Once your credit card payment is successful, the invoice will update to reflect the remaining balance. You may use a different credit card for the remaining amount. There is no limit to the number of cards you can use. 

  • I got a new credit card and want to put the entire purchase on one card.

That’s totally fine! If you have previously placed a deposit on another card and want to move it to a new credit card, we would be happy to refund your original purchase and charge your new card. Please note that the non-refundable nature of the deposit does not change.

  • A loved one is going to make the purchase for me. Is that OK?

No problem! If a family member or friend is the one paying via credit card, bank wire, or financing, we will ask for additional documentation for anti-fraud reasons.

  • My payment didn’t go through and I got an error. What do I do?

As an engagement ring or wedding band is a large purchase, your credit card or bank may have flagged the purchase as potential fraud. Particularly if you have tried several times in a row, please contact your credit card company to notify them you are trying to make a large purchase.

  • Do you keep my credit card on file?

No. Our payment processing system is very secure and does not store or save your credit card information. We are not able to charge a credit card for you without you re-entering the information into the payment system.

  • Can I pay over the phone?

For your security, we do not allow customers to read their credit card numbers over the phone. Your Concierge will be happy to send you a secure link to an invoice that you can access via a computer or mobile device to complete payment.

  • Can I pay by debit card?

Yes. However, most debit cards have relatively low daily limits for purchases. You may need to receive authorization from your bank to raise your daily limit for a large purchase.

  • I do not have a zip code and your credit card system requires one. What do I do?

Please alert your Concierge if your country does not have zip codes. You will receive a link to pay via another payment provider.

  • How does financing work?

We work with a company called Affirm who independently handles your financing up to $10,000. Affirm offers 3, 6, and 12-month payment options with interest rates ranging significantly from 0-36%. The amount, time, and interest rates available to a customer are solely determined by Affirm and not at the discretion of Ada Diamonds.

In order to see what you qualify for, request a unique link from your Concierge. We require a billing address and phone number to create your unique link. Affirm conducts a soft credit check to see what loan amount you qualify for. To move forward with Affirm, you should select “check out with Affirm” to complete the loan process. We recommend you do this on a computer and not a mobile device.

Should you elect to pay with Affirm, your purchase will go through immediately. Depending on the timing of your order, you may be required to make Affirm payments prior to receiving your jewelry from Ada Diamonds.

  • Affirm said that they couldn’t verify my identity – what should I do?

If you recently moved or changed your name, you may need to contact Affirm to provide additional information. Ada Diamonds cannot see the reason that Affirm was unable to verify your identity.

  • Do you offer layaway or delayed payments?

We do not offer layaway. Clients must be paid in full within 30 days of their piece being completed or risk forsaking the diamond or piece of jewelry. Clients interested in making monthly payments should consider financing via Affirm.

  • How do I pay by ETH or BTC?

You will be provided a unique link to be able to pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum via a Coinbase account.

Ada Diamonds only charges in USD and then Coinbase determines the exchange rate in real time. The exchange rate is determined when you click on the invoice. Coinbase then gives you the option to pay in whatever amount of BTC or ETH matches that amount in USD.

Our system allows for a $50 swing in either direction for volatility during that time. As BTC and ETC change price every second, if you open the invoice then wait several hours or days to pay, you may be under or overpaying based on the invoice amount. Once that volatility swings outside of $50, the invoice is voided and a new one is created for a new amount. It’s recommended you pay immediately after opening the invoice.

The fees for Coinbase are passed onto us as the merchant when we convert the coin back to dollars. You do not pay a fee. We do not carry any Bitcoin or Ethereum. As soon as you pay in BTC or ETH, it is immediately converted to US dollars on our end. Should you elect to return your piece of jewelry, you will be refunded by ACH. We do not refund in BTC or ETH.

  • Is there sales tax?

All purchases delivered in, picked up, or shipped to the following states will incur the following tax rates: California: 8.625%; New York: 8.875%; Texas 8.25%. Shipments to the following states incur these sales tax rates dependent on city and county: Oklahoma 4.5%-11.5%; Nevada 6.85%-8.375%; New Jersey 6.625%; Pennsylvania 6%-8%; Washington 6.5% - 10%.  Please consult with your Diamond Concierge for additional information.

  • I am a diplomat with a sales tax exemption card. What do you need from me in order to purchase without sales tax?

Ada Diamonds requires both a copy of your tax exemption card as well as a copy of your passport in order to process a transaction free from sales tax. This information must be provided digitally at least 48 hours prior to your purchase being shipped or picked up as it is handled by a separate department. We cannot verify this information in person.

  • I live in a country with import taxes, duties, and fees. Will I have to pay those?

Yes. Customers are responsible for all import taxes, duties, and fees. These rates may change without notice or warning. Ada Diamonds is not able to provide an exact quote for fees for your exact circumstance; however most international clients pay approximately 5-25% in import fees depending on the country. Please note that customs fees can vary city by city within certain countries. Please contact your country’s customs office for more information.

  • I am currently serving in or am a veteran of the US armed forces. Do you offer a military discount?

Yes we do and thank you for your service! Our founders both come from military families, and honoring our military is core to our corporate culture. Currently serving and veteran military clients receive 10% off their entire order. Please notify your Concierge at the beginning of your client engagement of your military service. You may be asked to show proof of military status. 

Delivery & Shipping

  • How long will it take my order to ship?

Production of bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands typically takes 2-5 weeks depending on the complexity of your piece. These pieces can typically ship within 1 business day of your final invoice payment. Our shipping cut off for same-day shipments is 2pm local time.

Most Delicate Collection and Ready-to-Ship orders ship within 1-4 business days of your order's Acceptance. 

Purchases of loose diamonds are ready to ship in 1-3 business days of your order's Acceptance. 

Bespoke fashion pieces may take up to 3 weeks for completion from your order's Acceptance.

  • What does the shipping box look like? Is it discreet?

Your order will be sent in an Ada Diamonds shipper box that is in a protective wrap inside of a Fedex medium-sized box (about the size of a shoebox). There is nothing on the box itself indicating it is high value or from Ada Diamonds. Your package is intentionally tightly packed to avoid your jewelry and items moving in the box. Please note that Ada’s corporate headquarters return address is on the label.

  • What comes with my order?

Engagement ring orders arrive with all relevant paperwork such as your paid invoice, appraisal, grading report, as well as a complimentary travel pouch for your ring and jewelry cleaner. Engagement rings arrive in small proposal boxes.

Multi-piece orders such as engagement rings with wedding bands may arrive in a large ring box. Fashion pieces will be shipped in the packaging best suited for that style.

If you would prefer to not include an invoice or appraisal in your box, please let your Concierge know. This information is also provided to you digitally prior to shipment.

  • Does my order come with a grading report?

Yes, if your order contains independently graded diamonds. IGI and GCAL produce laminated reports. GIA only produces digital reports, which we print for you on cardstock paper. It is strongly recommended that you preserve and save your report in a safe place. Should you lose the report, you may request a re-print of your certificate directly from the grading organization. Re-print fees vary significantly and may change without notice.

  • How does domestic shipping work?

We ship via fully insured Fedex Two-Day for packages of less than $15k in value and Fedex Overnight Priority for packages of $15k+ in value. Armored delivery is available for packages of greater than $50k in value.

Shipments are sent with Adult Signature Required. While we are happy to send to a residence or business address, we strongly recommend shipping to a Fedex Office for hold for pick up where you will be required to show photo ID for pick up. Fedex Offices will hold your package for 5 business days before returning to sender. This is the easiest and lowest stress way to ship your package. Your Concierge would be happy to find the nearest Fedex Office to you. Not all Fedex Offices are eligible to receive your package due to insurance requirements.

Once your order ships, your Concierge will share your Fedex tracking number with you. Due to insurance limits, you will not be able to modify, change, or re-direct your shipment.

  • My piece is under $15k value. Can I upgrade to overnight shipping?

Yes. You may pay a $50 USD expedited shipping fee to upgrade to overnight shipping.

  • Do you offer Saturday delivery?

We are happy to send a package for Saturday delivery to a Fedex Office or residence; however, Fedex will not guarantee a delivery time for Saturday shipments. We require a $50 USD fee for Saturday delivery.

  • Can you guarantee overnight delivery?

Due to potential weather delays, we cannot guarantee overnight delivery, particularly during the months of November and December when bad weather and increased shipping volume may cause delays. We strongly recommend allowing at least 2 business days for shipping in order to ensure you have your Ada Diamonds jewelry in time for your deadline.

  • I sent my shipment to a Fedex location but I’m not able to pick it up anymore. What happens now?

Your package will be returned to Ada Diamonds where it will go through an intake process, then re-packaged and re-shipped to you. Returned shipments incur a $75 USD re-shipping charge. The return and re-shipping process can take up to 10 business days for Fedex to complete.

  • Can I put my partner’s name on the shipping label for a Fedex Office pick up?

Yes, we are able to accommodate two adults as signers for the Fedex Office pick up.

  • What if I’m not home when Fedex shows up?

Fedex is required to obtain signature and should not leave your package at your residence without your signature. Instead, they will re-attempt delivery 2 more times before returning your package to sender. We strongly recommend only sending your package to a residence if you know you will be home all day to receive it.

  • What time does the shipment show up to residences?

Fedex will not guarantee a delivery time for residential deliveries. Residential deliveries are only recommended if someone at your residence is able to sign for the package at any time, without notice. Overnight priority shipments to offices and Fedex Office locations are intended to arrive by 10:30am local time.

  • I live in a doorman/managed residential building. Can my doorman sign for it?

Yes, however once your package is signed for the liability is released from Fedex and passed onto you. We recommend only sending to a managed building office if you are confident in the security and trustworthiness of that office.

  • Can I ship to a friend or family member?

Yes! We are happy to ship to a friend or family member. As soon as your friend or family member takes possession of the package, the insurance via Fedex is released. We strongly recommend only sending your shipment to someone trustworthy and responsible.

  • What happens if my shipment goes missing?

If you are unable to locate your shipment, first contact your Concierge. We will immediately open an investigation with Fedex and put a trace on your package. It is extremely rare for packages to go missing with Fedex.

  • My box was damaged in shipment but the internal contents seem fine. What gives?

We put fragile stickers on all of our shipments to customers. However, Fedex does not always honor our request to handle our packages with care. If you feel that Fedex mishandled your package, you are welcome to contact them to file a complaint. Ada Diamonds is not responsible for damage done to the packaging or shipper box sent to you as long as your fine jewelry is not damaged.

  • Can you send to a UPS store or PO Box?

No. Ada Diamonds does not ship to UPS stores or post office boxes. Your Concierge will be happy to find you a Fedex Office close by.

  • Can you send to an APO, FPO, or DPO?

Due to limitations with insured shipping, we have temporarily suspended all shipments to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses. Your Concierge will be happy to work with you in shipping your purchase to a domestic or international destination of your choosing, including the ability to ship to a friend or family member.

  • I am an international client. How does shipping work?

We require a residential or business address for shipments outside of the United States. Once your order is received by customs in your home country, you will receive a phone call and an invoice from Fedex to complete the payment of your import fees, taxes, or duties. Fedex will not release your package to you without prompt payment of these fees. Under no circumstance will Ada Diamonds cover the cost of these fees as they are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Should you refuse to pay required fees, your package will be returned to Ada Diamonds. You will be responsible for all applicable costs and fees associated with re-shipping the package to you, or we will process a return of your item and withhold any non-refundable portions of your order.

International shipping fees vary by country and order value and start at $75 USD.

  • What countries do you ship to?

Ada Diamonds is happy to offer International Priority (~two days) Fedex shipping to the following International destinations starting at $75 USD: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Austria, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Curacao, Denmark, Dominica, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Guam, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Monaco, Montserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, South Korea, Saipan, Sint Maarten, Spain, Sri Lanka, St. Barthelemy, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, US Virgin Islands, Vatican City, Vietnam.


  • I received my merchandise and would like to return it. How does that work?

Should you be unhappy with your Ada Diamonds purchase, we are proud to offer a return policy for a refund, less any applicable non-refundable portions or re-stocking fees, depending on the item.

In order to qualify for return, customers must submit a Customer Service Inquiry through the Ada Diamonds website within 30 days of receipt of merchandise. The 30 day return window is inclusive of the day of receipt. For example, if a customer receives merchandise on April 3, the last day to initiate a return is May 2.

Receipt is defined as the day the merchandise arrived at the specified address provided by the customer. If the customer has specified that the merchandise be shipped to a Fedex Office for pick up, the date of receipt is the day the merchandise arrives at the Fedex Office and is available for pickup. Although most Fedex Offices will hold packages for up to five business days, customers are strongly encouraged to pick up from Fedex Offices on the day that the merchandise arrives. If the customer has specified that the merchandise be shipped to a friend or family member, the date of receipt is the day the merchandise arrives at the address of the friend or family member and is irrespective of when the actual customer receives the merchandise.

To initiate a return, customers must submit a Customer Service Inquiry within 30 days of receipt of Ada merchandise through the Ada Diamonds website. Should the merchandise fall within the 30-day return window, Ada Diamonds will provide an RMA number and fully-insured return shipping label for $50 USD for domestic shipments. Fees for international customers start at $75 USD. The return shipping label must be purchased within one business day of submitting a return inquiry. Merchandise must be shipped within two business days of receipt of the shipping label. For example, if a customer initiates a return on Wednesday, April 1, that customer must pay for their return label by Thursday, April 2, and must ship the merchandise by Monday, April 6. Shipments dropped off at Fedex after the required date will be rejected, returned to customer, and will not be eligible for return or refund. Should a customer attempt to return merchandise through another method, such as shipping via another carrier, Ada Diamonds will reject the package and return to sender.

International clients are responsible for paying for any import tariff, taxes, or duties assessed and charged on return of goods to Ada Diamonds. Those fees may be deducted from total amount of refund.

Ada’s return policy is a satisfaction guarantee, not a 30-day use window. Finished jewelry must be returned in complete, original, tagged, out-of-the-box condition, with original grading certificates, if applicable. In other words, pieces worn during the 30-day period are no longer in original condition and are not eligible for return. Loose diamond purchases must be returned with the original grading certificate and in their original condition. Ada Diamonds will check to ensure both loose diamonds and set diamonds match their corresponding grading certificates. Finished jewelry must be returned in full; Ada Diamonds will not accept partial returns of finished jewelry. Clients unsure about setting styles are strongly encouraged to consider Ada Diamonds’ Proposal Setting program.

Once your return is received and confirmed, your refund will be processed in 5-7 business days to the original form of payment, when applicable, less any non-refundable portion of your order or re-stocking fee. If necessary, your refund will be provided via ACH or check. Ada Diamonds will only provide refunds in the form of USD and cannot refund in other currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Items purchased from our web site that are returned within 30 days carry a 20% re-stocking fee. Bespoke pieces that must be made to order will incur a 20% re-stocking fee should the item be purchased in full at the time of order. 

  • I received my merchandise and would like to exchange it. How does that work?

Should you be unhappy with your Ada Diamonds purchase, we are proud to offer an exchange policy for an item of equal or greater value, less any applicable non-refundable portions or re-stocking fees, depending on the item.

In order to qualify for exchange, customers must submit a Customer Service Inquiry through the Ada Diamonds website within 30 days of receipt of merchandise. The same policy regarding shipping an item for return applies to shipping an item for exchange.

Ada’s exchange policy is a satisfaction guarantee, not a 30-day use window. Finished jewelry must be returned in complete, original, tagged, out-of-the-box condition, with original grading certificates, if applicable. In other words, pieces worn during the 30-day period are no longer in original condition and are not eligible for exchange. Finished jewelry must be returned in full; Ada Diamonds will not accept partial exchanges of finished jewelry. 

Items purchased from “Ready to Ship” may be exchanged for an item of the same or greater value with no re-stocking fee. Jewelry must be unworn and tagged to qualify for exchange. 

Bespoke pieces that must be made to order may incur a re-setting fee on exchange should the item be purchased in full at the time of order. Please submit a customer service inquiry to see if your bespoke order qualifies for a complimentary exchange. 

  • What items are not eligible for return and refund or exchange?

Jewelry that has been worn and is no longer in original, out-of-the-box, tagged, new condition is not eligible for return or exchange.

Any additional services such as shipping fees, secondary third-party gemological grading, engraving fees, or re-setting fees are not refundable. Re-set and re-made rings such as re-set proposal settings, re-designed rings after delivery, re-set diamonds as part of our lifetime trade-in process, and re-made rings due to incorrect ring size are all final sale.  

Custom masculine wedding bands or those with a band that is 4mm in width or larger are not refundable and are final sale.

Some custom pieces and loose diamond purchases may be ineligible for return and are considered final sale with pre-payment written confirmation and consent from the client. This would include pieces featuring custom cut diamonds, such as eternity bands with specifically requested unique shapes or sizes.

Prior to receiving payment, your Concierge will alert you if your piece is final sale.

  • I no longer need or want my engagement ring and I am within the 30-day return window. What are my options?

Unworn, new condition rings are eligible for return within 30 days of receipt. After submitting a customer service inquiry, you will be given the option to drop off in person or pay a $50 USD domestic shipping fee to send the ring to us. Appointments are required. All documents must be returned with the ring in new condition. Once the ring is received and verified you will receive a full refund, less any non-refundable deposits paid. For example, if you purchase a $10,000 diamond in a $2,500 setting and you’ve paid a 20% non-refundable deposit on the diamond, your refund would be $10,500 USD. If you purchased a $12,500 USD engagement ring from our web site and elect to return it, your purchase will incur a 20% re-stocking fee and your refund will be $10,000 USD.

It is worth noting that returned rings are an extremely rare occurrence at our organization. Your Concierge will go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied prior to production.

Lab Diamond Quality Control & Selection

  • What is lab diamond quality control?

Every week, lab diamonds from around the world arrive at our showrooms for inspection. These stones have been hand-selected by our QC team via virtual inspection of the diamonds’ certificates and videos. Once a lab diamond arrives in SF or NY, it is carefully inspected in person by multiple members of our team. Lab diamonds that pass qc enter our inventory; those that fail are returned to the supplier. This process applies to all lab diamonds we receive, including small, accent diamonds.

  • What makes a lab diamond pass or fail?

We check for the following:

  • Make and light performance (patterning, shadows, overall sparkle, arrows, culet reflection, etc)
  • Light leakage and empty facets
  • Accurate 4 C’s grades
  • Unnatural color tones of brown, gray, and blue
  • Phosphorescence (an orange glow in an HPHT stone after exposure to UV light)
  • Crystal material (blurriness, lifelessness)

Each of these characteristics exists on a scale of good to bad and is not assessed as a binary. We have the absolute highest standards in the industry and only offer the best of the market. We recommend watching our Instagram live stories to see our diamond qc process in action!

  • Why do you insist on seeing all of your inventory in person?

It is always shocking to us how different a lab diamond can look in person versus its 360 video. This is because patterning and light performance is very hard to distinguish in a brightly lit box with a plain background. Sometimes the video from the supplier was of a completely different diamond than what we receive! We will never, ever sell a lab diamond sight unseen.

  • I’ve read online about things like strain, striations, long wave UV phosphorescence, and brown, gray, and blue tinge that can show up in low quality lab grown diamonds. Do your diamonds have that?

First of all, you’ve come to the right place! Our team is committed to quality and avoiding those very characteristics in the diamonds that we offer to our clients. Ada Diamonds aims to have inventory free from visually obvious or bad examples of those characteristics. Rest assured, the fact that your Concierge recognizes those terms should give you peace of mind.

  • Where are your diamonds grown?

We work with growers from all over the world including:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Ukraine
  • Israel
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Japan

We do not release the specific names of growers or suppliers as this information is not publicly available and is considered confidential. Your Concierge would be happy to tell you where a specific lab diamond was grown.

  • What is your failure rate?

We fail about half of what we bring in, after a virtual inspection. Our overall rejection rate for the market is over 85%.

  • What happens to the diamonds you reject?

They end up on budget e-commerce web sites and sold to unsuspecting members of the public. Check out

  • Are all of the diamonds that you sell lab grown?

Yes! Every diamond that we sell is proudly manmade and not mined. This includes all accent diamonds used in settings as well.

  • Do you grow your own diamonds?

No. We purchase lab diamonds from growers around the world. This allows us to cherry pick the best of the supply to offer to our discerning clients.

  • Do you sell CVD or HPHT?

We sell both!

  • Which is better?

There are pros and cons to CVD and HPHT diamonds. Each stone needs to be assessed on an individual basis. Some CVD diamonds are better than some HPHT stones and vice versa.

  • Are your CVD diamonds HPHT treated?

Some of the CVD diamonds that we offer have undergone some form of mid or post growth process such as low pressure, high temperature or high pressure, high temperature annealing. Treatment information is typically found in the comments section of a grading report.

Here at Ada Diamonds, we do not believe that HPHT treatment is necessarily a bad thing or something to be avoided. Treated CVD diamonds are among the most beautiful in the world. Treatment is merely an additional step in a multi-step, multi-technology diamond growth process.

Treatment, also known as annealing, can fundamentally improve the crystal material and color of a lab diamond. It can, however, also mean that a brownish diamond turns a grayish color. We assess and handle every diamond on a case by case basis and do not categorically reject or approve CVD diamonds with treatment. It is worth noting that what is considered “treatment” is not even definitive in the lab diamond industry. What one grower may argue is treatment, another may argue is simply diamond growth.

We recognize that treatment of natural diamonds is a problematic and storied issue. You may find that other jewelers who sell both natural and lab grown diamonds will argue against HPHT treatment due to misinformation or lack of knowledge about CVD diamonds.

There is also significant IP litigation in the lab diamond industry around HPHT treatment that may drive certain retailers to avoid selling HPHT treated CVD diamonds. We believe this fundamentally harms the public and helps lawyers.

  • Are HPHT diamonds considered treated?


  • How does diamond selection work?

Your Concierge will curate you a unique list of options based on your size and budget preference. The more information you share with us, the better we can serve you! Each option is shared with a link to its grading report, an HD video, and an on-hand video in a white gold solitaire. Because we have these diamonds in house, your Concierge is able to get any additional media you would like. Your Concierge will also be happy to share her or his opinion on the diamond based on in-person inspection.

  • Other than size and budget, how do I know what I will like?

If you are completely new to the 4 C’s, your Concierge will guide you through clarity and color and help identify what aspects are important to you. If you have not seen any lab diamonds in person, we recommend that you do so, either with us or with a competitor. We specialize in high color, high clarity diamonds and do not sell below G VS2 for custom bridal.

  • Can I look through your entire inventory?

We only share options with clients that we have physically inspected and approved. In some carat weights and shapes, there may be a very small number of options available. Your Concierge will strive to provide as many options as possible while keeping the process pleasant and not overwhelming.

  • What shapes do you offer?

We offer round, oval, cushion, emerald, pear, radiant, and square emerald (asscher). Due to extreme scarcity, we are unable to guarantee supply of marquise, heart, old european cut, old mine cut, rose cut, shield, trillion, or any other non-standard shape.

  • Do your lab diamonds have fluorescence?


  • Do you offer Internally Flawless or Flawless diamonds?

Occasionally we receive IF diamonds into inventory, however it is not common. Lab diamonds that are flawless are not cut into gemstones but rather used for high-tech and scientific purposes. We encourage clients interested in IF to consider VVS1 options. The pricing chart on our web site shows pricing for up to D VVS1 options; IF options will carry an additional premium, when available.

  • Do you have fancy color diamond options?

The availability of nice quality fancy color lab diamonds is extremely limited and unpredictable. This has been exacerbated by intellectual property litigation in our industry. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer fancy color lab diamonds at this time, but hope to do so in the future.

  • Can I set my own parameters and have you grow it for me?

Lab diamond growth is not that controllable. Due to significant variations across the 4 C’s, we do not offer the ability to commission the growing and cutting of a lab diamond with specific parameters. Particularly in unique shapes and large sizes, we ask clients begin their search early to ensure plenty of time for the right option to come along.

  • How often do you get new inventory?

We receive new inventory every week and no week is the same! The inventory is unpredictable and sporadic. Certain shapes, sizes, and price points are scarce and not readily available. Your Concierge will be happy to share new options as they become available.

  • How much do lab diamonds cost?

Much like mined diamonds, lab diamonds are priced based on their quality characteristics. Lab diamonds are not priced linearly, but rather exponentially by weight. A 2ct does not cost twice that of a 1ct of the same quality. Quality differences can drive significant price gaps. In large sizes, the difference between a VS1 and VS2 can be thousands of dollars difference in cost. Lab diamonds tend to be priced at about a 70% discount off of equivalent quality mined diamonds.

  • I found a similar diamond online for cheaper. Does Ada price match?

No we do not price match. No two lab diamonds are the same, even within the same 4 C’s. Lab diamonds grown too quickly or for cheaper cost can possess unnaturally defective characteristics that make them challenging to sell in person. These lower quality lab diamonds get dumped on the Internet for cheap. E-commerce web sites rarely inspect their lab diamonds in person, passing the savings, and risk, onto the client.

Ada Diamonds does not share its inventory with other sellers. If a lab diamond has been shared with you, we physically have it in our showrooms, and it is not available of purchase elsewhere.

  • Do you sell natural diamonds? What about colored gemstones?

We sell exclusively lab grown diamonds and do not offer natural diamonds, natural gemstones, or lab created colored gemstones (such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies). This includes both center stones as well as accent stones.

  • If I buy a lab diamond elsewhere, will you set it?

We do not work with outside gems and are not able to set an outside stone of any kind.

  • If I buy a lab diamond loose from Ada Diamonds but already have my own setting, will you set it for me?

Due to our warranty requirements, we do not work with outside settings and cannot set an Ada diamond into an existing setting. You are welcome to purchase a lab diamond loose from us and have another jeweler set it for you.

  • Are your diamonds certified?

Yes! Lab diamonds of 0.50ct or greater are independently certified by IGI, GCAL, or GIA. Most lab diamonds below 2.5ct will be IGI or GCAL certified as the cost and time for GIA certification is significantly more expensive than IGI or GCAL.

  • Am I able to send diamonds below 0.50ct each for certification? What about side stones or diamonds set in jewelry?

Ada Diamonds does not guarantee independent certification for lab diamonds smaller than 0.50ct. Rest assured that all lab diamonds sold by Ada Diamonds go through a rigorous quality control check and inspection on intake.

  • Can I get my Ada diamond secondarily graded by GIA?

Yes! Lab diamonds of 2.5ct or above are eligible for a complimentary secondary grade from GIA, with or without the AGS supplement. Clients must place a non-refundable deposit on the diamond in order to be eligible for secondary grading. Please allow up to 6 weeks for secondary grading, which may delay the production of your engagement ring. Ada Diamonds has no control over how long secondary grading takes at GIA, and we ask clients to be patient with the lengthy grading timelines.

Lab diamonds below 2.5ct will incur a $200 USD non-refundable grading fee for a GIA grading. We are unable to send lab diamonds for secondary grading that were not purchased through us.

  • What happens if the secondary grade is lower?

We would be happy to allow you to transfer your deposit to another diamond should you be unhappy with the secondary grade received by GIA. We are not able to offer partial discounts on re-graded diamonds that return a lower grade.

  • I paid for a secondary grade but want to cancel because the process is taking too long. What are my options?

It is possible that your diamond has not yet gone through grading and can be returned swiftly. However, all secondary grading fees are non-refundable, regardless of how far into the grading process your diamond has gone.

  • Do you offer a warranty on the quality of my center stone?

We guarantee that lab diamonds purchased from Ada will not fade, cloud, change color, or lose their brilliance in your lifetime. If, at any time, your Ada diamond loses its optical quality after purchase, your diamond will be eligible for trade-in for a diamond of comparable size and quality. There is no additional fee for this warranty.

Visiting a Showroom

  • Where are your showrooms?

We have three private showrooms: one in midtown Manhattan, one near Union Square in San Francisco, and one in the SoCo district of Austin, TX.

  • How do I schedule an in-person appointment?

We require all clients to begin their experience with us virtually by submitting an inquiry on our web site. In order to ensure your in-person appointment is worthwhile and productive, we require that clients have a brief phone or video chat prior to visiting. During this call, your Concierge will cover our terms, policies, and process. This will allow your in-person appointment to be 100% focused on diamonds and jewelry.

For safety and security reasons we do not store all of our lab diamonds in one showroom. In order to show you multiple options, your Concierge may need to bring specific diamonds in for your appointment. Hence, we ask that you schedule your appointment two business days in advance. We do not accept any same-day appointment requests.

Our in-person appointments are not well-suited for casual shopping. In order to accommodate as many clients as possible, we respectfully require the purchaser be present.

  • How many diamonds can I expect to see?

While we strive to show as many options as we can, clients should expect to see 3-6 options in a single appointment, subject to availability. Some shapes and size ranges have more inventory available than others. For example, clients interested in seeing 1.5-2ct ovals will often get to see 5 or more options. Clients wanting to see 3+ct asscher cuts may only be shown 1 or 2 options.

Your Concierge will be happy to provide a preview list of what you can expect to see, pending availability. Due to the limited duration of the appointment, clients should limit the appointment to no more than 2 shapes.

  • Can I guarantee certain diamonds will be available for my appointment?

While we make every effort to ensure your appointment is successful with robust inventory options, we cannot guarantee diamond options will be available if they have sold to another customer or are being shown in another showroom. The only way to guarantee a diamond is available for in-person inspection is with a 20% non-refundable, transferable deposit.

  • Can I see a specific setting or piece of jewelry in my appointment?

Unlike traditional retailers, we do not stock our showrooms with dozens of diamonds and settings. Instead, our private showroom experience is individually tailored to each client. Our showroom features some finished jewelry and examples of engagement ring and wedding band settings; however, all of our bridal pieces are custom and made-to-order. You will be able to drop a loose diamond onto an open setting to get a general idea of a finished engagement ring. We have some fashion pieces and wedding bands, but not every combination of metal and size. If you have a specific style you would like to see in appointment, please alert your Concierge and she will let you know if that style is something we have in stock, available to show.

  • Can I take photos during the appointment?

Sure! Feel free to take photos and videos of any of the diamonds or styles that you try on.

  • Can I view diamonds under magnification?

Clients are welcome to use a loupe, aset, or hearts and arrows viewer during the appointment. Your Concierge will be able to show you how to use these jeweler’s tools if they are new to you.

  • Are you open on weekends?

We do take appointments on Saturday’s. Please note that Saturday appointments are very popular and often book out weeks in advance. We are closed on Sunday’s, Monday's, and all major holidays.

  • What is the last in-person appointment you offer?

The last appointment time we will take is 5pm on weekdays in SF and ATX and 6pm in NYC. Evening appointments are very popular and book out weeks in advance. We also recommend clients choose to come at a time when natural daylight is available so that the diamonds can be seen in multiple lights in person.

  • How long are the appointments?

Client appointments are typically 45 minutes. Saturday and evening appointments are strictly kept to a 45-minute time limit in order to accommodate as many clients as possible. If you believe you would benefit from a longer appointment, we strongly encourage you to visit on a weekday afternoon when your appointment time may be extended.

  • I’m running late to my appointment. Can I have extra time?

It is possible your Concierge can accommodate a late arrival. However, we often have other clients arriving shortly after your appointment is set to end and cannot guarantee an extension of your appointment. If you face unexpected delays in arriving to your appointment, we strongly recommend that you re-schedule for another day.

  • I didn’t realize that you were by appointment only and am only in town today. Can you fit me in?

Unfortunately, we do not take any same-day appointment requests under any circumstances. Please submit an inquiry on our web site. We would be happy to host you on a future visit!

  • Can I bring friends?

Please limit your party to no more than 3 people. In order to accommodate as many clients as possible, we require that the purchaser be present.

  • Can I bring my young child or pet?

Due to the private nature and short duration of our appointments, we find that clients have the most focused and enjoyable experience if they can do so without distraction. Hence, we ask that clients limit their guests to only older, well-behaved children or infants in car seats/strollers. Generally speaking, diamond shopping is not a kid-friendly activity, and our office is not able to offer babysitting services. Unfortunately, our buildings forbid pets and only allow registered service animals.

  • Is there parking available?

For our San Francisco showroom, there is limited street parking in the area. There are two garages: Union Square and White House garage.

For our NY showroom, we are conveniently located by the 5th Avenue and 57th Street subway stations as well as several bus stops along 5th Avenue. There is a paid parking garage across the street on 56th St as well.

For our ATX showroom, there is street parking available on South Congress as well as Gibson Street. There is also a paid garage behind our building.

  • Are your showrooms ADA accessible?

Yes. In all of our locations there are ADA elevators and bathrooms

  • How do I access your suites?

In San Francisco, use the call box on Grant Ave to dial suite 600. We will let you into the building and up the elevator remotely. In New York, use the keypad at left of the door to ring Ada Diamonds to be remotely let into the building. Please take the elevator to floor 4. In Austin, use gate code 73150, then take the elevtor to floor 3. Please ring the doorbell on the door.

  • Do you offer couple's consultations?

Yes and we strongly encourage them! It’s important that you and your partner are on the same page regarding lab diamonds, price range, size, shape, and timing. It is very common for couples to start the process together, and eventually the recipient leaves the process in order to maintain an element of surprise for the proposal.

  • Do you offer remote consultations?

Yes! We work with clients all over the world, many of whom never meet us in person or visit our showrooms. We strive to provide a transparent and enjoyable process as close to an in-person process as possible.

Custom Design

  • How does the custom design process for engagement rings work?

Every engagement ring and wedding band is custom, made-to-order. Clients watch their piece come to life through computer-aided design (CAD) and photorealistic renderings. While we are happy to go over designs in person, most clients engage with us during the design phase entirely virtually.

Most clients elect to start with one of Ada’s existing designs and modify as they prefer. We can also design a ring from a description, sketch, or by emulating a photograph. Your Concierge will provide you an estimate prior to placing your deposit. Clients may make as many modifications to the design as they would prefer, however most clients are out of design in 7 days or less.

During the CAD phase, metal will appear extra thick and prongs extra-long. This is a production-ready file designed to show you a rough idea of the finished ring. We can also show you what your engagement ring would look like next to a wedding band!

Once the design is finalized, clients receive photorealistic renderings. These renderings often take multiple days to produce and are reserved for the end of the design phase for expediency. Clients can continue to make modifications to the design after receiving their renderings, up until production. Prior to production, clients must sign an estimate that includes the ring size and metal type. Once a client signs their estimate and enters production, their 20% deposit is never refundable.

  • If I buy a bridal piece directly from the web site, do I still go through the custom design process? 

Clients who elect to add to cart an engagement ring or wedding band that is not preset or Ready to Ship will be required to approve a final rendering and sign an estimate prior to production. Clients who are not responsive after order placement may have their orders canceled. 

  • Is there a custom design fee?

Nope! All costs associated with custom design are included in the setting fee.

  • Can I see an engagement ring design before placing a deposit?

Because our designs are modeled around a specific center stone, we require a non-refundable deposit or full payment to begin the custom design phase for all engagement rings.

  • I have a design I want for an engagement ring, wedding band, or fashion piece. How do I get a custom quote?

Your Concierge will be happy to provide you a written estimate for your piece of jewelry. The more information that you provide to us, the faster we can provide an accurate estimate, such as desired metal, ring size (where applicable), and any additional information regarding carat weight or budget. Most custom quotes can be shared in 1-2 business days. If your quote requires more time, your Concierge will let you know.

  • I want a design that involves very specific sizes or shapes. Is that available?

We strive to offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes for all of our pieces. Depending on your request, the diamonds needed for your piece may need to be custom cut. Every piece is unique and is handled on a case by case basis. Should the diamonds needed for your piece need to be custom cut, you will receive a quote for cost and timeline. Not all shapes and sizes are able to be custom cut.

Custom cut stones can require significant lead time which is outside of Ada Diamonds’ control. Custom cut diamonds are almost exclusively offered as DEF color and VS clarity. We cannot guarantee VVS or SI clarity or G and below in color.

Due their unique nature, pieces requiring custom cut diamonds may require a larger non-refundable deposit and may be final sale. Your Concierge will be happy to provide you a written estimate and whether or not your piece is eligible for return.

  • I’ve heard that it’s important to have your side stones match your center stone in color. Will my side stones be matched to my center stone?

We strive to get your side stones to be as close of a color match as possible to your center stone. This is easily attainable for round brilliant side stones, particularly in larger sizes. Some side stone shapes are only readily available in DEF color and G color may not be available. Your Concierge will be happy to show you what your center stone looks like next to the exact side stones chosen for your ring. In many cases, a G color center stone can be paired with colorless side stones without a noticeable difference. The vast majority of Ada Diamonds clients choose a colorless (DEF) center stone.

  • Will my side stones be an exact match to one another?

Our standards for size tolerance are some of the strictest in the industry. However, accent diamonds and those used in eternity bands may vary slightly in length, width, depth, and weight. All weights listed on our web site are approximate and subject to availability.

  • I have a small ring finger. Will my setting by cheaper than on the web site?

Our web site contains approximate carat weights and corresponding pricing for sizes 5-6 for women’s wedding bands and sizes 6-10 for men’s bands. For most engagement ring styles, there is not a significant change in carat weight for the setting cost to deviate from what is listed on our web site. For eternity bands with large diamonds, your estimated cost may vary based on your ring size. Your Concierge would be happy to get you an estimate.

  • Can the cost of the ring change during the design phase?

Should your design deviate from the original one quoted by your Concierge, you will receive an updated estimate prior to production. The most common reason for a change in cost is the size or number of accent diamonds used in the design.

  • I have a photo of a ring I like. Can you copy it?

We are happy to take inspiration from a photo and make your vision come to life. However, fine jewelry is handset and hand finished rather than mass-produced and machine set. Even within a specific style, there is some variance from ring to ring due to this artistic human touch. We cannot guarantee that a piece from Ada Diamonds will look identical to another ring, particularly if we are only provided a single photo or image.

Ada Diamonds also respects the copyright and trademarks of other brands. While we are happy to loosely emulate another design, we do not “copy” another brand’s design and respectfully ask that our clients not request this.

  • How can I see examples of Ada designs before putting down a deposit?

Your best bet to see samples of our work is to follow us on Pinterest. Your Concierge would also be happy to show you media of past pieces we have done, including a specific shape, size, metal, and style. Just ask!

  • I want a super thin band. Will you make that?

We will warranty a solitaire band of as thin as 1.8mm and a pavé band as thin as 1.6mm diamonds. While very thin bands look great on Instagram, they do not last. We stand behind the jewelry we make. We will not make a ring that we will not warranty.

  • What if I want something and you won’t make it?

Here at Ada, our rings are designed to last. If your request is for something ill-advised such as a fragile or precarious setting, we will inform you as early in the process as we can. We have made thousands of rings and know what works and what does not work. We ask that our clients trust our expertise.

  • Will you sell me a loose setting?

No. Due to the bespoke nature of our work, we do not sell settings separately from center stones.

  • What is a hidden halo?

Diamonds embedded in the gallery wire, typically only visible from the side or profile view.

  • What if I have no idea what my partner wants?

We recommend a Proposal Setting! This is a beautiful, custom-made solitaire made for your specific diamond. After your proposal, return as a team and design your partner’s dream ring together. You’ll receive full credit from the proposal setting towards the purchase of a new one without a re-setting fee. Most clients elect to keep the proposal setting as a timeless solitaire.

  • I found cheaper settings online. Do you price match?

Our jewelry is cast and hand-set in the USA by the very same fabrication houses used by global luxury brands around the world. The labor alone used to finish our pieces is typically more expensive than the entire retail cost of a mass-produced setting made overseas. The quality of our jewelry settings is noticeably different from those of budget e-commerce and even independent jewelers. We do not discount or price match our settings under any circumstance.

  • What if I place a deposit and start custom design, then decide to buy the diamond loose?

No problem! You’ll simply owe the remaining balance on the diamond. Should you return the diamond, your 20% deposit will not be refunded.

  • What if I change my diamond mid-way through design?

No problem! You may transfer your deposit to a new diamond and release your original diamond back into inventory. If there is a price difference between your two diamonds, you will either be charged the difference or refunded the difference. As you enter production, Ada Diamonds will only hold a 20% deposit on either your center stone for engagement rings, or the finished piece for wedding bands and fashion jewelry.

  • How do I begin the design process for a wedding band?

It is common for clients whose engagement rings came from Ada Diamonds to come back for their wedding bands. Fortunately, we save all past client CAD files and can easily show you your engagement ring designed next to a wedding band. Return clients may see one complimentary wedding band style prior to placing a deposit. In order to show multiple styles, or enter production, we require a 20% non-refundable deposit on the cost of the wedding band. Your Concierge will provide you with a written estimate prior to placing a deposit.

For clients whose engagement rings are not from Ada Diamonds, we require a 20% non-refundable deposit in order to start the custom design process on any bespoke engagement ring.

For clients who elect to purchase a bespoke wedding band directly from our web site, you will still need to approve a rendering and sign an estimate prior to production. 

  • My engagement ring was made by someone else. Are you able to show me a design of a wedding band next to my engagement ring?

If Ada Diamonds did not design your engagement ring, we are not able to show you a CAD design of your wedding band next to your engagement ring. Rather, you will only see a CAD design of your wedding band by itself.

  • What if I want a plain metal band?

In addition to our custom cast wedding bands, we also offer pre-made plain metal bands for women and men in a variety of styles. Plain wedding bands must be paid for in full at the time of ordering.

  • What if I want a custom fashion piece such as a necklace, earrings, or bracelet? How does that work?

Our process for custom fashion pieces is the same as wedding bands! Prior to design or production, we require a 20% non-refundable deposit. Your Concierge will provide you with an estimate prior to placing your deposit. Should the design change enough to warrant a change in cost, your Concierge will alert you throughout the design process. Clients are required to sign an estimate prior to production.

  • I want a tennis bracelet or necklace but I’d like it shortened. Can I get a discount?

All of our bracelets are made in a 7” length and necklaces in a 16 or18” length. If you would like us to shorten a tennis bracelet or necklace for you to a custom length, we would be happy to do so at no cost to you. If you would prefer to keep the removed portion of the bracelet or necklace, we can deliver that to you for a $100 USD fee. We do not offer any discounts on shortened bracelets.

  • I would like to add an extra ring to my necklace. Is there a fee for that?

Most of our necklaces can be delivered in a 16-18” adjustable length. If you would like additional rings added to your necklace for adjustable length, that can often be accommodated at no additional charge. Some exceptions may apply.

  • I would like a thicker or custom chain. Is that an option?

Yes. Thicker or custom chains are available for a premium. Please ask your Concierge for a quote.



  • What metal do you recommend for my engagement ring?

For white metal, we always recommend platinum for engagement rings and wedding bands. When it comes to gold, the alloy blend can contribute to the color tone. 14k yellow and rose gold have a lower percentage of gold and a higher percentage of copper so they both have warmer, pinker tones than 18k yellow or rose gold. Most clients choose 14k or 18k yellow or rose depending on how it looks on their skin tone.

  • What metal do you recommend for fashion jewelry?

Due to its weight, we do not recommend platinum for most fashion jewelry pieces, particularly earrings, but white gold is a great option. Both 14k and 18k yellow and rose gold are great options for fashion jewelry. We do not recommend rose or yellow gold to those with known copper allergies.

  • Which is more durable, platinum or white gold?

Platinum is a more durable metal, but it is more susceptible to scratching. Platinum develops a natural patina or scratched finish over time. The best way to remove that finish is with a polish by a professional jeweler.

  • What is your platinum blend?

All of our platinum is 95% platinum and 5% iridium or ruthenium.

  • I don’t like scratches. How do I avoid those?

Scratches on the metal portion are a normal part of wearing your engagement ring. While platinum and gold are durable metals, they are not indestructible and will scratch when coming into contact with harder materials such as other diamonds on a wedding band, concrete floors, or stainless steel rails. There is no way to completely avoid scratching your band if you have chosen platinum or gold.

If you choose to wear an engagement ring and wedding band together, you may benefit from a spacer band, a thin metal plain band that separates your two rings. This can help to reduce the amount your two bands interact with one another.

  • Does Ada Diamonds offer alternative metals like silver, titanium, or ceramic?

No. Ada Diamonds only offers platinum; 18k white, yellow, and rose gold; and 14k yellow and rose gold.

  • My engagement ring is 14k rose gold. Can you match the metal color for the wedding band?

If your engagement ring was made by Ada Diamonds, we will strive to ensure your wedding band is a very close match to your engagement ring by utilizing the same casting company that created your engagement ring. However, all metal alloy blends are slightly different from one another. The only way to guarantee a 100% match for yellow or rose gold is by ordering both the engagement ring and wedding bands at the same time.

Note that our spacer bands are not custom cast and are instead mass-produced for cost reasons. If you would like for your spacer band to be custom cast to ensure a metal match, that is available at a premium price.

  • Is your white gold rhodium plated?

Yes. White gold naturally has a yellow hue and is not entirely white. White gold gets its bright white shine from rhodium plating. Rhodium is an element similar to platinum that wears off over time. Some clients require their ring to receive new rhodium once ever few years; others who wear their rings heavily may require new rhodium more often.

  • I have a nickel or copper allergy. What metal should I choose?

The best hypoallergenic metal is platinum. Both yellow and rose gold contain copper and are not a good fit for someone with a copper allergy.

  • I’ve heard that gold can warm up the stone. Should I do a two-tone setting for my ring?

While yellow gold can have a warming effect on some diamonds, it does not have a meaningful impact on the appearance of the diamonds sold by Ada Diamonds. If you’d prefer to keep 100% of the icey white nature of your stone, we would be happy to modify your design to be a two-tone setting with white gold or platinum prongs paired with a yellow or rose gold band.

  • I’ve heard that gold can turn your finger greenish black. How do I avoid that?

In some circumstances, the ph balance of your skin may contribute to a discoloration of your skin when coming into contact with gold. This is primarily a result of chemicals in your body and personal care products interacting with the copper in rose gold. This is also possible with yellow gold, although more rare. This may also be a temporary phenomenon related to certain prescription medications such as anti-biotics. In the event that this happens, we recommend cleaning your ring and washing your hands thoroughly to remove any cosmetics or lotions that may be a contributing factor. If you have had this experience with rose or yellow gold in the past, we strongly recommend platinum as your metal of choice. Rest assured, Ada Diamonds uses the very same casting companies for our rose gold as is used by the largest and most prestigious jewelry brands in the world. Our 14k and 18k gold blends are actual gold and not gold-plated brass or silver. 


  • How long does production take?

Production of most solitaires and simple wedding bands takes 2-3 weeks and most non-solitaire styles, complex wedding bands, and intricate fashion pieces require 3-4 weeks. Your Concierge will let you know if your piece requires more than 4 weeks in production.

  • Do you offer rush services?

In some circumstances we are able to offer a rush service. Please ask your Concierge prior to placing a deposit if you have a specific date or deadline you need the piece by. Rush fees start at $500 USD and still require a full two weeks for production. We are not able to accommodate requests for production of less than two weeks.

  • I signed my estimate but decided to change my mind about the setting mid-way through production. What are my options?

In some cases, your order may be revised after entering production. You should alert your Concierge ASAP with your requested change. Should your ring already be made, you will receive a custom quote to modify the setting after the signed estimate.

  • Where is my ring being made?

All of Ada Diamonds’ jewelry is cast and hand-set in the United States. We work with the same third party fabrication houses that make engagement rings for the finest brands worldwide. Your ring will be made by award-winning artisans in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, or Chicago.

  • Do you use recycled metal?

We are working toward using 100% recycled materials in all of our jewelry, and guarantee that all of our earth-extracted gold and platinum has been mined sustainably and responsibly.

  • Can I see a wax of my piece before production?

Due to the fragile nature of wax molds and the hand-finished nature of our pieces, we are not able to guarantee a realistic wax prior to casting.

  • How long after production do I have to pay for my purchase?

We require that finished pieces be paid in full within 30 days of completion. If you are unable or unwilling to pay the remaining balance within 30 days, you will forfeit your deposit and your diamond or jewelry will go back into inventory. Should you decide to return to create a new ring, you will need to place a new deposit on a new diamond and start the process over. You will not carry a credit with us.

  • My partner and I live together and I do not want to propose for a few more weeks. Can you hold the ring for me?

Yes! This is a common request. As long as you are paid in full within 30 days of the ring being completed, we are happy to hold it for you in our showrooms, fully secured under our insurance.


  • I have no idea my ring size! How do I find out?

If the recipient is involved in this process, that’s a a great start! The most ideal scenario is that your ring size is confirmed with metal sizing tools either at our showroom or with one of our at-home sizing kits.

For our remote domestic clients, we are happy to ship a sizing kit to you, free of charge, after the placing of a 20% non refundable deposit on either a center stone for engagement rings or a wedding band design or after placing an order on our site for a bespoke piece. The sizing rings arrive via USPS first class mail with an instruction guide. We recommend doing a brief 5 minute video chat with your Concierge to ensure you are sizing yourself properly

Please note that ring sizes can change throughout the day or from day to day depending on things like diet, travel, and climate. Our sizing kit is mean to measure how a ~1.8-3mm band will fit and is not appropriate for thicker masculine bands or large diamond eternity bands (~0.20ct each or larger) which can fit more snuggly than thinner bands.

The recipient is not involved in this process and I do not know their size. How do I find out?

We recommend measuring a ring that your partner wears on their left ring finger using a mandrel or sizing tool. Please keep in mind that a ring worn on a different finger or hand may fit very differently than the way an engagement ring should fit on a left ring finger. Ring styles can also fit differently depending on style and width. For example, a 5mm thick band will fit more tightly than a thinner band. Most low-cost fashion rings are worn more loosely than an engagement ring is meant to be worn.

Everyone’s ring sizes are different, so relying on a friend or family member’s size is not an accurate way to measure your partner’s ring size. It’s best not to guess. Foot size and finger size are not correlated; height and ring size are often not correlated.

For those clients who have no idea their partner’s size, we recommend our Proposal Setting program which allows for a re-set into a new setting after the Proposal without a re-setting fee.

Because Ada Diamonds works with clients of all backgrounds, races, body types, and gender identities, your Concierge will not question or push back on requested sizes, even those significantly smaller or larger than the US average of size 6 for women.

  • What if I got the size wrong?

As long as the new size is within tolerance, we are happy to assist you with a complimentary one-time re-size!

SF bay area, NY area, and Austin, TX residents are welcome to drop off a ring for first-time re-sizing at no charge. Appointments are required. For those domestic clients outside of these areas, a fee of $100 USD will be required, which covers fully-insured shipping both ways. International clients may request a quote for two-way shipping. Remote clients are also welcome to take advantage of our complimentary at-home sizing kit to ensure your one-time re-size is accurate. Please ask your Concierge for more details.

  • How long does a re-size take?

Most re-sizes can be done in 2-3 business days.

  • What is out of tolerance for a re-size?

Every ring style is different. Some rings can be sized a lot, a little, or not at all. Most solitaire settings can easily be re-sized 1 full size, although there are some exceptions based on the size or other design elements of the ring. In some circumstances, solitaire rings can be sized more than one full size.

Pave and non-solitaire settings would ideally be one half size or less, such as a 5 sizing down to a 4.5. Your Concierge would be happy to let you know a tolerance range for you the style you have selected.

  • What if the re-size I need is out of tolerance?

Most likely if the ring needs to be changed dramatically, you will be strongly advised to have the ring re-made in the correct size for longevity and security. This will incur a re-setting fee, starting at $500 USD for solitaires and $1,000 USD for non-solitaire settings. Your Concierge can get you a complimentary quote for a re-set.

  • How many times can I re-size a ring?

For styes that are able to be re-sized, we strongly recommend only re-sizing the ring once. Additional re-sizes, if possible, may incur an additional fee. If your ring cannot be safely re-sized, you can receive a quote for a re-set.

Please note that masculine wedding bands may only be re-sized once or twice depending on the style, and may never be sized a third time.

  • Is there a fee to re-size?

Masculine wedding bands or wedding bands that are 4mm in width or larger require a $50 USD fee per re-size. Any second or third re-sizes of a band smaller than 4mm will incur a fee starting at $50 USD.

  • Are there any rings that cannot be re-sized?

Yes. Any ring that is an eternity style (diamonds go all the way around the band) or a style that has an intricate shank that cannot be re-sized must be re-made. Re-make re-setting fees start at $500 USD for solitaires and $1,000 USD for non-solitaire settings. Re-set rings are final sale.

Eternity wedding bands are also ineligible for complimentary re-sizing and will require a re-setting fee. Eternity band re-setting fees start at $1,000 USD (you will receive a custom quote for a re-set). Re-set rings are final sale.

Please note that all Eternity Band re-sets will NOT be the same ring, but rather will be a new ring. Those looking to ensure the ring included in their nuptial ceremony remain their eternal rings are encouraged to consider non-eternity bands that can be re-sized rather than re-made.

  • Do you offer sizing beads?

Yes! Sizing beads or a sizing bar can be a great option for you. This allows for the band to fit more tightly while also preventing spinning/turning on your finger. In most cases we can add sizing beads or a bar at no cost. Please note that each time sizing beads or a bar are added or removed from your ring, there may be additional polishing required. It is not a good idea to add and remove sizing beads multiple times to your ring.  

Warranty & Repairs

  • How long is the warranty on my jewelry good for?

The warranty is good for 2 years from the date of receipt. Once that date has passed, paid repairs may be available. We do not offer a purchased extended warranty.

  • What is covered under my jewelry warranty?

When a client piece requires repair, we try our best to repair the ring at no cost to the client. This includes minor repairs and adjustments from a manufacturing defect or normal wear and tear such as tightening a loose center stone, securing or replacing side stones of 0.25ct or smaller, polishing scratches, re-applying rhodium plating, etc.

  • What repairs are not covered under my jewelry warranty?

Some repairs are due to negligence, damage, an accident, or repeated instances of heavy wear. These issues are not covered under our warranty. Negligence can include, but is not limited to, heavy wear that results in the bending, cracking, breaking, warping, or thinning of the band; a bent or broken head; missing components of the ring such as a missing prong; gauges or large scrapes in the metal; missing side stones larger than 0.25ct; etc. Our warranty does not cover damage to the ring while it’s not being worn, such as if the ring is dropped, run over, stepped on, loose in a bag, etc.

Repeated instances of wear needing repair would be center stones coming loose on multiple occasions, multiple or frequently missing side stones, requiring rhodium plating more than once per year, etc. Multiple polishes of the ring can harm its structural integrity and is ill-advised.

Side or accent diamonds of larger than 0.25ct each are not covered under warranty and will incur a fee for replacement.

Your repair will receive a category grade of 1-4 (see below). Should we determine your repair is of a category outside of warranty, you will be provided with a quote for paid repairs. Sometimes the only option to ensure longevity is for a complete re-make of the ring. Re-setting fees are not covered under our warranty and start at $500 USD for solitaires and $1,000 USD for non-solitaire settings. Re-set pieces are final sale.

  • What is a “manufacturing defect”?

A manufacturing defect is a flaw in the construction of your piece of fine jewelry that is present at the time the piece is delivered to you. Manufacturing defects are extremely rare at Ada because our thorough quality control process catches these defects long before the piece ships to you.

For example, if a ring arrives to you with a band that is out of round, that is a manufacturing defect. A ring that arrives to you in a circular shape, but then becomes an oval or out of round shape from heavy wear over the course of months or years, that is not a manufacturing defect; that is heavy wear. If a ring arrives to you with the center stone or an accent stone loose, that is a manufacturing defect. If your center stone becomes loose after wearing the ring for months or years, that is not a manufacturing defect; that is due to wear.  

A ring can arrive to you in perfectly good condition, and then one incident of impact or heavy wear can cause the need for a repair, even within days or weeks of receiving the ring. In other words, a need for repair is not necessarily a manufacturing defect simply because it occurs relatively soon after receiving the ring.

All of Ada’s pieces are photographed from multiple angles and under magnification to document the quality of the piece at the time it is delivered.

  • How does it work to send in my ring for repair?

Residents in the SF, NY, or Austin areas are welcome to drop off their ring for assessment. Appointments are required. Those domestic clients outside of these areas can purchase fully insured two-way shipping for $100 USD. International clients may receive a quote for shipping. We are unable to provide an assessment of the ring until we have the ring in person.

Your ring will be inspected by a member of our Production Team who will give an objective assessment as to the damage done to the ring. We will capture photographs, take measurements, and inspect the ring under magnification. In order to maintain objectivity, the Production Team intentionally does not speak to clients.

As part of this process, the Production Team will assign a category grade to the repair on a scale of 1-4.

Category 1: Complimentary if in 2 years; less than $100 paid repair outside of 2 years

Category 2: May be complimentary if in 2 years; $100 - $250 paid repair outside of 2 years

Category 3: $250 - $400+ paid to repair, not covered under warranty

Category 4: Remake and requires a quote, not covered under warranty

Multiple issues or varying severity of issues with the jewelry determine the category. Our assessment of damage and category grade is based purely on an objective analysis of the ring itself, and we do not take client commentary into consideration in assessing the need for repair.

Your Concierge will share notes from our production team, intake photos, and tips for how to avoid the need for repair in the future.

  • How will I know my ring needs repair? Is this a big deal?

If you notice a missing side stone or hear your center stone rattling in the basket, it’s best to remove the ring immediately and contact us to start a repair.

We understand that life happens. You may hit your hand accidentally, suffer a fall, or become forgetful of the nature of your ring. A loose center stone or missing side stone is not the end of the world, it is not indicative of structural issues with the ring, and it could simply be a result of bad luck. No need to stress! If this is not a repeated occurrence, it is most likely that your ring fully qualifies for a complimentary repair.

  • What is considered a “manufacturing defect” versus heavy wear?

The majority of rare instances and issues resulting from the manufacturing of the ring are caught long before a client ever sees the ring during our rigorous quality control process. However, should a ring be delivered to you that has an issue with its construction or integrity, these tend to present within the first few weeks of wear. If you have been wearing the ring for several months or years and encounter loose or missing stones, heavily worn, bent, or thinned bands, or bent or broken heads, that is due to heavy wear and not a manufacturing defect.

Repeated need for repairs is not typically a result of a previous repair, but rather continued improper care of the ring. If there is an issue that arises from a previous repair, that will likely present within a couple of weeks of the repair.

  • But I hardly even wear my ring. How could it be damaged?

It is common for clients to get defensive when told their ring’s damage is due to heavy wear and say things like “but I hardly even wear it” or “I’m super careful with it.” It is possible that the level of wear that you consider light or “hardly worn” is actually considered heavy wear in the jewelry industry. It is also possible that a single incident of impact caused sufficient damage to put your ring out of warranty.

We recognize this is an expensive and meaningful piece of jewelry that you and/or your partner invested in. Fortunately, most wear issues can be repaired without a significant cost to you, giving you a “do over” on wearing your ring with care. We also recommend clients have jewelry insurance which covers repairs that fall outside of warranty.

  • What if I take my ring to another jeweler?

Any repairs or work not done by Ada Diamonds or authorized third parties we work with will void this warranty. Paid repairs may be an option after your ring has been repaired by another jeweler.

  • What about the center stone?

Ada Diamonds does not guarantee replacement for a lost center stone for any reason, and strongly encourages our clients to obtain jewelry insurance in the event of extreme damage, loss, or theft.

  • How can I avoid needing a repair?

We cannot stress enough the importance in choosing jewelry that is appropriate for your lifestyle. Repeated instances of damage or repair are likely a sign that the style you have chosen is incongruent with the way you wear jewelry.

Ada Diamonds jewelry is made by the very same fabrication houses that make superlative jewelry for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Ada Diamonds jewelry is made with precious metals of gold or platinum which are much softer than the diamonds they are holding. Gold and platinum are durable metals, but not impervious to bending or breaking under the pressure of human strength. The only thing holding your diamond and side stones in place is precious metal (no glue or epoxy). The melting point of gold and platinum are thousands of degrees F, so the bending of these metals is not caused by heat, but rather by contact with other items.

Please do not wear Ada fine jewelry during times of heavy hand use, such as gym activity, carrying heavy objects, grabbing onto handrails, dragging a suitcase behind you, or allowing the ring to contact with cleaners or chemicals. Do not sleep or shower in your jewelry. 

Your order arrives with a complimentary jewelry pouch. It is strongly recommended that you do not remove your ring and put it loose in your pocket or a purse/bag. It’s best to secure your ring in a pouch where it will not come into contact with other jewelry, then secured safely in a non-moving portion of your bag.

Dropping your ring on the ground, particularly tile or concrete, can dent metal, knock a stone loose, or damage the ring.

It’s also a good idea to routinely keep your ring clean, which will help you notice if any of your side stones or center stones have come loose during wear. Your order comes with complimentary non-toxic jewelry cleaner. You can use this cleaner while leaving your ring on your finger. Simply pump the cleaner onto your finger, rub gently with a soft brush, then rinse with regular water. It’s also a good practice to soak your ring overnight in a small dish with warm water and Dawn dish soap. This will not harm your ring.

If you are unsure about when and where to enjoy your fine jewelry, an Ada Diamonds Concierge would be happy to walk through some best practices for ensuring the longevity of your ring.

  • What if I decide that the style I chose is too delicate? Can I get a new setting?

Re-setting your diamond(s) into a new setting is certainly an option and one you may be encouraged to pursue if you are incurring repeated need for repairs. Instances of wear-related repairs are not a result of a manufacturing defects, and re-made or re-set rings are not complimentary. Any re-make or re-setting will incur a fee starting at $500 USD for solitaires and $1,000 USD for non-solitaire settings. Your Concierge can get you a quote for a new setting. Re-set rings are final sale.

  • My necklace broke. Do I need to buy a new one?

Necklaces and chains have small rings of metal holding them together. Yanking on the chain even once can cause it to break. While we will try our best to repair a broken chain as a complimentary service, your best option may be to purchase a new chain.

  • The posts on my earrings bent. Is that covered under warranty?

Earrings that are taken in and out every day will experience normal wear and tear and may bend after repeated use. This is not covered under our warranty.

  • What jewelry qualifies for the warranty?

Every piece of Ada Diamonds jewelry qualifies for our warranty unless specifically stated otherwise. If we believe a design element or idea that you have requested for a custom piece would make it unsafe or unstable, we will alert you that your request is placing your jewelry out of warranty.

  • What is the thinnest band you will warranty?

For solitaires, the thinnest band we will warranty is 1.8mm wide. For pave bands, the thinnest diamonds we will offer are 1.6mm in size.

  • What are examples of design elements that would not fall under warranty?

Any design element that could easily cause a piece to bend or break will likely not be allowed under warranty. Some examples are a center stone set too high, extra thin metal, structurally unsound connection points, and decorative elements prone to catching or tearing.

  • I noticed that there’s an Ada logo imprinted on your rings. Can I get that removed?

All of Ada Diamonds bridal jewelry is stamped with both the metal type and Ada's name and/or logo for FTC compliance. We will not remove our logo from our jewelry.

  • Do you offer engraving on the ring?

We can engrave up to 10 letters without special characters complimentary. Longer engravings or those with special characters may be available for a fee. Please ask your Concierge for availability and feasibility. Some band styles with minimal metal cannot accommodate legible engravings.

Please note that we strongly recommend waiting until the ring size has been fully confirmed before proceeding with an engraving. Should we need to re-size the ring after an engraving, this will require removing the first engraving and re-applying the engraving. This creates unnecessary polishing of the shank which can harm structural integrity in the future.

  • I want to change the engraving. Can I get it re-engraved?

Re-engraving or enhancing an engraving will require removing the first engraving and re-applying the engraving. This creates unnecessary polishing of the shank which can harm structural integrity in the future. We do not recommend changing or enhancing your engraving.

  • Will I get an insurance appraisal with my order?

Yes. Every piece from Ada Diamonds of $3,500 in value or greater comes with an insurance appraisal. This appraisal reflects the replacement retail value of your piece and is not an appraisal for re-sale. Our appraisals do not include any paid sales tax.

  • How do I get insurance on my engagement ring?

For residents of the United States and Canada, we are happy to provide a complimentary, no obligation quote from our own jewelry insurance provider Jeweler’s Mutual. Other companies that offer jewelry insurance are Brite Co and Lemonade. You can also add your ring to existing insurance policies such as renters, homeowners, and umbrella policies.

  • Is jewelry insurance expensive?

Jewelry insurance is relatively inexpensive and strongly encouraged for at least the first few years of wear.

  • What if I have to make a claim?

Our clients who have had the unfortunate experience of losing their Ada Diamonds jewelry to theft or loss have received timely and complete reimbursement from their insurance provider on a replacement piece of jewelry.

Unsetting & Resetting

  • We received the ring and love the diamond but don’t want to keep the custom setting we chose. Can we return just the setting?

If you are within 90 days of receipt of your original ring and would prefer to return the setting and keep your center stone loose, you are eligible to return the setting for a refund, less an unsetting and removal fee of $500 USD for solitaires and $1,000 USD for non-solitaire settings. For example, if your non-solitaire setting was $2,500 USD and you return it, you will receive a $1,500 USD refund. Local clients may drop off their rings at our SF or NY locations. Appointments are required. Remote clients may purchase a fully-insured domestic shipping label for $50 USD which covers shipping the ring to us and having the loose diamond returned to you. International clients may receive a custom quote for shipping.

In many cases it will make more sense to work with Ada Diamonds on a re-design and re-set of your center stone rather than returning the setting. Clients are strongly encouraged to fully understand their alternative setting options with other jewelers before pursuing a return of the setting and subsequent removal fee.

  • I returned the setting to Ada Diamonds but then changed my mind and want my old setting back. Is that possible?

No. Once the diamond has been removed from the setting, it is not able to be re-set back into that same setting. Returned settings are fully unset and destroyed.

  • I returned the setting to Ada Diamonds but now I want to do a re-set and re-design. Is there a fee?

Yes. Once you have had the removal fee deducted from your refund, you will need to purchase a new setting at full price. Clients are encouraged to explore all of their options with Ada Diamonds before pursuing an unsetting or removal fee.

  • I returned the setting and received my diamond back and now want to return just the diamond. What are my options?

The loose diamond may be returned for a refund within the original 30-day receipt window, less any non-refundable portion such as the 20% deposit. Clients are responsible for a $50 USD domestic shipping fee if not able to drop off in person. Appointments are required for drop-off’s.

  • I received my ring and want to change the setting but keep my center stone the same. What are my options?

Here at Ada Diamonds we strive to ensure client happiness. If your ring was made to your original specifications but you decide you do not like it, we are happy to work with you to create a new setting at a discounted rate.

If you are within 90 days of receipt of your original ring, it will be eligible for a discounted re-design and re-set quote. Re-make/re-setting fees start at $500 USD for solitaires and $1,000 USD for non-solitaire settings and can be more depending on the style. Re-setting fees must be paid prior to re-entering production. Original settings must be returned in order to receive a discounted re-setting fee. Should you want to keep your original setting, you will be required to pay full retail price for a new setting.

We will do what we can to provide a new setting at as low of a cost as possible. After 90 days, re-sets and re-designs are available at full retail price.

Local clients may drop off their rings at our SF or NY locations. Appointments are required. Remote clients may purchase a fully-insured domestic shipping label for $50 USD which covers shipping the ring to us and having the new ring sent to you. International clients may receive a custom quote for shipping. Re-set rings are final sale.

  • I received the ring and want to change both the center diamond and the setting. What are my options?

If you are within 90 days of receipt of your original ring, it will be eligible for an exchange on the center stone and a discounted re-design and re-set quote. If your new diamond is more expensive than your original diamond, you will be required to pay the difference on the cost of the diamond in order to reserve it. Once you reserve a new diamond, your old diamond will immediately be released back into inventory. We do not allow clients to reserve or hold more than one engagement ring center stone at a time. If your new diamond is less expensive than your original, you may receive a credit towards the re-set or a refund of the difference in cost.

Re-make/re-setting fees start at $500 USD for solitaires and $1,000 USD for non-solitaire settings. We are committed to ensuring your happiness and will do what we can to provide a new setting at as low of a cost as possible. Re-set rings are final sale.

Local clients may drop off their rings at our SF or NY locations. Appointments are required. Remote clients may purchase a fully-insured domestic shipping label for $50 USD which covers shipping the ring to us and having the new ring sent to you. International clients may receive a custom quote for shipping.

  • It’s been more than 90 days since I received my ring and I want to change my center stone and setting. What are my options?

After 90 days, re-sets and re-designs are available at full retail price and all exchanged diamonds must fall within our trade-in policy.

Proposal Settings

  • How do proposal settings work?

If you’re not sure what your partner would prefer or you have no idea what your partner’s ring size is, we strongly recommend considering our Proposal Setting program.

Once you have chosen your diamond, you will choose a qualifying petite or classic solitaire setting (shape dependent). In order to qualify for the proposal setting benefit, no customizations can be made such as the width of the band, height of center stone, shape of band, or seeing multiple designed styles.

Your ring will still be custom-made and is designed to be your eternal ring should your partner elect not to change the style. Production still takes 2-3 weeks.

After you propose, you have the option within 18 months to return to receive full credit for the proposal setting toward the purchase of a new setting with no re-setting fee. For example, if the proposal setting is $1,350 USD and the new desired setting costs $2,350 USD, you would only pay the $1,000 USD difference.

Local clients may drop off their ring in person for re-setting. Appointments are required. Remote clients may receive a complimentary fully insured shipping label to send in their proposal setting for a re-set.

  • Are there rush options available?

Some classic styles may be available in as little as 3 business days. These are mass-produced, temporary settings that are suitable for only short-term wear and do not qualify for our warranty. They are only recommended for the proposal itself with an immediate re-set into a bespoke setting.

  • Is there a minimum cost for the proposal setting?

Yes. Proposal setting solitaires must fall within our $3,500 USD minimum (diamond + setting). 

  • What if I purchase an engagement ring from the web site that qualifies as a Proposal Setting? Does it qualify for the Proposal Setting program?

Yes. Upon placement of your order, a Concierge will reach out to you. If what you have chosen qualifies for a Proposal Setting, your Concierge will notify you of that benefit. 

  • Is there a minimum cost for the new setting?

Yes. Proposal setting re-set rings must fall within our $5,000 USD bespoke minimum (diamond + setting).

  • What if I want to keep the same style but I just want to change the ring size?

As long as the style remains the same, there will be no cost to you to re-set the diamond into the correct size. This is a great option for clients who have no idea what their partner’s ring size is.

  • What if I want to keep the same style, I just want to change the metal?

No problem! You will only pay the difference in the metal change, if any. We do not offer a refund or credit should you choose a less expensive metal than the original setting. For example, if you receive a platinum solitaire but would prefer a 14k yellow gold solitaire of the same style, you will not receive a credit or refund for the difference in metal price.

  • What if I get the new setting and don’t like it? Can I return it?

Re-set rings through our Proposal Setting program are final sale and not eligible for return.

  • Can I change both the center stone and the setting as part of the proposal setting program?

Yes. If you return within 90 days, you are eligible to exchange your existing center stone for a new one, as well as enjoy the complimentary re-set policy of the proposal setting program. Clients are responsible for paying the difference on the center stone cost prior to entering production on the new ring. Re-set proposal settings are final sale.

  • What if it’s been longer than 18 months?

After 18 months, clients no longer qualify to receive the full value of the original setting toward the new one but may purchase a new setting at full price.

  • What if I want to keep my original setting?

You are welcome to keep your original setting; however any new setting will cost full retail price. It is worth noting that most bespoke settings cannot be re-used.

Trade-In and Re-Sale

  • I got my Ada Diamonds ring more than 90 days ago and want to upgrade the center stone. What are my options?

Ada Diamonds is proud to offer a lifetime diamond upgrade program on all IGI, GCAL, AGS, and GIA graded diamonds previously purchased from Ada Diamonds. You will receive credit equal to 100% of the original price toward the purchase of a new diamond. The price of your new diamond must be at least 1.5x the price of your original diamond. Your diamond must be in its original condition with the original diamond grading report. Lifetime trade-in does not apply to the cost of the setting. To begin the trade-in process, please submit a Customer Service Inquiry.

  • Can I re-use my old setting for an upgrade?

No. Because our custom settings are made to fit the exact dimensions of your diamond, they cannot be re-used for a new diamond.

  • I want Ada Diamonds to set my new upgraded diamond. What are my options?

You will be required to purchase a new setting at full retail price. Due to the bespoke nature of our process, we are not able to offer credit for your original setting. Some exceptions may apply such as re-using side stones or engagement rings with significant metal quantity. Please ask your Concierge for a custom quote.

  • What is the return policy on an upgrade ring?

Re-set engagement rings with an upgraded diamond are final sale and not eligible for return.

  • I no longer need or want my lab diamond. What are my options?

If you are outside of your 30-day return window and would like to sell your lab diamond back to us, please submit an inquiry via our Buy-Back Program. An independently graded lab diamond of 1ct or larger purchased from Ada Diamonds is eligible for an offer. Please make sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the Program before submitting an inquiry. Selling back your lab diamond is a serious and permanent decision. 

  • What do I need in order to sell my lab diamond?

You will need all of your original paperwork including your grading report for your diamond. If you have lost or misplaced your grading report, you can order a replacement from the grading labs directly. This does not apply to GIA certificates which are digital only.

  • Do I have a time limit to submit my request?

Offers through our Buy-Back Program expire in 5 business days and may not be renewed. You should only submit a Buy-Back inquiry if you are serious and ready to sell us your diamond. This is not a good option for someone just curious what they could sell it for.

  • What if I don’t submit all of the necessary information?

You will not receive an answer to your inquiry.

  • I received the diamond from my partner but don’t have any of the paperwork. Can I still submit the diamond through the Buy-Back Program?

Your diamond will only be eligible for an offer with all relevant paperwork. It is strongly recommended that you communicate with the purchaser to retrieve this documentation prior to submitting an inquiry.

  • Can I buy a pre-owned lab diamond?

Any lab diamond that we have acquired via our Buy-Back Program enters our inventory and is treated like any other lab diamond that has undergone our vetting process. We do not offer pre-owned lab diamonds as separate inventory.


  • I’m nervous to make such a big purchase online. Why should I choose Ada Diamonds?

Thank you for considering us for such an important purchase in your life. Our process is designed to be transparent, client-oriented, and fun! After submitting an inquiry, you will be assigned to a Diamond Concierge, a college-educated, informative, lab diamond expert committed to finding you the perfect oilliption within your desired size and price range. Our Concierge are hyper responsive, friendly, honest, and will never push you to make a purchase until you are ready.

Here at Ada Diamonds, we are passionate, invested, and committed to delivering excellence for our clients. If you care about quality products and experiences, then you’ve come to the right place. Our standards are the absolute highest in the industry. You may be buying sight unseen, but we are not. We curate and inspect in-person every lab diamond that we sell.

Every single engagement ring we sell is custom and made to order to your specifications. We do not sell mass produced settings. Our quality standards for our jewelry are second to none in lab grown. If your ring isn’t perfect, it’s not ready.

Each purchase is backed by a 30-day return policy, lifetime trade-in, guaranteed re-sale, lifetime diamond warranty, a robust jewelry warranty, and complimentary service.

  • How far out should I make my purchase of an engagement ring or wedding band?

For engagement rings, we recommend beginning your search 1-3 months out from when you would like to propose. Preferably you would not make any firm proposal plans until you have your ring in hand, or at least 2 weeks after your expressed deadline. While we strive to produce your ring in a typical time frame (2-3 weeks after design approval for solitaires, 3-4 weeks for non-solitaires), there are circumstances outside of our control that can delay your order. Rest assured, your ring is not delivered to you until it is perfect. The more information you provide to your Concierge regarding proposal plans, the better we can serve you.

For wedding bands, we recommend having your finished rings in hand a full 30 days before your wedding. If your wedding is currently less than 2 months away, we do not recommend beginning the custom process with us and instead choosing plain metal wedding bands.

  • Are all of those 5-star reviews real?

They sure are! Our team is made up of passionate professionals committed to excellence. We work hard for every positive client engagement, and it shows! We do not compensate or pay clients to leave reviews for us online. We do not fabricate or create fake reviews for ourselves. Those reviews are 100% real customers.

We also have a firm no NDA policy and will never pressure or pay a client to remove a negative review online.

  • Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Yes! Each client engagement is unique. We are happy to follow your lead and manage your client engagement however makes you most comfortable.

Because we work with clients of all different backgrounds, ages, body types, and gender identities, your Concierge will not question your choice of ring size or style, as long as it is structurally secure and able to be covered under our warranty.

  • Is there any reason Ada Diamonds won’t work with me?

Ada Diamonds reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, including but not limited to suspected fraud or suspicious behavior, past instances of returned or misused purchases, requests for products or styles outside of our warranty, etc.

Ada Diamonds has a zero tolerance policy for threats, harassment, or verbal or physical abuse of our employees. Ada Diamonds does not nor tolerate any discrimination, inflammatory, or derogatory remarks made to our staff on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical ability, veteran status, and marital status.

By agreeing to our Terms, you acknowledge that ADI may at any time, without notice, refuse service to any customer who is aggressive or belligerent, or who harasses or makes threatening statements towards any employee of ADI or its affiliates at any time. Should a client be refused repair service, his/her jewelry will be returned promptly unrepaired. Should a client be refused service prior to completion of the order, the order will be immediately canceled, and any refundable portion of the order will be refunded.

  • I am a wholesaler of lab grown diamonds. How can I work with you?

Please submit an inquiry to wholesale @ adadiamonds .com to begin working with our purchasing team.

  • I am writing a story on lab diamonds. How can I interview the founders?

Please submit an inquiry to press @ adadiamonds .com and our press relations team will get back to you shortly.

  • When was Ada Diamonds founded?

We were incorporated in June 2015.

  • Why are you named Ada Diamonds?

We are named in honor of August Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, an audacious and brilliant 19th century mathematician, mother, musician, socialite, and computer scientist who was affectionately known as the Enchantress of Numbers. She is widely credited as the world's first computer programmer for her work to calculate Fibonacci Numbers on Babbage's Analytical Engine. In Babbage's computer, Ada saw the future. She saw the potential to not only improve mathematics and manufacturing, but to also create art, music, and advanced symbolic logic with the revolutionary technology.

  • How do I report an Etsy store or another seller using your imagery?

We are well known for our beautiful imagery of our jewelry and diamonds. These images frequently get stolen and used by Etsy and Ebay stores selling CZ’s and moissanite. If you notice one of our designs or images being used by an Etsy store, feel free to let us know at hello @ adadiamonds .com

  • Will you share media of my ring on your web site and social media?

As part of our marketing efforts, we capture media of our most sensational rings and utilize that media on social media and our web site. We strive to avoid sharing media of unique client pieces until after you’ve told us that you’ve proposed, or after 4 months, whichever is sooner. If you do not intend to propose for more than 4 months and would prefer we not share media of your piece online, please alert your Concierge.

  • Are you hiring?

Visit our Careers page for our openings.