Lifetime Guarantee

Ada's diamonds are the hardest substance on earth — ten times harder than a Sapphire or Ruby. A 10 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, Ada diamonds are extraordinarily resistant to heat, chemicals, and scratching. Furthermore, lab grown diamonds are less likely to chip than mined diamonds since they have less strain, defects, and impurities in their crystal structure.

Because of their quality, we guarantee that diamonds purchased from Ada will not fade, cloud, change color, or lose their brilliance in your lifetime.  If, at any time, your Ada diamond loses its optical quality after purchase, your diamond will be eligible for trade-in for a diamond of comparable size and quality. 


SF Bay Area residents are welcome to drop off Ada Diamonds jewelry for cleaning and polishing at our Sunnyvale or San Francisco locations. Same day service may be available. Re-plating of rhodium carries a $50 service fee and is recommended every few years for 14kt and 18kt white gold jewelry. 

For those outside of the bay area, Ada offers cleaning and polishing for $50 and re-plating for $100. These fees cover the cost of fully insured shipping both ways. 

Lifetime Trade-In

Ada Diamonds is proud to offer a lifetime diamond upgrade program on all IGI, EGL, GCAL, and GIA graded diamonds previously purchased from Ada Diamonds. 

  • You will receive credit equal to 100% of the original price toward the purchase of a new diamond.
  • The price of your new diamond must be at least 1.5x the price of your original diamond.
  • Your diamond must be in its original condition with the original diamond grading report.
  • Lifetime trade-in does not apply to the cost of the setting. Settings may be traded in for credit towards a new setting. You will receive an estimate trade-in value from a Diamond Concierge upon request. 

To begin the trade-in process, please submit a Customer Service Inquiry