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You’ve chosen a lab diamond. Smart! A purchase this important deserves an impeccable buying experience. That’s why we’re confident Ada Diamonds is the best place to buy a lab diamond.


 The Ada Diamonds Difference


Curated by Experts

Just like mined diamonds, not all lab diamonds are created equal. There are characteristics of a lab diamond beyond the 4 C’s not visible on a grading report. Lab diamonds can have tones of gray, brown, or blue depending on their growth method. Our educated Concierge know how to tell the difference between a beautiful and a bad lab diamond and will protect you from making the wrong choice.

Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold
custom lab diamond engagement ring

Quality Assurance

We specialize in large and fancy-shaped lab diamonds. These special stones were never meant to be shoved into mass-produced settings. We custom create each engagement ring unique to your diamond and specifications. Our quality control standards are among the highest in fine jewelry.

Unparalleled Client Service

Our virtual Concierge experience combines the flexibility of online shopping with the high-touch benefits of a private jeweler. Converse with us over email or visit one of our private showrooms, whichever is most convenient for you. Your Concierge is accommodating, hyper responsive, and dedicated to helping you create the perfect ring or piece of fine jewelry.

custom three stone lab diamond engagement ring with fancy blue lab diamond center stone

Lifetime Trade-In
Guaranteed Re-Sale

We’re so confident you’re making the right choice, we’ll help protect your investment. Trade-in your original lab diamond for full value toward the purchase of a new one, forever. No longer want or need your lab diamond? Clients who purchase from Ada are guaranteed a financial offer on re-sale.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy from Budget E-Commerce


Don’t Buy Sight Unseen

Our clients trust our eyes. We have thousands of hours judging lab diamonds in person. We would never sell a diamond to a client without inspecting and approving it prior. If you choose to buy from a budget e-commerce site, they will sell you any diamond regardless of value or quality. You take the risk that no one at the e-commerce company has even looked at your diamond prior to shipment.

Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

Quality Matters

We’ve had the opportunity to view our competitor’s jewelry in person, and it is far below our standards. Mass-produced settings are made to accommodate a range of diamond sizes, which can result in ugly, oversized prongs, crooked settings, and lost diamonds. Cheap metal castings can fracture and fall apart over time. You should be able to wear your ring proudly, without worry.

Diamond Unavailable

We will only sell you a lab diamond that we physically inspected and have in one of our showrooms. Budget sites often do not possess the diamond they sold to you. If the diamond is no longer available from the wholesaler, they will encourage you to buy a more expensive alternative. You can call it by any other name, but that’s a bait and switch, and that’s not luxury.

custom three stone lab diamond engagement ring with fancy blue lab diamond center stone

Post-Purchase Benefits

Read the fine print. Jewelry warranties at budget sites are minimal or non-existent. Most companies will not offer diamond trade-in, guaranteed re-sale, or complimentary repairs. Here at Ada, your purchase does not end at checkout. We are proud to offer same-day re-sizing and a robust warranty.


 You Get What You Pay For


Low Prices = Low Quality

Budget e-commerce sites operate on low margins, which is why they are able to offer lower prices. However, low margins mean low quality service and low quality jewelry. It means cutting corners everywhere possible, not inspecting the diamonds, using cheap metal castings, and avoiding quality control. It means focusing on quantity, not quality. It is simply not possible to offer our level of client level service, peace of mind, and quality jewelry at budget prices. 

Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

Is it the Right Choice?

Diamonds are like pumpkins and Christmas trees. The nice ones sell first and the sad ones linger on the lot. Lab diamonds that are not good enough for our discerning eyes get listed on the Internet for cheap. You may get a great “deal,” but you may not realize your mistake until after it’s too late.

What if You Chose Wrong?

While it is possible to re-sell a beautiful lab diamond, it can be challenging to re-sell a low quality one. If you inadvertently buy a bad diamond from a budget e-commerce site, you may be stuck with it after your return date has passed. At Ada, you’re protected. We’re so confident in our curation, we guarantee trade-in and buy back. You may not be a diamond expert, but we are.

custom three stone lab diamond engagement ring with fancy blue lab diamond center stone

You’ll Pay for it Eventually

What is your time worth? How about your sanity? Your experience and peace of mind matter. We encourage prospective clients to read our competitors’ public reviews, especially hidden or “not recommended” reviews. We often get asked why our prices are higher than those of our competitors. Delivering incredible service and quality isn't free, so we refuse to price match companies that deliver neither. 


Ada Diamonds Reviews


At Ada, our five star service is rooted in a commitment to excellence. Check out real reviews from past clients to see how engagement ring shopping should be.


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