Should You Chooose a Cultured Diamond?

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Should You Choose a Cultured Diamond?

Considering a Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring? Learn About the Future of Fine Jewelry.

Ada Diamonds offers the world’s most brilliant, conflict-free lab diamond jewelry. We invite you to join us as we usher in the future of fine jewelry with our state of the art lab grown diamonds, a 21st century custom design process, and white glove service. 

Ada Diamonds knows that for the modern, socially conscious woman, it matters where it comes from. Lab grown diamonds are the only way to guarantee your diamond is truly conflict-free and of known origin.

We pride ourselves in offering lab grown diamonds, a representation of pure love and science, for a guaranteed good conscience diamond engagement ring. Inquire today to start your journey to a one of kind engagement ring with your personal Ada Diamonds Concierge. 

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The Ada Diamonds Difference

Known Origin 

Conflict-free, sustainably grown, rest assured. We guarantee a 100% known origin, every time.

Learn how lab diamonds are grown


Lab diamonds are often priced at a 30-40% discount off of equivalent quality mined diamonds.

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No Bad Diamonds

Our golden rule? If we wouldn't wear it, neither should you. Our Concierge team hand curates and inspects each diamond we offer.

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One of a Kind

Every ring we sell is fully bespoke and made to order. No mass produced settings, no compromises.

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About Ada Diamonds

Ada Diamonds was founded in 2015 by two partners seeking a gorgeous, environmentally friendly engagement ring to symbolize their love. After a frustrating experience building a custom engagement ring with lab diamonds, they knew they weren't alone and subsequently founded Ada Diamonds to help others build beautiful, meaningful diamond jewelry.

Today, Ada Diamonds operates a socially progressive company committed to empowering its female employees in leadership roles and working to build a better and brighter future for all through. Learn about our philanthropic efforts and quest to challenge the status quo of the diamond industry.

Learn about our values, genesis and mission statement.

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