Yes, There is a Resale Market for Lab Grown Diamonds

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Can you resell a lab made diamond?

Other jewelers regularly tell prospective clients that lab-grown diamonds have zero resale value. This is completely false. Just as mined diamonds have some resale value, lab diamonds have a similar resale value as a portion of the original sale price. 

Before we discuss the resale value of a lab diamond, we must discuss the resale value of a mined diamond. Excluding 'investment grade' mined diamonds, it is virtually impossible to sell a mined diamond purchased in the last decade for a profit, relative to inflation (i.e. for more money than what you paid for it).

All diamonds, lab grown and mined, are priced at wholesale and retail based on an internationally accepted pricing system known as the Rapaport pricing method. That system prices diamonds based on their 4Cs, whether they are lab grown or mined. Both wholesale and retail costs are determined based on a discount percentage of the Rapaport price, regardless of the origin of the diamonds.

In both mined and lab diamond supply chains, there are producers (miners or growers), cutters, wholesalers, and retailers.

If a retailer such as Ada Diamonds can buy lab grown diamonds from the public at prices below what we can purchase them from our wholesalers, it may make sense for us to buy them from the public. 

In other words, a separate but equal system for the resale of lab diamonds is emerging today. Just because your local jeweler or pawn shop is not *yet* buying lab diamonds does not mean that there is no resale value for lab diamonds.

Want to learn more?  Here's a great read on the economics of selling a diamond.

Have a lab created diamond that you are interested in selling?  Visit our Public Purchase Program page. We evaluate all buy back opportunities on a case by case basis and might be interested in purchasing it from you!  We are looking for diamonds in our Recommended and Premium categories.

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Specifically, we are interested in lab created diamonds that meet the following criteria:

  • Cut - Excellent or Ideal Rounds

  • Color - D, E, F, G (no blue nuance)

  • Clarity - VS or better

  • Independent Certification - IGI NY, IGI Antwerp, IGI Dubai, or GIA certified

  • Certification Date - 2016 or newer