Yes, There is a Resale Market for Lab Grown Diamonds


Yes, There is a Resale Market for Lab Grown Diamonds

Can you resell a lab created diamond?

Yes, you can resell a lab grown diamond. Ada Diamonds buys independently-graded, high quality lab diamonds from the public through our Public Purchase Program. We also offer lifetime trade-in on all of our independently-graded lab grown diamonds. Traditional jewelers of mined diamonds regularly lie to the public, claiming that there is no resale market for lab grown diamonds. This is false. Just as mined diamonds have some resale value, lab grown diamonds have a similar resale value as a portion of the original sale price. 


The Re-Sale Market

Before we discuss the resale value of a lab diamond, we must discuss the resale value of a mined diamond. Excluding 'investment grade' mined diamonds, it is virtually impossible to sell a mined diamond purchased in the last decade for a profit, relative to inflation (i.e. for more money than what you paid for it). This is because the retailer that purchases your diamond (mined or lab) must be able to re-sell it for a profit. Diamond retailers are also often able to negotiate attractive pricing and payment terms with wholesalers, which means the public is typically offered lower than traditional wholesale pricing for their pre-owned diamond.



All diamonds, lab grown and mined, are priced at wholesale and retail based on an internationally accepted pricing system known as the Rapaport pricing method. Rapaport pricing is similar to “MSRP.” This system prices diamonds based on their 4Cs, whether they are lab grown or mined. Wholesale, retail, and re-sale prices are determined based on a discount percentage of the Rapaport price, regardless of the origin of the diamonds.


The Truth

Buying a diamond engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry, whether lab grown or mined, should be considered a discretionary, luxury purchase and not an investment. Diamonds are historically not a good place to “park” your money. You should treat your lab diamond for what it is: a beautiful piece of wearable art and representation of your love that will last forever.

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Re-Selling Your Lab Diamond

Lab grown diamonds are a rapidly growing part of the overall diamond market. Just because your local jeweler is not purchasing lab grown diamonds today does not mean that they will not buy lab diamonds in the future. The lab diamond market is also extremely supply constrained. It is a myth that lab diamonds are readily available and are “flooding” the market. Rather, lab diamonds make up a small portion of the overall diamond market and are available in limited quantities in larger sizes and fancy shapes. If you have a large, high quality lab grown oval, for example, that you no longer want or need, Ada Diamonds will likely buy it!

Want to learn more?  Here's a great read on the economics of selling a diamond.

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Public Purchase Program

Have a lab created diamond that you are interested in selling?  Visit our Public Purchase Program page. We evaluate all buy back opportunities on a case by case basis and might be interested in purchasing it from you!  We are looking for diamonds in our Recommended and Premium categories.

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Specifically, we are interested in lab created diamonds that meet the following criteria:

  • Cut - Excellent or Ideal Rounds

  • Color - D, E, F, G (no blue nuance)

  • Clarity - VS or better

  • Independent Certification - IGI NY, IGI Antwerp, IGI Dubai, or GCAL certified

  • Certification Date - 2017 or newer



Lifetime Trade-In and Upgrades

Ada Diamonds offers 100% value guarantee for all lab diamonds purchased through us via our Lifetime Trade-In guarantee. Receive full value for what you paid for a lab diamond towards a new lab diamond. Some exclusions apply. Please read our full terms for more information.