Why All 1 Carat Lab Created Diamonds aren't the Same Price

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The Ada Diamonds Concierge Team regularly receives inquiries such as:

  • "What's the price of a 1 carat lab diamond?"

  • "How much is a 1.5-1.75 carat emerald cut diamond?"

  • "What would it cost to get 4 carat total stud earrings?"

Unfortunately, the answer is always "it depends," as the price of a lab diamond varies greatly depending on the shape and quality of the diamond.

All diamonds, lab grown and mined, are priced at wholesale and retail based on an internationally accepted pricing system known as the Rapaport pricing method. That system prices diamonds based on their 4Cs, whether they are lab grown or mined. Discount and luxury retailers set their prices based on a discount percentage of the Rapaport price, regardless of the origin of the diamonds and Ada Diamonds is no exception to this industry-wide pricing strategy.

To concretely answer the the question of "What is Ada Diamonds' price of a 1 carat lab grown diamond?" A lab diamond that is at the bottom of our Satisfactory category might be $3,500, whereas a perfect color flawless diamond of Premium category might be $10,500.

Ada Diamonds' Quality Categories

Ada Diamonds' Quality Categories

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