Why Purchasing a Lab Created Diamond is an Investment in the Future

Is a lab grown diamond an investment?

When you purchase lab diamond jewelry from Ada Diamonds, you are investing in the future of humanity, as you are directly supporting research and development in cutting edge technology in categories such as:

  • Medicine

  • Computing

  • Manufacturing

  • Material Sciences

  • Renewable Energy

How? Every one of Ada's main diamond growers is actively growing diamonds for purposes other than gemstones. Those diamond growers use the revenue from the gemstones they grow to fund their R&D efforts and to expand their production capacity.

Thus your purchase from Ada Diamonds is directly supporting the development of high tech applications of diamonds such as laser lenses, surgical knives, faster charging electric vehicles, water purification devices, high pressure anvils, semi-conductors, and more.

The purpose and main goal of the lab grown diamond industry is not alchemy; it is not to grow a hundred carat diamond gemstone. It is to transition computing from silicon to diamond, as diamond is a far superior semiconductor.


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