Why a Lab Diamond Will Never Fade, Get Cloudy, or Change Color

Will a lab diamond change color over time?

Our clients are occasionally told by other jewelers that a lab diamond may change in appearance over time - that it will get cloudy, fade in brilliance, or change color. This is completely false.

A Laboratory-Grown Diamond is Forever

A lab diamond has the same physical and optical properties of a mined diamond. It will not change color. It will not change appearance. It will look exactly the same in a million years as it does the day you receive it from Ada Diamonds. In fact, if you placed your lab diamond engagement ring in a vat of concentrated hydrochloric acid and nitric acid the gold or platinum would dissolve but your diamonds would just get a good cleaning!

The only ways that a lab diamond could be damaged is the exact same way that a mined diamond could be damaged.

It is possible that the reason that jewelers promote this misinformation is that some cheaply produced cubic zirconias will oxidize and get cloudy over time. Cubic zirconia is not a diamond, and Ada Diamonds refuses to sell cubic zirconia or other inferior diamond simulants.

ChemistryJason Payne