Whether you're celebrating a meaningful anniversary, renewing your vows, repairing a ring that is missing diamonds, or just want brilliantly to show the world "I do" again, Ada Diamond's Upgrade | Restore | Replicate service enables you to improve your bridal jewelry with the best, brightest, and most pure diamonds on Earth: Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

Upon Inquiry, a Diamond Concierge will schedule a consult to understand your specific needs and then provide a preliminary quote for any services and/or additional diamonds. We provide fully insured shipping both ways, and go above and beyond to minimize the time you are apart from your rings, regardless of the service we provide.

Ada's Upgrade | Restore | Replicate clients are attended to by the most experienced Diamond Concierges to ensure that you have an efficient, enjoyable experience to upgrade your bridal jewelry while respecting your most valuable asset: your time.

Engagement Ring Restoration

From $150 + shipping

A life well lived can take a toll on your engagement ring and wedding band. Ada Diamonds can restore your rings to the condition when you first celebrated your love.

Ada Diamonds is a full custom jeweler and offers bench jeweler services, regardless of diamond origin. These services include:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Polishing gold or platinum
  • Rhodium replating of white gold
  • Resizing - larger or smaller
  • Repairs of damaged or loose settings
  • Replacement of lost or chipped diamonds

For replacement of lost or damaged diamonds, Ada will match the size and color as close as possible, and send high resolution photos to the client for approval before setting the replacement diamond(s).

Engagement Ring Upgrades

From $500 + cost of new diamond(s)

If you are looking to upgrade your current engagement ring, Ada Diamonds offers superlative quality, excellent pricing, and exemplary service. 

After an initial consultation, your Diamond Concierge will send you a curated list of diamonds that fit your requirements. We will then provide professional videos and high resolution images of your preferred diamonds. 

Ada will limit the time we need to have your engagement ring to five business days to minimize your disruption.

While Ada Diamonds will not purchase your replaced gemstones, we will gladly refer you to a sophisticated purchaser of mined diamonds that will give you top dollar for your diamonds and precious metal.

Wedding Band Replication

From: $1000 + cost of diamonds.

Ada Diamonds can produce a nearly indistinguishable clone of your wedding band because two is better than one,.

To begin, we carefully inspect, measure, photograph, and laser scan your existing ring. We then measure each diamond and find a matching lab grown diamond of similar size and color. We then restore your ring and ship it back to you, within 5 business days.

Your new band is then designed in cutting edge CAD software, 3D printed, cast in gold or platnium, set with Ada's cultured diamonds, and delivered to you. The entire production takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the ring replicated.

Lost your existing wedding band? Ada Diamonds can re-create your wedding band from a photograph or detailed description.

Upgrade to a Priceless
Commissioned Diamond

Ada Diamonds can grow diamonds from you donor carbon, provided by you. We can process and purify any carbon-containing items — flowers from your wedding, graduation keepsakes, excess materials from a house remodel — into pure diamond, making for the ultimate in meaningful, custom jewelry. We would love to celebrate your finest moments and memories with a commissioned diamond.