Lifetime Diamond Guarantee & Warranty


Ada's diamonds are the hardest substance on earth — ten times harder than a Sapphire or Ruby. A 10 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, Ada diamonds are extraordinarily resistant to heat, chemicals, and scratching. Furthermore, lab grown diamonds are less likely to chip than mined diamonds since they have less strain, defects, and impurities in their crystal structure.

Because of their quality, we guarantee that diamonds purchased from Ada will not fade, cloud, change color, or lose their brilliance in your lifetime.  If, at any time, your Ada diamond loses its optical quality after purchase, your diamond will be eligible for trade-in for a diamond of comparable size and quality. There is no additional fee for this warranty. Ada Diamonds reserves the right to waive this warranty with advanced pre-payment warning to a client for any commissioned stones cut to specifications not recommended by Ada Diamonds (such as stones too narrow or too shallow for quality fabrication). 


There are many simple, low-cost tools on the market designed to differentiate mined diamonds from diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia, moissanite, white topaz, and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG). Many of these cheap tools (some as little as $10 USD) are not able to properly identify laboratory-grown diamonds, due to the superior quality and purity of a laboratory-grown diamond. While most tools will identify an Ada diamond as a diamond, some tools may incorrectly identify an Ada diamond as a diamond simulant. As such, Ada Diamonds does not guarantee that every handheld tool on the market will correctly identify every lab diamond sold by Ada Diamonds. Ada Diamonds does guarantee that every lab diamond we sell will test as a lab grown or synthetic diamond via a third party gemological association such as IGI, GIA, or GCAL which utilize sophisticated, spectral analysis equipment for testing. Read more about why some diamond testers incorrectly identify laboratory-grown diamonds.


Ada Diamonds is proud to offer a warranty on its jewelry. Within the first two years of purchase, we will replace side or accent diamonds (of 0.25ct and smaller) that go missing if due to a manufacturing defect at no cost to the client. Ada Diamonds will examine any jewelry missing stones and make a determination regarding the nature of a missing side stone. Our warranty excludes coverage due to negligence. Should Ada Diamonds determine the repair needed is outside of the warranty coverage or time frame, Ada Diamonds is happy to provide a quote for paid repair.

Any repairs or work not done by Ada Diamonds or authorized third parties we work with will void this warranty. We cannot stress enough the importance in choosing jewelry that is appropriate for your lifestyle. Ada Diamonds jewelry is made with precious metals of gold or platinum. These metals are not impervious to breakage or damage. If you are unsure about when and where to enjoy your fine jewelry, an Ada Diamonds Concierge would be happy to walk through some best practices for ensuring the longevity of your ring.

Ada Diamonds does not guarantee replacement for a lost center stone for any reason, and strongly encourages our clients to obtain jewelry insurance in the event of extreme damage, loss, or theft.

Please note that all of Ada Diamonds bridal jewelry is stamped with both the metal type and Ada's name and/or logo for FTC compliance.


SF Bay Area residents are welcome to drop off Ada Diamonds jewelry for complimentary cleaning, polishing, and re-plating at the San Francisco location. NY area residents are welcome to drop off Ada Diamonds jewelry for complimentary cleaning, polish, and re-plating at the New York location. Please allow up to 3 business days for service at either location.

For those outside of the bay area, Ada offers cleaning and/or re-plating for $50 USD. This fee only covers the cost of fully insured shipping both ways; the actual service is complimentary.