Fancy Lab Grown Colored Diamonds

Ada offers lab grown diamonds in a rainbow of fancy colors including yellows, blues, pinks, reds, grays, and black. Fancy colored diamonds are grown by adding trace elements to the growth cell during the growth process to create gorgeous shades of stunning color.

For example, adding nitrogen creates yellow diamonds; adding boron creates blue. The ratio of the trace elements to the carbon in the diamond determine the saturation and tone of the fancy color.

Fancy colored diamonds are described and graded in three dimensions: 

Hue is color by common name such as yellow, blue, pink. 
Saturation is the weakness to strength of the color. 
Tone is lightness to darkness of a color.

Learn more from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

 Fancy Colored Lab Created Diamond Color Chart
 Fancy Colored Lab Created Diamond GIA Color Scale

Unlike mined colored diamonds, which are prohibitively expensive for all but the wealthiest of the diamond collectors, lab grown fancy colored diamonds can be commissioned to meet client demand. Thus, Ada's fancy colored diamonds are only priced slightly higher than our white diamonds, opening a whole new canvas of colorful brilliance for both bridal and fashion jewelry.