Lab Grown Asscher and Baguette Three Stone Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum Ada Diamonds AD-071

Asscher Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher Cut lab diamonds offer an elegant, vintage style to any engagement ring. This unique cut offers brilliant flashes of light and a sparkle that is unique from any other diamond shape. Your Ada Diamonds Concierge will help you design the perfect setting for a one-of-kind bespoke engagement ring you'll love forever. 

All About Asscher Cuts

Asscher cut lab diamonds are a stunning way to show off your unique style. Asscher cut diamonds were originally introduced in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland’s Asscher Diamond Company (now the Royal Asscher Diamond Company).

Asscher cut diamonds are sometimes referred to as a “square emerald cut”, because they have similar faceting to emerald cuts with a shape that is more square than rectangular.

All of our Asscher cut lab diamonds are of impeccable quality. Each one has been evaluated in person and hand-selected by our experts for unmatched brilliance and extraordinary quality.

Your Diamond Concierge is here to help you select a stunning stone for your bespoke engagement ring and design a brilliant custom setting. All of our engagement rings are hand-fabricated in the USA by renowned artisans from responsibly sourced metals.

Inquire today to begin building your one-of-a-kind ring with the best lab diamonds on earth.

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Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Asscher Cut Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Ada Diamonds Design AD-234 Artistic Shot

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Gorgeous solitaires, custom made for you with curated, conflict free lab diamonds.

Custom One Carat Asscher Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Ada Diamonds Design AD-179

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Surround your center stone with a halo of sparkle.

Custom Blue Asscher Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

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Create a custom three-stone ring featuring lab diamond side stones.

Asscher Cut Fine Jewelry

Asscher Cut Fine Jewelry

Discover lab grown diamond fine jewelry in brilliant, made for you styles. All of Ada Diamonds bespoke jewelry is inspired by and tailored to our clients exacting standards

Made-to-Order Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Made-to-Order Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Shop our collection of sustainable, conflict-free lab diamond engagement rings. All of Ada Diamonds bridal jewelry is custom made-to-order, and hand fabricated by award-winning artists using responsibly recycled precious metals.

The World’s Best Lab Diamonds, Available with GIA Grading

The World’s Best Lab Diamonds, Available with GIA Grading

Ada Diamonds is proud to offer the majority of our large, fancy-shaped lab diamonds with GIA certification. Learn more about lab diamond grading.

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