Lab Diamonds Vary in Color and Are Not All Colorless.

Just like in mined diamonds, lab diamonds can vary in color from icey white to yellowish-brown. Gemological laboratories have standardized on a range of letter grades of D-Z.  Ada Diamonds is proud to only sell diamonds that are colorless (D-E-F) or near-colorless (G). Lab diamond pricing is affected by color grade as higher color diamonds are more desirable than warmer ones.

How do Diamonds get Their Color?

The most common impurity in mined diamonds is clusters of nitrogen atoms inside the diamond, contributing to a yellow or brown undertone. Over 98% of mined diamonds have nitrogen impurities measured in the parts per million.

Our lab diamonds are Type IIa, meaning that impurities are measured in the parts per billion, not million. Lab diamonds get their yellow and brown undertones from voids in the crystal structure. Most HPHT diamonds are colorless and may have undertones of blue or gray. It’s imperative that a lab diamond expert inspect your diamond prior to purchase to ensure it does not have undesirable color.