Fancy Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Fancy light yellow lab grown oval cut diamond engagement ring with three sided diamond band Ada Diamonds

Fancy Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Dare to be Different With a Fancy Colored Lab Grown Diamond

Fancy colored pink, yellow, and blue diamonds make your engagement ring a true work of art. Commit to a lifetime with a fancy colored lab grown diamond in a setting designed to your specifications with your Ada Concierge for a stunning symbol of your devotion. 


Dream in Color

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Showcase a unique fancy colored center stone with a eye-catching band of colorless diamonds. 

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Surround your fancy colored center stone with a halo of lab diamonds. 

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Choose fancy colored diamonds for a one-of-a-kind wedding band.

A Rainbow of Brilliance

Ada Diamonds offers lab grown diamonds in a rainbow of fancy colors including yellows, blues, pinks, reds, grays, and black. Fancy colored diamonds are grown by adding trace elements to the growth cell during the growth process to create gorgeous shades of stunning color. For example, adding nitrogen creates yellow diamonds; adding boron creates blue. The ratio of the trace elements to the carbon in the diamond determines the saturation and tone of the fancy color. 

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Fancy Colored Fine Jewelry

Endlessly versatile diamond jewelry to take you from the boardroom to the ballroom. Choose unique and remarkable fancy colored diamonds to create a stunning piece of jewelry you'll love for a lifetime.

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New To Lab Diamonds? 

Lab grown diamonds are optically and chemically identical to natural diamonds and vary in quality among the 4 C's. Lab diamonds are graded, appraised, insured, and re-sold just like mined diamonds. Learn about the future of fine jewelry. 


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