Round Brilliant Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

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Round Brilliant Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Round Brilliant Diamonds Offer Classic Elegance With Unparalleled Sparkle

The iconic round brilliant adds an elegant feel to any engagement ring style, from statement solitaires to stunning three stone settings. 

Your Ada Concierge will help you design the perfect setting for an extraordinary engagement ring you'll love forever. 

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A Cut Above the Rest

Perfected in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky, the round brilliant cut in unmatched in timeless style and sparkle. The popularity of round diamonds belies the difficulty and complexity of this beautiful cut which is designed with 58 facets (57 if the culet is excluded). Even with modern technology, cutting a round shape from a rough diamond crystal nearly always results in a loss of weight around 50%-meaning the rough crystal from which a round brilliant is cut must be larger than other shapes.

Brilliant cuts with perfect symmetry between their table (top) and pavilion (bottom) are known as "ideal cuts". While often misused as a marketing term applied to other shapes, ideal cuts only apply to round brilliant diamonds. 

Round diamonds with excellent cuts are well known for a phenomenon referred to as "hearts and arrows", referring to a visual phenomenon that occurs in ideal cut diamonds with excellent symmetry. 

Ada's Concierge team will carefully curate a list of only the most exceptional round diamonds for your engagement ring. Each of our diamonds is inspected by a trained gemologist to ensure optimal quality, fire, and brilliance. Inquire today to get started. 


Proposal Settings

Not sure what your sweetheart desires? Ada's Proposal Setting program allows you to propose with a beautiful solitaire, then re-design the ring together as a team. The full cost of the solitaire may be applied toward the purchase of a new setting with no re-setting fee. 

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Lab grown diamonds are optically and chemically identical to natural diamonds and vary in quality among the 4 C's. Lab diamonds are graded, appraised, insured, and re-sold just like mined diamonds. Learn about the future of fine jewelry. 


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