Ada Diamonds is honored to collaborate with iconic brands to create brilliant art.

Ada has been commissioned by luxury brands to set diamonds in the interiors of supercars, design high jewelry and brilliant accessories, and support exclusive events for their most discerning customers. 

Affinity Partnerships

Ada Diamonds is honored to support international brands, including Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as an Affinity Partner at exclusive events. Some examples of Ada's past support: 

  • Commissioning bespoke diamond jewelry at the request of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars customers
  • Supporting the launch of Black Badge, a permanent bespoke series of motor cars that are the ultimate in pure luxury style and engineering substance
  • Hosting a jewelry boutique at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars villa during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
  • Styling Rolls-Royce Motor Cars staff and product specialists at events with both men's and women's high jewelry

Diamond Bespoking

Ada Diamonds proudly offers interior and exterior diamond bespoking for automotive vehicles, yachts, planes, and home decor in both colorless and fancy colored diamonds.

Ada's work was recently featured in a beautiful Agera RS, made by Koenigsegg Automotive. Ada's Fancy Vivid Yellow cultured diamonds spell the vehicle's name, Naraya, in a yellow gold owner's plate. The car was unveiled to the public at Salon Privé 2016 in Oxfordshire, England where it was awarded Most Sensational Supercar. Christian von Koenigsegg, Founder and CEO of Koenigsegg Autotmotive, is well known for pushing the boundaries of technology, design, and sustainability. We are delighted that his pursuit included laboratory-grown diamonds in his breathtaking vehicles.



Ada Diamonds can style women and men in extraordinary pieces of fine diamond jewelry for photo shoots, special events, media opportunities, and trade shows. Ada can fabricate custom pieces for the event, including fancy colored diamonds, intricate designs, and large center stones up to 6 carats.

Ada's stunning lab grown diamond jewelry was recently featured in a photo shoot for Nobleman Magazine and the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars 103EX Vision Autonomous Concept Car. To learn more about including Ada's fine jewelry in your special event, please email hello@adadiamonds.com.


Future Partnerships

Ada Diamonds continues to work with luxury brands to create beautiful works of art to last a lifetime. These innovative partnerships push the boundaries of science and art. What will you create with the world's best diamonds?

To learn more about how Ada Diamonds can support your next luxury event, please email hello@adadiamonds.com. Follow @AdaDiamonds on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive details of our current partnerships, media from collaborative events, and future launches of additional partnerships.