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Brilliant Classics, Uniquely Yours

Classic or modern, Ada's elegant solitaires come in a variety of settings to suit your unique style. 

Solitaire settings can feature any diamond shape, from a breathtaking round brilliant to a modern, flattering oval. While simple in design, a solitaire is a classic way to showcase a truly exceptional diamond. 

Your Ada Concierge will help you design the perfect setting to bring out the brilliance of your lab created diamond. 

The History of Solitaire Settings

There is no more ubiquitous symbol of everlasting love than an eye-catching solitaire engagement ring.

While the origin of gemstone engagement rings is not entirely certain, we know that as far back as roman times women wore rings forged from precious metals, while the tradition of wearing a ring on the left hand is taken from ancient Egyptian traditions. It is thought that the modern tradition of diamond engagement rings owes its origins to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with small diamonds.

The advent of the modern solitaire, commonly referred to as "Tiffany setting", was created by Charles Tiffany in 1866 as he sought to move the focus of a ring away from ornate settings and on to the incredible diamonds that were becoming available at the time. The Six Prong Setting allowed more light into the diamond, maximizing sparkle and brilliance. To this day, six prong settings in the Tiffany style remain among the most popular choices for couples to symbolize their commitment to one another. 

Proposal Settings

The purchase of diamond engagement ring is likely one of the most time-intensive and difficult purchases you'll ever make. It can be a challenge to know exactly what your loved one wants without ruining the surprise of an engagement.  

We will gladly set a diamond that you purchase from Ada into a temporary proposal setting so that you can surprise your loved one with a ready-to-wear solitaire engagement ring with the intent to build your dream ring together. The cost of the proposal setting can be applied in full to a new setting. Simply send back your ring for re-setting after finalizing your new design together as an engaged team.

Grown from Love 

Ada Diamonds cultures diamonds from donor carbon, provided by you. We can process and purify any carbon-containing items — flowers from your wedding, graduation keepsakes, excess materials from a house remodel — into pure diamond, making for the ultimate in meaningful, custom jewelry. We would love to celebrate your finest moments and memories with a commissioned diamond.

Ada also offers something truly extraordinary as part of our Lavoisier Process: you can commission the cutting of two diamond gemstones from a single rough diamond. Ada will take these two bespoke diamonds, cut from the same cloth, and make complementary rings for you and your loved one that are forever be linked: separate rings but the same diamond.