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For life's greatest moments...

Ada Diamonds is a bespoke fine jeweler of exclusively laboratory grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds, have a transparent conflict-free origin, sustainable creation, and ~30-40% lower price. 

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You're a smart and conscious consumer. You care about where your food and clothing come from and the carbon footprint of your purchases. As consumers, we have the ability to vote with our dollar and abstain from industries or companies we do not want to support. Fine jewelry is no different.

Laboratory grown diamonds are guaranteed to be of known origin and are grown by companies with safe, clean working conditions where employees are paid fair wages with full benefits. Ada's manmade diamonds are grown all over the world including the United States, Israel, Singapore, Russia, and The Netherlands. Retailers of mined diamonds often do not know the origin of the diamonds they sell.

It also matters where and with what metals your finished jewelry is made. All of Ada's jewelry is cast and hand-set here in the United States using recycled metals. 



Lab grown diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free and in no way connected to the conflict diamond trade that continues to flourish to this day. Most jewelers cannot guarantee origin of a mined diamond. We know exactly how, where, when and by whom our diamonds are grown.

Diamond growing requires a fraction of the energy required for diamond mining, typically utilizing 700kwh for 1ct of a grown diamond (about the same electricity usage for commuting in a Tesla for 1 week). 

Lab grown diamonds are guaranteed to be vegan and do no harm to fragile eco-systems, wildlife refuges, and marine life so often affected by ocean and river mining


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The lab diamond industry is not new, nor does it exist to disrupt diamond mining. The first lab grown diamonds were made 60 years ago following an acute lack of diamond grit during World War II. It was not until 2012 that gemstone quality lab diamonds above 1ct were successfully grown. The lab diamond market primarily exists to create high tech uses for lab diamonds such as laser lenses, surgical knives, high pressure anvils, and water purification systems. Earth-extracted diamonds are not pure enough for these applications; the only option is lab grown, which continue to have high research and development costs. When you purchase a lab diamond engagement ring, your investment goes towards funding and improving these high tech uses, bettering humanity one ring at a time. 



Ada's diamonds are pure carbon; they are not a hybrid of carbon and any other element, nor are they a simulant of carbon. Laboratory grown diamonds are graded on the same quality characteristics as mined diamonds and exhibit the same variance in color, clarity, and size. Because we are recreating the conditions of nature, lab diamonds are not all colorless, flawless, or "perfect." Lab diamonds are also priced based on their quality; a D IF lab diamond will be much more expensive than an H SI1 lab diamond of the same size. Ada Diamonds only works with H+ color, eye clean clarity, and lab diamonds selected for the cut and light performance.

It takes about 1 week to grow a 1 carat diamond. However, not every diamond grown in a machine is of gemstone quality; in fact, the failure rate, particularly for large lab diamonds, is quite high. It will always be more expensive to grow a diamond than it is to mine a diamond. The high costs of mined diamonds are often a result of market inefficiencies resulting from a natural diamond changing hands 10-15 times from mine to market before ending up in a piece of fine jewelry.

The financial costs of diamond growing, plus the time it takes to grow diamonds, insures that lab grown diamonds will not "flood" the market. Mined diamonds come out of the earth in the millions of carats per year; diamonds come out of labs in the thousands. Due to the efficient nature of the lab diamond market, lab grown diamonds are often available to consumers for 30-40% lower prices than equivalent quality mined diamonds. Lab diamonds are able to be fully appraised, insured, and re-sold, just like mined diamonds. Learn more about Ada's lifetime trade-in policy! 

  BESPOKE ENGAGEMENT RINGS   Anything you can imagine, we can create. Starting at $5,000 USD


Anything you can imagine, we can create.
Starting at $5,000 USD

  PROPOSAL SETTINGS   Simple solitaires eligible for free re-set Starting at $3,500 USD


Simple solitaires eligible for free re-set
Starting at $3,500 USD

  DIAMOND WEDDING BANDS   From simple to extravagant Starting at $1,500 USD


From simple to extravagant
Starting at $1,500 USD

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All of Ada's white diamonds are type IIa, a purity level found in less than 2% of mined diamonds. Type IIa diamonds are the most valued and the purest type of diamonds in the world. They contain little to no nitrogen atoms in the crystal structure. Some notable examples of type IIa natural diamonds include the Cullinan diamonds, the DeBeers Millenium Star, and the Hope Diamond. Due to the absence of nitrogen during the growth of white diamonds, all of Ada's white diamonds are considered type IIa. We also offer fancy colored diamonds in blues, pinks, yellows, and grays for a fraction of the cost of equivalent natural stones.

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Your love is one of a kind, your ring should be too. Ada Diamonds is proud to offer exclusively bespoke, lab diamond bridal pieces, which are made to order, and made for you. Our Diamond Concierge process is specifically customized for each of our clients, ensuring your experience is uniquely your own. Whether you'd prefer to iterate off of one of our 200+ collection pieces or create a unique piece directly from your imagination, your Concierge will go to great lengths to ensure your diamonds are carefully selected their quality and your piece of jewelry designed to last a lifetime. 


For a truly one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewelry, Ada's patented signature Lavoisier Process creates diamonds from your meaningful carbon-containing mementos. Named in honor of Antoine Lavoisier, who is credited with having discovered that diamonds are indeed made of carbon, our Lavoisier process takes your meaningful material, graphitizes and purifies it in a crucible, then packs that graphite into a high press, high temperature growth cell. We can custom grow the diamond to any specification up to 5 carats in a variety of colors and shapes.