5 Most Popular Lab Diamond Shapes

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5 Most Popular Lab Diamond Shapes

The diamond shape you choose for your engagement ring is a choice that reflects your unique style. When it comes to a diamonds sparkle and beauty, many factors come into play such as the cut of your diamond and setting style you select, but the biggest factor that defines the look of your ring is the shape of your lab grown diamond. See below for Ada’s 5 most requested diamond shapes and what we love best about them.

Round Brilliant

Round brilliants are an elegant and timeless choice for your engagement ring. Rounds are by far the most popular diamond shape, and with good reason! The round brilliant cut features 57 or 58 facets that are designed to produce maximum brightness, fire, and sparkle in a colorless diamond. The cut of your round brilliant (different than shape!), matters a lot: a well cut diamond will have superior light performance and sparkle when compared to a poorly cut diamond of the same carat weight and color. Rest assured: our Diamond Concierge team are unabashed diamond snobs. This is why your Diamond Concierge will carefully curate you a list of only exceptional lab grown diamonds, so you can be sure your lab diamond engagement ring shines as brightly as your love.

Shown here: platinum solitaire engagement ring featuring a 5 carat round brilliant lab grown diamond, ring size: 4.5

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Oval Brilliant

Oval brilliant lab diamonds are our most popular fancy shape! Oval diamonds provide a graceful and unique style to your ring, with lots of fire and sparkle from the brilliant cut faceting pattern. The greater surface area of the oval makes it a popular choice because it can appear larger than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight. Similar to emerald and marquise diamond shapes, the shape of oval diamonds can also help visually elongate shorter fingers. Oval diamonds are sometimes known to display a “bow-tie” shadow in the middle of the diamond. In a well cut oval, the bow-tie will be minimal to non-existent. Your Diamond Concierge works with every diamond grower in the world, and has access to lab grown oval diamonds not available anywhere else. We’ll only show you diamonds our in-house experts have visually inspected to ensure your oval diamond has exceptional sparkle and brilliance.

Shown here: platinum diamond band engagement ring featuring a 3.0 carat lab grown oval diamond, ring size: 4.5

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Princess Cut

A sophisticated and contemporary alternative to the round brilliant, princess cut diamonds feature a modified brilliant faceting arrangement for stunning sparkle. Introduced in 1981, princess cut diamonds are a great choice for nearly any style of engagement ring. Princess cut diamonds tend be priced slightly lower per carat weight than round brilliants, making them a great value with similar sparkle. It’s important to choose a setting for your princess cut lab diamond that protects the pointed corners. Your Diamond Concierge can help you find the perfect princess cut and design a setting you’ll love!

Shown here: platinum solitaire engagement ring, featuring a 2.75 carat princess cut lab diamond ring size: 4.5

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Emerald Cut

As the name suggests, this glamorous diamond cut was originally developed for Emerald gemstones. Unlike brilliant cut diamonds (rounds, ovals, princess), Emerald cut diamonds are what’s known as a step cut. The faceting of a step cut gives the diamond a hall of mirrors effect, meaning this cut is excellent for showing off the color and clarity of a diamond. These cuts are also known for giving off distinctive and dramatic flashes of light. Similar to oval cut diamonds, the elongated shape of an Emerald cut can be very finger-flattering. Our Diamond Concierge team visually inspects every one of our Emerald cut lab diamonds, to ensure that the color and clarity meet our strict standards to be the center of your perfect engagement ring.

Shown here: 18k white gold solitaire engagement ring featuring 2.5 carat Emerald cut lab diamond, ring size: 6

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Cushion Cut

A romantic shape that’s a beautiful fusion of round and square diamonds shapes, cushion cut lab diamonds (sometimes called a pillow cut), feature slightly rounded edges that give it a distinctive appearance. Similar to round brilliants, cushion cut diamonds have 58 facets and lots of brilliant sparkle. Cushion cuts were originally an old-mine european cut, and have regained in popularity for those who love a vintage or antique style in their engagement ring. Your Diamond Concierge will help you find a cushion that’s the perfect length to width ratio to bring your dream ring to life.

Shown here: platinum diamond band engagement ring featuring 3.0 cushion cut lab diamond with a micro pavé lab diamond band, ring size: 5.5

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