Lab Grown Diamonds As Seen on Netflix’s _Explained_

Lab Grown Diamonds As Seen on Netflix’s Explained

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“Laboratory-grown diamonds are superior to dirt diamonds that have come out of the Earth.”

-Ada Diamonds CEO and Founder Jason Payne, featured on the Netflix series Explained

In the season 2 finale of Netflix’s hit series Explained, the show “Diamonds” explores the popularity and emergence of lab grown diamonds. Hear from our CEO as he breaks down how diamonds are grown and the equipment required to tell the difference between a lab grown and a mined diamond.

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Why Choose a Lab Diamond?

Optically indistinguishable, objectively superior. Compared to mined diamonds, Ada’s laboratory-grown diamonds offer superior brilliance, better value, and a better origin.

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Why Choose Ada Diamonds?

A purchase as important as an engagement ring deserves a personal and immersive buying experience. At Ada Diamonds, your dedicated Diamond Concierge is committed to delivering the perfect ring for you with our three core values: quality, artistry, and integrity.

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Proposal Settings

Not sure which custom engagement ring style she loves? Enjoy a complimentary re-set, so you can propose with a stunning solitaire, then design her dream ring as a team.

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Lab Diamond Holiday Gifts

Looking for a brilliant holiday gift? We’ve got you covered. While bespoke is our specialty, we offer a hand-curated selection of ready to ship lab diamond gifts perfect for any occasion.

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