Yellow Gold Radiant and Half Moon Diamond Engagement Ring featuring 2.5 Carat Lab Diamonds

Radiant Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Ada Diamonds is the leading luxury jeweler of lab diamonds. 
Design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring featuring 100% conflict-free, lab diamonds in the setting.

Exceptional Quality 2.5 Carat Lab Diamonds set in Platinum Radiant Petite Four Prong Pavé Setting ()

Specializing in Premium Cut Radiants

Ada Diamonds is the Leading Luxury Purveyor of Lab Diamonds

Ada Diamonds specializes in large, sensational diamonds of superlative quality. Our diamonds are cut from the highest purity diamond crystals, have optimal cut and sparkle, and are always eye clean. Much like mined diamonds, lab diamonds are priced based on their quality characteristics. Use the tool below to understand our pricing:

Select Your Carat Weight

ColorlessNear Colorless
$4,950 to
$3,150 to
Not sold by Ada Diamonds

Pricing in USD. Subject to availability.

This chart shows a range of approximate prices across various size and quality levels and should serve as a rough guideline, not an exact calculator. Lab diamonds are unique SKU’s whose individual prices may be influenced by attributes beyond the 4 C’s. Prices are subject to change.
18kt Yellow Gold Radiant Eternity Band featuring 5.7 ctw Diamonds ()

Why Choose Ada Diamonds?

We offer the most exceptional lab grown diamonds on earth set in one-of-a-kind settings made with superlative craftsmanship. 

Hand Selected 2.0 Carat Diamonds set in Yellow Gold Radiant Petite Four Prong Solitaire (Main View)

Ada vs the Competition

Algorithms can’t select beautiful diamonds, but our experts can. No other lab diamond jeweler can offer you the level of expertise and peace of mind that you’ll find at Ada. 

Platinum 0.7ctw Radiant Cut Diamond Pendant in Platinum featuring 0.7 Carat Lab Diamonds (Profile View)

New to Lab Diamonds?

Our lab grown diamonds are optically and chemically superior to natural diamonds. Learn more about the future of fine jewelry.