Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Style Guide

Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Style Guide

Just getting started on your custom engagement ring? With so many unique design options and gorgeous diamond shapes, it can be overwhelming to decide what style you love best. Our Diamond Experts have put together a comprehensive guide to setting styles and diamond shapes to help you get started on deciding what style and shape to choose for your dream engagement ring. You can also read up on choosing the best setting for your lifestyle, and if a cultured diamond is right for you.

Setting Styles

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Our Solitaire Settings refer to any engagement ring featuring a single diamond. From classic to modern, choose from a variety of setting styles to make your solitaire a true one-of-a-kind. All of our solitaire engagements rings are custom made-to-order, so you can tailor your ring to your unique style to suit lab diamonds big or small.

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Diamond Band Engagement Ring

A diamond band engagement ring are a type of ring setting featuring small diamonds on the band. Your ring can feature diamonds all the way around the band, or just halfway, allowing your ring to be resized in the future if needed. A diamond band is a stunning way to highlight your center stone, adding gentle sparkle to a contemporary, sophisticated engagement ring.

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Halo Engagement Ring

A halo ring is a setting style that encircles your center lab diamond with a halo of smaller lab diamonds. The halo of smaller diamonds creates brilliant flashes of light to bring out the brilliance of your center stone in any shape or size.

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Three Stone Engagement Ring

A symbol of past, present and future, three stone engagement rings represent your love together. This stunning style maximizes sparkle and works with most diamond shapes, and you can show off your style with unique shapes or accents.

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Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant

The most popular diamond shape, round brilliants are a beautiful and timeless choice for your center stone. The round brilliant cut features 57 or 58 facets that are designed to produce maximum brightness, fire, and sparkle in a colorless diamond. The cut of your round brilliant (different than shape!), matters a lot: a well cut diamond will have superior light performance and sparkle when compared to a poorly cut diamond of the same carat weight and color. Your Diamond Concierge will carefully curate you a list of only exceptional lab grown diamonds.

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Oval Brilliant

Oval brilliant lab diamonds are our most popular fancy shape! Oval diamonds provide a graceful and unique style to your ring, with lots of fire and sparkle from the brilliant cut faceting pattern. The greater surface area of the oval makes it a popular choice because it can appear larger than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight. The shape of oval diamonds can also help visually elongate shorter fingers. Your Diamond Concierge works with every diamond grower in the world, and has access to lab grown oval diamonds not available anywhere else.

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Princess Cut

A sophisticated and contemporary alternative to the round brilliant, princess cut diamonds feature a modified brilliant faceting arrangement for stunning sparkle. Princess cut diamonds tend be priced slightly lower per carat weight than round brilliants, making them a great value with similar sparkle. It’s important to choose a setting for your princess cut lab diamond that protects the pointed corners. Your Diamond Concierge can help you find the perfect princess cut and design a setting you’ll love!

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Emerald Cut

As the name suggests, this glamorous diamond cut was originally developed for emerald gemstones. Unlike brilliant cut diamonds (rounds, ovals, princess), emerald cut diamonds are what’s known as a step cut. The faceting of a step cut gives the diamond a hall of mirrors effect, meaning this shape is excellent for showing off the color and clarity of a diamond, and are known for giving off brilliant flashes of light. Our Diamond Concierge team visually inspects every one of our emerald cut lab diamonds to ensure they meet our strict standards.

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Cushion Cut

A romantic shape that’s a beautiful fusion of round and square diamonds shapes, cushion cut lab diamonds (sometimes called a pillow cut), feature slightly rounded edges that give a distinctive appearance. Similar to round brilliants, cushion cut diamonds have 58 facets and lots of brilliant sparkle. Cushion cuts have regained popularity with those who love a vintage or antique style. Your Diamond Concierge will help you find a cushion that’s the perfect length to width ratio to bring your dream ring to life.

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Radiant Cut

An eye-catching shape, radiant cut diamonds are a brilliant style cut created the 1970’s that combines the best attributes of a round brilliant and the emerald cut. The beautiful symmetry and beveled edges of this shape looks stunning in a variety of setting styles. Radiant cut diamonds come in different proportions, square and more elongated. Your Diamond Concierge will help you find a stunning radiant cut lab diamond in the perfect proportions for your custom engagement ring.

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Pear Brilliant

The elegant pear brilliant cut is a client favorite! A pear brilliant cut is a combination of the round brilliant and a marquise cut with all the sparkle of a round and the finger flattering shape of a marquise in a distinctive teardrop shape. The qualities of a pear shaped diamond mean curation matters! Your Diamond Concierge will help you select the perfect pear diamond that’s been inspected by our in-house experts to ensure it is eye clean with no bow-tie effect that can be common to this shape.

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Asscher Cut

The vintage style of asscher cut diamonds feature a hall of mirrors effect for a shine and sparkle that is unique from any other diamond shape. Asscher cut diamonds have similar faceting to emerald cuts with a shape that is more square than rectangular. Your Ada Diamonds Concierge will help you design the perfect setting to bring out all the sparkle of your asscher for a one-of-kind bespoke engagement ring you'll love forever.

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