Ada Diamonds Lab Diamond Buy-Back Program

Ada Diamonds Lab Diamond Buy-Back Program

If you purchased a lab diamond from Ada Diamonds and would like to sell it to us, you may submit it for buy-back. We specifically seek to buy back lab diamonds meeting this criteria:

  • Carat Weight: 1 carat or larger
  • Color: D, E, F, G
  • Clarity: VS2 or better
  • Independent Certification: IGI, GCAL, AGS, GIA (full fidelity grades only)
  • Date of Purchase: More than 30 days ago

Ada Diamonds does not purchase any precious metals, ungraded lab grown diamonds, natural (mined) diamonds, or any other gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. Sellers must own the lab created diamond and provide unaltered, unredacted, itemized proof of purchase from Ada Diamonds. Appraisals are not accepted in lieu of an invoice or receipt. Sellers must be U.S. residents acting in a personal capacity.


Go Bigger, Go Better

Looking to upgrade your current Ada lab diamond? Your lab diamond may qualify for our trade-in policy, which allows you to apply 100% of the original purchase cost of the lab diamond towards a new one of 1.5x or greater in value. Inquire now!


How It Works

If you are pursuing multiple channels to sell your lab diamond, we suggest you explore those options first before you receive a tentative offer from Ada Diamonds. This is because our offers expire and will not be renewed.



Step 1: Complete the Form

Gather the necessary documentation and submit the form below. If your submission has incomplete, inaccurate, or redacted information, you will not receive a response to your inquiry. If your lab diamond was not originally purchased from Ada Diamonds, you will not receive a response to your inquiry.



Step 2: Tentative Offer

If your lab diamond is eligible for an offer, you will receive an email notification. The offer will be non-negotiable and will expire within five business days of receipt. This is the only offer you'll receive from Ada Diamonds.



Step 3: Ship Diamond

If you accept a tentative offer, you will be sent shipping materials. You are required to video yourself placing your diamond ring and grading report into a tamper-proof bag. You will be provided with a fully-insured prepaid Fedex label to send in your diamond ring.



Step 4: Final Verification

Once your ring arrives, we will verify the diamond’s grading report number that is laser-inscribed on the girdle. If for some reason we are not able to verify this number with the diamond currently set,  we may need to unset the diamond. Your diamond will not be able to be re-set back in the original setting. If your diamond is different from the one purchased from ADI, your diamond and setting will be returned to you.



Step 5: Final Offer

If your diamond passes final verification you will receive a final offer. If you would like your setting returned, you will be required to pay a shipping fee. Payments are made by ACH. Proof of US citizenship, such as a passport or birth certificate, is required before receiving payment.


The Buy-Back Program is only for serious sellers ready to complete a transaction immediately. If you are unsure whether or not you want to sell your lab diamond or simply curious to see what you could get for your lab diamond at some point in the future, we do not recommend receiving an offer, as it will expire and will not be eligible for renewal. If you were the recipient, but not the purchaser of the lab diamond, you may be required to show additional documentation from the purchaser, such as a photo ID.

If you are a lab diamond wholesaler seeking to work with Ada Diamonds, please email us at


Contact Details


Diamond Details



Please note— Ada Diamonds only seeks to purchase lab diamonds originally purchased from Ada that match the criteria outlined above. If your submission is incomplete, if your diamond was purchased from another retailer, or if your diamond does not meet our criteria, we will not respond to your inquiry.


Didn’t Buy from Ada Diamonds?

If you purchased a lab diamond from someone other than Ada Diamonds, it will not be considered for buy-back. We recommend you consider any of these resources for resale:,, or


Why We Decided to End the Public Purchase Program

When we first launched our Public Purchase Program, the primary goal of growers around the world was to offer lab diamonds that rivaled the world’s best natural diamonds. Lab diamonds inherently have a higher purity (Type IIa) than 98% of natural diamonds with a brighter, whiter appearance. For years, we struggled to source adequate supply from the market to fulfill consumer demand.

Since interest in the lab diamond market has exploded, the majority of lab diamonds being produced in recent years are of inferior quality to our standards, often grown with sped up methods and offered to the public at steep discounts. These lab diamonds possess negative quality characteristics beyond the 4 c’s such as color tinges and blurry material that make them undesirable to an Ada Diamonds client. This has made it nearly impossible for us to pass through our strict quality control lab diamonds purchased elsewhere, especially budget e-commerce retailers.

As a result, we are redirecting our efforts and resources towards sourcing exclusively the finest lab diamonds for our valued clients. As part of that commitment, we have limited our purchasing to our Ada Diamonds Buy-Back Program, offered exclusively to our clients who purchase an independently graded laboratory grown diamond of 1 carat or larger from us in the past. In this way, we know that any lab diamond offered to us for sale is one we have already passed through our strict standards and would happily stand behind, again.

-Lindsay & Jason, Founders