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We pride ourselves on offering a sophisticated curation and custom design process that offers seamless support, fabulous designers, & state-of-the-art technology. We value our clients and strive to bring their vision to life with impeccable service. 

Ada Diamonds is proud to specialize in bespoke jewelry. Bespoke means custom made-to-order for you: truly one-of-a-kind & truly unique. Bespoke means client satisfaction, every time. Whether you'd prefer to create from scratch or personalize one of over 200 designs in our Collections, your Concierge is ready to assist you in making your dream piece come to life.

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It Matters Where It Comes From

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Five Steps to Brighten Your World




Custom Personalized Concierge Process

After you fill out an inquiry form, an Ada Diamond Concierge will respond to you within 24 hours to schedule a video, phone, or email-based consultation. If you are located in the SF bay area, we would love to host you for an in-person private appointment at our San Francisco showroom following a brief introductory call. Ada's Diamond Concierges are hyper responsive and accommodating to our clients' busy schedules, including calls and appointments on weekends and in the evenings. Our goal is to make our virtual clients feel just as comfortable and confident purchasing a piece of bespoke jewelry over the Internet as they would be in person.

Ada's Diamond Concierges are knowledgeable and passionate about their work. In fact, they are some of the most knowledgeable people on lab grown diamonds in the world. Your concierge will be able to answer any questions you have about lab diamonds, jewelry design, and our production process. Your Concierge will discuss what diamonds and customization options are available for the design you have chosen. For fully custom designs, your Ada Concierge will provide a competitively priced estimate.

Ada's bridal pieces are quoted with two separate prices: cost of a main center stone (if applicable) and the cost of the setting. There are no additional design or service fees. Due to the bespoke nature of our process, we ask our clients to respect our following jewelry minimums: bridal solitaires $3,500 USD; fully custom engagement rings $5,000 USD; bespoke fashion pieces and wedding bands $1,500 USD; commissioned diamonds $7,500 USD. For pieces below these minimums, our Concierge team would be happy to assist with a Ready to Ship gift item, non-diamond wedding band, a piece from The Classics Collection, or a loose diamond purchase


Curated Lab Created Diamond Selection Process

Sans Ada's signature Lavoisier Process, Ada Diamonds does not grow its own diamonds in its own facility. Instead, we work with all major growers around the world, allowing us to select the best of the best of all of the lab diamonds in existence. Ada works with both CVD and HPHT growers who specialize in different shapes, sizes, and colors, which means we can offer a wide spectrum, from large diamond bridal pieces to small fashion jewelry. 

With your design and price range in mind, your Ada Concierge will carefully curate 4-6 diamonds from our inventory. Ada has a commitment to quality and works only with eye clean, H+ color diamonds chosen for maximum light performance and brilliance. Ada Diamonds specializes in high-end bridal pieces, and is the leading retailer of 2+ct lab grown diamonds. Manmade diamonds tend to be priced at 30-40% less than mined diamonds of equivalent quality. Our clients' investments provides a bigger, better stone when choosing lab grown over earth-extracted. 

Upon the narrowing of a selection of stones, your Concierge will share high-resolution videos and image files with you to review. Our videos are designed to provide our virtual clients with an experience identical (or superior!) to an in-person visit. We guarantee that your concierge is unbiased in their support to help you choose the best diamond(s) for you, and will guide you to make an investment that is right for your budget. 

In order to reserve a stone and move forward with the custom design process, a transferable deposit is required. Most of our clients choose their center stones within 1 week of the initial inquiry. 


Custom Lab Created Diamond Design Process Sketch

Once your diamond has been chosen, our design team will then work with you to make your vision come to life. The bespoke nature of our process is designed to be fully transparent and as immersive and involved as our clients would like to be. Most of our clients will iterate off of one of our existing designs, although we are also able to design from a photograph or description.

You will receive screen shots and basic renderings of your design, as well as the ability to view 3D files in your own web browser. These renderings are easily and quickly exported out of 3D printing software and may show extended prongs, gaps, or heavy metal. Once these pieces go into fabrication, the prongs are bent, the diamonds set, and the metal polished by hand. 

Bespoke Custom Lab Created Diamond Jewelry Design Process

Your Ada Concierge will collect and share your feedback with the Design team and we will iterate on the design until you are completely satisfied. After the design is finalized, you will receive photorealistic renderings. These renderings, like the ones seen on our web site, take several hours or even days to produce, so they are sent at the very end of the design process. Most of our clients finalize their piece within 1-4 iterations of the design with the process taking 1-2 weeks total.

Proposal Lab Created Diamond Engagement Setting


Not sure what your sweetheart desires? In a hurry? Our Proposal Setting program is an excellent way to guarantee a surprise proposal, even on a tight time frame. Ada Diamonds will set your stone in a temporary solitaire setting, allowing you both to come back to build your forever ring, together, after the proposal. Apply the full cost of the proposal setting toward a new bespoke setting at no additional cost. Proposal settings are ready to ship in 1 week or less.



Bespoke Custom Made Engagement Ring Production

All of Ada's jewelry is cast using recycled metals and hand-set in the United States by the same award-winning fabrication houses that manufacture some of the most superlative and recognizable fine jewelry brands. This ensures the highest quality fabrication and reduce's Ada's carbon footprint. Ada employs the lost wax cast method for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry every time. We are proud to use a strict quality control methodology to ensure your fine jewelry lasts forever.

Ada's custom pieces are ready to ship 2-3 weeks after final design approval.  Ada's pieces from The Classics Collection and some solitaire rings from the Bridal Collection take as little as 1-2 weeks for production.  Pieces from our Signature Collection may require additional time. 

When jewelry is complete, we will share photos and videos for use as you see fit. The final product should be exactly as you have expected it. In fact, we often say that if you're surprised by any detail of your jewelry, then we have failed at our jobs! 


Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring Proposal

Ada will package your jewelry in our signature jewelry boxes. For surprises and proposals, you may have the choice of a smaller box for easy concealing or a larger box to display multiple designs.

Ada will ship the jewelry overnight to a location of your choosing. If the jewelry is a surprise, Ada will gladly work with you to ship your gift to a work address, or have the package held at a local Fedex location for you to pick up.

Due to the high price point of our jewelry, your concierge may require additional identification information or address verification before shipping, to avoid fraudulent purchases. 




The Core Values of an Ada Concierge


Quality: Commitment to Excellence

Oval Lab Created Diamond Excellent Engagement Ring

SIMPLY THE BEST. Because Ada works with every grower around the world, this allows us to have access to every lab diamond. We select the best of the best for our clients, carefully curating stones for their light performance, sparkle, and shine. Just like mined diamonds, not all lab diamonds are created equal. We reject diamonds of insufficient or unimpressive quality as not satisfactory for our clients.

WE'VE BEEN THERE. Ada Diamonds was born out of our founders' personal journey to create a bespoke piece of fine jewelry using lab grown diamonds (and having a tough time getting the product and service they wanted!). We consider ourselves advocates for our clients, sitting on the same side as the table and looking out for their best interests. You should consider your Concierge similar to a friend who has inspected a stone prior to your purchase. If we wouldn't wear it, we won't sell it to you. Period. 

ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Simply put, we're snobs. We won't be satisfied with sub par quality stones or fabrication. We strive to meet every clients' needs and desires. Client satisfaction is paramount to our corporate culture.

Artistry: Always Bespoke, Always One-of-a-Kind

Bespoke Fancy Blue Colored Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring

IMMERSIVE COLLABORATION. Your love is real, it's rare, it's one-of-a-kind. Your ring should be too. When you see other online retailers with eerily similar looking settings, there's a reason for that. Many online jewelers use the same foreign mass-produced settings, often featuring mined diamond side stones. At Ada, we devote hours of Concierge and design time to each clients' piece, which results in a one-of-a-kind experience and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, every single time. 

DELIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE. The joy is in the journey, and at Ada, we cherish the small part we have to play in helping our clients celebrate life's greatest moments. It's imperative that our clients feel a sense of ownership in this process, that they are able to watch their beautiful piece of art come to life. 

POETIC SCIENCE. At Ada, we consider our bespoke, lab grown jewelry part of a celebration of science and artistry, combining beautiful creation with technological achievement. We proudly use 3D design software to help our clients conceptualize & visualize their finished piece prior to delivery.

Integrity: Transparency and Honesty

Beautiful Lab Created Diamond Wedding Band on Bride

UNSATISFIED WITH THE STATUS QUO. Somewhere along the way, the process of purchasing an engagement ring from traditional jewelers became sterile and transactional. Private jewelers forgot to have empathy. Online retailers provided a frustrating, anonymous user experience. What happened to client service?  Ada Diamonds is bringing it back. Nearly a third of our clients come from referrals; hence, we provide an experience you feel so proud of, you happily and enthusiastically share with friends, family, and co-workers. 

SAY 'NO' TO DECEPTION. The entire jewelry industry is full of tricks. Special lighting, high pressure tactics, and flat out lies. But at Ada, we're an open book. Our goal is to have happy, repeat clients. We will not dupe our clients into the wrong purchase. Our low-pressure, casual sales culture means our clients feel free to explore a lab grown diamond on their own time and their own terms. It means we treat clients how we would want to be treated. 

IT MATTERS WHERE IT COMES FROM. Our Concierge team can tell you the origin of every single lab grown diamond we sell, where it was cut and polished, and where the jewelry was cast and set. Our founders have traveled the globe visiting growing facilities, ensuring that these diamonds are produced in safe and stable working conditions, by employees paid a fair and competitive wage. Lab diamonds use a fraction of the energy that is required for diamond mining, and are 100% vegan, guaranteed. 


We fully expect you to be 100% satisfied with your Ada jewelry.
We offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked, for 30 days.
Please refer to Ada's full terms for more information.