Ada Diamonds brings together human expertise and high technology to cut superior gemstones and exceptional jewelry.

No robot can cut and polish a beautiful diamond without human, and no human can thoroughly evaluate and precisely facet a rough diamond without technological support. 

We have perfected our cutting process to meet the exacting standards of our company and our jewelry, and do not use traditional cutting operations in India and China where 85% of all mined diamonds are cut and polished today. 

Our five-step process marries the best technology in the industry with the most talented artists in the world to produce superlative diamond gemstones.

1. 3D Scanning

A laser scans the rough diamond crystal from all angles to build an exact 3D model of the diamond. Our lasers are able to detect every inclusion and blemish inside the crystal, as well as extremely precise external dimensions.

2. Optimization Algorithm

This model is then fed into sophisticated software to guide our cutting teams to select what shape(s) should be cut from the rough stone. Some of our rough diamonds are cut into multiple gemstones, while others only yield one cut and polished diamond.  

3. Laser CNC Cutting

Our cutting team finalizes the shape and dimensions of the gemstone(s) and loads them into one of the most precise robots in the world. The robot cuts the most important facets of the diamond to ensure it has the most fire and brilliance. For a round brilliant, the CNC machine cuts 17 facets.

4. Expert Hand Polishing

Highly talented diamond cutters, with decades of experience, spend hours perfecting the diamond into a beautiful gemstone. First, they inspect the diamond for any flaws, weaknesses, or problems. If the diamond is acceptable, the cutter will cut the additional facets in the diamond, and then spend hours polishing each facet to the highest quality. For a round brilliant, the cutter makes a total of 57 facets.

5. Final Inspection

The diamond is then passed to the master cutter for final approval. If they do not approve of the diamond, the entire process starts over with a much smaller diamond being cut from the subpar diamond.

6. Independent Grading and Laser Engraving

Once the head cutter has approved the finished diamond, it is shipped to an independent gemological laboratory for evaluation.  This independent laboratory, which works with both mined and cultured diamonds, will evaluate the diamond and grade it on the 4Cs and also use a laser to engrave a unique ID on the girdle of the diamond.